File Title
1 Gender, age divide in new bullying study
2 Targeted inhibitor of mutated KRAS gene shows promise in lung, bowel, & other solid tumors
3 Inhibitor of KRAS gene mutation shows promise in lung, bowel and other solid tumors
4 Next generation BRAF inhibitor cancer drug shows promise in early patient trial
5 Indian and Pakistani women diagnosed with more aggressive breast cancer at younger age
6 Globalized economy making water, energy and land insecurity worse: Study
7 The effects of social determinants of health on kidney transplant candidates
8 Study reveals details behind transplant disparities experienced by black patients
9 Oncotarget: Survival after resection of brain metastases: A matched cohort analysis
10 UCalgary researchers discover new tactic to stop the growth of a deadly brain cancer
11 Gut bacteria associated with animal-based diet may mitigate risk of cardiovascular disease
12 ACP leaders urge consideration of presidential candidates' proposals for better US health care
13 Why do certain chemotherapies increase the likelihood of blood cancer?
14 Phytoplasma effector proteins devastate host plants through molecular mimicry
15 Haunted house researchers investigate the mystery of playing with fear
16 Common liverwort study has implications for crop manipulation
17 Floating gardens: More than just a pretty place
18 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi surprisingly effective in fighting soybean cyst nematodes
19 'What wound did ever heal but by degrees?' delayed wound healing due to gene mutations
20 Risk score predicts prognosis of outpatients with COVID-19
21 The BrainHealth project could create a resilient economy
22 Wildlife flock to backyards for food from people
23 On-surface synthesis of graphene nanoribbons could advance quantum devices
24 FSU researchers investigate material properties for longer-lasting, more efficient solar cells
25 Healthcare as a climate solution
26 New map of the immune landscape in pancreatic cancer could guide immunotherapy
27 New insights into a potential target for autoimmune disease
28 UM researcher proposes sea-level rise global observing system
29 Ancient lake contributed to past San Andreas fault ruptures
30 Racial, socioeconomic disparities in extensive-stage small cell lung cancer treatment
31 Microplastics in groundwater (and our drinking water) present unknown risk
32 Most dentists have experienced aggression from patients
33 For pregnant women with heart disease, multidisciplinary care may be essential
34 New COVID-19 related genes--helpful and harmful--found in massive screen
35 The first ever international Wounds Week was a resounding success
36 Researchers present findings on role of google search early in COVID-19 pandemic
37 Photon IMRT treatment group displays no significant survival difference between arms
38 Effectiveness of gemcitabine & daily RT for bladder preservation in muscle-invasive bladder cancer
39 SwRI study offers more complete view of massive asteroid Psyche
40 New technology tracks role of macrophages in cancer spread
41 Dartmouth study examines well water testing promotion in pediatric primary care
42 A simple, cost-effective molecular assay may help manage growing spread of drug-resistant gonorrhea
43 High fat or 'ketogenic' diets could prevent, reverse heart failure
44 Can scientists take the STING out of common respiratory viruses?
45 Rice rolls out next-gen nanocars
46 Researcher found female candidates are more likely to discuss the economy than males
47 How to figure out what you don't know
48 A blast of gas for better solar cells
49 Scientists develop genetic 'monitors' that detect when genes are active
50 Odds are good for unique 2D compound
51 Neuron-based gene expression study reveals insights on fear and its regulation
52 How cells use mechanical tension sensors to interact with their environment
53 Bridges with limb-inspired architecture can withstand earthquakes, cut repair costs
54 Dog training methods help JHU teach robots to learn new tricks
55 MFS Is a strong surrogate endpoint for OS for men receiving salvage RT for recurrent prostate cancer
56 Illinois study tracks evolution of SARS-CoV-2 virus mutations
57 State gun laws may help curb violence across state lines: study
58 A molecular break for root growth
59 Localized vaccination surveillance could help prevent measles outbreaks
60 UCF researcher is working to extend battery life in smartphones, electric cars
61 New lead screening method zooms in on highest-risk areas in Georgia
62 From sea to shining sea: new survey reveals state-level opinions on climate change
63 Modern computational tools may open a new era for fossil pollen research
64 Estimating risk of airborne COVID-19 with mask usage, social distancing
65 Study finds PTSD interacts with klotho gene, may cause premature aging in the brain
66 Surprised researchers: Number of leopards in northern China on the rise
67 COVID-19 containment shaped by strength, duration of natural, vaccine-induced immunity
68 The uncertain future of the oceans
69 CRISPR screen identifies genes, drug targets to protect against SARS-CoV-2 infection
70 T-Cells from recovered COVID-19 patients show promise to protect vulnerable patients from infection
71 Tiny golden bullets could help tackle asbestos-related cancers
72 Powering the future: new insights into how alkali-metal doped flexible solar cells work
73 Cancer anti-sickness drug offers hope for hallucinations in Parkinson's
74 Drug-resistant hospital bacteria persist even after deep cleaning
75 New genes related to autism spectrum disorder
76 Timeline of early eukaryotic evolution unveiled
77 Shifts in flowering phases of plants due to reduced insect density
78 Irregular appearances of glacial and interglacial climate states
79 Study shows how exercise stalls cancer growth through the immune system
80 Land management in forest and grasslands: How much can we intensify?
81 Low cost, customized prosthesis using 3D printing
82 Coronavirus volunteers: Greater satisfaction thanks to online platforms
83 Hard physical work significantly increases the risk of dementia
84 3D printing the first ever biomimetic tongue surface
85 ALS and frontotemporal dementia: early diagnosis thanks to an experimental test
86 City, University of London academics develop algorithm to analyse HeLa cancer cells
87 Solar hydrogen: let's consider the stability of photoelectrodes
88 Scientists establish NanDeSyn Database to support international cooperation on industrial microalgae
89 Air pollution, green space and built environment characteristics may influence body mass index during early months of life
90 New control architecture defends complex interconnected systems against cyberattacks
91 High-thermoresistant biopolyimides become water-soluble like starch
92 Aged cell variations may control health and onset of age-related diseases
93 Group trial bolsters case for stereotactic radiation for tumors that travel to the lungs
94 Treating spinal mets with fewer, higher doses of radiation reduces pain more effectively
95 Radiosurgery reduces cognitive decline without compromising survival for pts with 4+ brain mets
96 Adding advanced PET scans to radiation plans for prostate cancer increases FFS rates
97 Duke-NUS study uncovers why bats excel as viral reservoirs without getting sick
98 Destroying cancer cells with non-surgical ultrasound treatment
99 Divide and conquer: a new formula to minimize 'mathemaphobia'
100 Tracking the Himalayan history from the evolution of hundreds of frogs, lizards and snakes
101 Penn Study supports use of radiation before CAR therapy for multiple myeloma
102 Evenness is important in assessing progress towards sustainable development goals
103 Hydrogen sulfide helps maintain your drive to breathe
104 Taking the itch out of cancer immunotherapy
105 DNA sleuths target ivory poachers
106 Personal and financial costs of ADHD in Australia revealed
107 Motorists' smartphones may help highways bosses keep roads safe
108 Brazilian youth's important role in fight against climate change--study
109 A heart-breast cancer-on-a-chip monitoring system
110 Discovery adds new species to Rice lab's ghoulish insect menagerie