File Title
1 War songs and lullabies behind origins of music
2 The Darwinian diet: You are what you eat
3 Insights into the genetic architecture of penicillin allergy
4 Summer road trip finds small streams have big impacts on Great Lakes
5 Breast cancer risk and disease-causing mutations in women over age 65
6 Cell-Free DNA provides a dynamic window into health
7 Some rectal cancer patients can safely avoid an aggressive operation
8 Global 'BiteMap' reveals how marine food webs may change with climate
9 Research provides a new understanding of how a model insect species sees color
10 Who does the electoral college favor?
11 Genetic predisposition to increased weight is protective for breast and prostate cancer
12 Wrinkled 'super pea' could be added to foods to reduce diabetes risk
13 Data reveals evidence of molecular absorption in the atmosphere of a hot Neptune
14 People with type 2 diabetes need not avoid eating potatoes based on glycemic index
15 New York City's coronavirus outbreak spread from more European sources than first reported
16 Study estimates exposure to air pollution increases COVID-19 deaths by 15% worldwide
17 Mythbusting: 5 common misperceptions surrounding the environmental impacts of single-use plastics
18 Stanford researchers reveal US corn crop's growing sensitivity to drought
19 Uncertainties key to balancing flood risk and cost in elevating houses
20 Localized vaccination surveillance could help prevent measles outbreaks
21 Emerging treatment helps reverse heart failure in some patients
22 Couples share heart disease risk factors and behaviors
23 Study of reaching and grasping with hand or foot reveals novel brain insights
24 Robots help to answer age-old question of why fish school
25 Nearly one in three young adults in the US does not know common stroke symptoms
26 Greenhouse effect of clouds instrumental in origin of tropical storms
27 Artificially sweetened drinks may not be heart healthier than sugary drinks
28 Former rebel groups become more moderate after gaining political power in nations with democracy, research shows
29 Ultrasounds show impact of COVID-19 on the heart
30 How to prevent the spread of tumor cells via the lymph vessels
31 Single brain region links depression and anxiety, heart disease, and treatment sensitivity
32 Light on efficiency loss in organic solar cells
33 Inks containing lead were likely used as drier on ancient Egyptian papyri
34 Improved survival after obesity operation in patients with previous myocardial infarction
35 Red and black ink from Egyptian papyri unveil ancient writing practices
36 Making biodiesel from dirty old cooking oil just got way easier
37 Tiny moon shadows may harbor hidden stores of ice
38 Poverty linked to higher risk of death in children with cancer undergoing transplant
39 Hidden losses deep in the Amazon rainforest
40 Weight-reduction surgery for severely obese adults may prevent second heart attack, death
41 Kid influencers are promoting junk food brands on YouTube--garnering more than a billion views
42 1 in 12 parents say their teen has attended a demonstration about racism or police reform
43 Liver cancer diagnoses and deaths impacted by geography and household income
44 Concrete structure's lifespan extended by a carbon textile
45 Accessible healthcare could be key to solving climate crisis
46 Failure to act early and adhere to social distancing measures shown to have major effect on number of COVID-19 cases [plus additional topic]
47 Ontario should vaccinate newborns for hepatitis B, study suggests
48 Time-keeping brain protein influences memory
49 Discovery of new cell may be key to treating incurable neurological diseases
50 Oncotarget: An integrative microenvironment approach for follicular lymphoma
51 Renewable energy targets can undermine sustainable intentions
52 Fatal police shootings among black Americans remain high, unchanged since 2015
53 A new playbook: COVID-19, athletes' hearts and return to play
54 Coronaviruses are masters of mimicry, new study finds
55 More than half of American adults with advanced MS report mistreatment by caregivers
56 Innovative surgery restores movement in patients with Parsonage-Turner syndrome
57 Astronomers are bulging with data
58 Cucurbit downy mildew pathogen has two genetically distinct host-adapted clades
59 Hurricanes pack a bigger punch for Florida's west coast
60 New strategy for treating common retinal diseases shows promise
61 Neutrons chart atomic map of COVID-19's viral replication mechanism
62 Coastal Greenland reshaped as Greenland ice sheet mass loss accelerates
63 New study shows food rich in omega-3 EPA & ALA can reduce risk of death after heart attack
64 Model could improve design of vaccines, immunotherapies
65 Identified a subgroup of stem cells that resists aging and maintains muscle regeneration
66 Post-wildfire hazards: Toward an understanding of when & how slope failure may occur
67 What EEGs tell us about COVID-19 and the brain
68 Study reveals factors that can make placenta less capable of protecting fetus from zika
69 New approach to diagnosing genetic diseases using RNA sequencing increases yield
70 Study reinforces drug's potential to treat hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
71 Study: Most migratory birds rely on a greening world
72 Focused efforts needed to help health IT reach its promise
73 Scientists map structure of potent antibody against coronavirus
74 Research news tip sheet: story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
75 Antarctica yields oldest fossils of giant birds with 21-foot wingspans
76 Cancer treatment without side effects?
77 Empathy may be in the eye of the beholder
78 Tailoring 2D materials to improve electronic and optical devices
79 Surprisingly mature galaxies in the early Universe
80 The rhythm of change: What a drum-beat experiment reveals about cultural evolution
81 The Lancet Healthy Longevity: Residential context important factor in risk of COVID-19 mortality among older adults, Stockholm study suggests
82 A question of affinity
83 Biodiversity monitoring programmes need a culture of collaboration
84 Cancer cells mediate immune suppression in the brain
85 Surprising players in acute liver failure point to potential treatment
86 What do breast cancer cells feel inside the tumour?
87 Scientists uncover prophage defense mechanisms against phage attacks in mycobacteria
88 Black Hispanic individuals hardest hit by COVID-19
89 Low quantity and quality of muscle predicts poor outcomes in colon cancer surgery
90 New cancer diagnostics: A glimpse into the tumor in 3D
91 Study shows how tiny compartments could have preceded cells
92 'Fast' MRI detects breast cancers that 3-D mammograms may miss
93 Theoreticians show which quantum systems are suitable for quantum simulations
94 People with disabilities view health care access as human right, study shows
95 Ultraheavy precision polymers
96 Geologists simulate soil conditions to help grow plants on Mars
97 Species loss affects basis of life of humans
98 Cleveland Clinic-led research team identifies differences between benign and pathogenic variants
99 Biomarkers could be used in a quick, inexpensive COVID-19 blood screening tool
100 Seasonal Forecasts Improve Food Supply
101 Sports science: quality wins games
102 Study reveals differences in malaria clearance between males and females
103 Drug resistance linked to antibiotic use and patient transfers in hospitals
104 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Experts outline key challenges for assessing clinical efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines
105 Galaxies in the infant universe were surprisingly mature
106 Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 papain-like protease
107 Researchers discover proton regulator of essential cancer microRNA
108 For vampire bats, social distancing while sick comes naturally
109 TalTech chemists' new method is a significant step towards greener pharmaceutical industry
110 Judges' decisions in sport focus more on vigour than skill