File Title
1 Metal-organic frameworks become flexible
2 COVID-19 cardiovascular registry details disparities among patients hospitalized with COVID
3 Immunological memory after cured SARS-CoV-2 infection
4 Health systems support needed to prevent COVID-19 outbreaks in nursing homes
5 Records from six growth studies analyzed to provide milestone data
6 Study finds some sport fish are caught repeatedly--which may throw off population count
7 Study explores sleep apnea, autoimmune disease link
8 A patented solution for dry mouth relief and food product development
9 The Lancet Infectious Diseases: Chinese vaccine candidate based on inactivated SARS-CoV-2 virus appears safe and induces an immune response in healthy volunteers, preliminary study finds
10 Researchers improve neuronal reprogramming by manipulating mitochondria
11 Report: In retrospect, the burning of wood in district heating plants has resulted in climate saving
12 Breakthrough in childhood brain cancer will save lives
13 Existing UV light technology has potential to reduce COVID-19 transmission indoors
14 Study highlights sex-specific variability in mouse features
15 Palladium, meet copper: Skoltech researchers use machine learning to improve catalysts
16 An acebuchin-oil-enriched diet helps to reduce hypertension
17 Why untraceable cryptocurrencies are here to stay
18 Environmental scientists' new ozonation method treats water from antibiotic residues
19 Remotely delivered program improves blood pressure, cholesterol control in 5,000 patients
20 Drug discovery: First highly scalable method to monitor protein levels and localizations
21 Normothermic Machine Perfusion (NMP) in rat livers extended from 6 to 24 hours
22 Abundance of prey species is key to bird diversity in cities
23 The long road to dementia
24 Ancient zircon minerals from Mars reveal the elusive internal structure of the red planet
25 Extremely rare parasitic crustacean discovered in museum shark collection
26 Potential therapeutic strategy for obesity
27 A student's experience with math is affected by the composition of the group they are in
28 Promising results from in vitro combination therapy against COVID-19
29 Killing cancer naturally: New process to produce compounds with anti-cancer properties
30 Mastering the art of nanoscale construction to breathe easy and bust fraud
31 Healthy food labels that work and don't work
32 Newer blood thinner plus aspirin reduced stroke risk by 27% in patients with heart plaque
33 New medication helps heart health in people with chronic kidney disease, Type 2 diabetes
34 New diabetes medication reduced heart event risk in those with diabetes and kidney disease
35 X-ray imaging of a beetle's world in ancient earthenware
36 UV light may be a greater risk for melanoma than suspected
37 COVID-19 patient outcomes affected by cardiovascular risk
38 Overweight and obese younger people at greater risk for severe COVID-19
39 December issue SLAS Technology features 'advances in technology to address COVID-19'
40 December special issue of SLAS Discovery features 'drug discovery targeting COVID-19'
41 Reducing aerosol pollution without cutting carbon dioxide could make the planet hotter
42 Metabolic signaling plays a crucial role in regulating specialized T cells
43 Study improves ability to predict how whales travel through their ocean habitat
44 Ethnic minorities face rising disparity in homicide risk across England and Wales
45 Smartphone use offers tool to treat MS, other diseases
46 Relaxing cell divisions
47 Existing antidepressant helps to inhibit growth of cancer cells in lab animals
48 Teaching and complex tools 'evolved together'
49 Migrating animals 'live fast and die young'
50 New study could help predict which individuals are more susceptible to cancer-causing agents
51 New protein imaging method paves way for next generation biomaterials and tissue analysis
52 Toolkit to engage patients and families significantly reduced falls and injuries
53 Tropical peatland conservation could protect humans from new diseases
54 Study: Jumps in elementary school violence linked to increased student transfers
55 In vitro fertilization does not increase the risk of ovarian cancer
56 In the Amazon's 'sand forests,' birds play by different evolutionary rules
57 Study: How saliva is made
58 Childhood lead exposure leads to structural changes in middle-aged brains
59 In a pandemic, migration away from dense cities more effective than closing borders
60 Common prostate cancer treatment may impair cardiorespiratory fitness, raise risk of CV death
61 Seeking the most effective polymers for personal protective equipment
62 New research reveals Australia's multi-billion dollar superbug crisis
63 People who purchased firearms during pandemic more likely to be suicidal
64 Depression screening tools in patients with kidney failure
65 Quantifying quantumness: A mathematical project 'of immense beauty'
66 Potential cholera vaccine target discovered
67 Racket sports may worsen knee arthritis
68 Time to rethink predicting pandemic infection rates?
69 A 2D perspective: stacking materials to realize a low power consuming future
70 Bacteria convince their squid host to create a less hostile work environment
71 Patients strongly favor banning bacon in hospitals, according to new survey
72 'Oasis effect' in urban parks could contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, ASU study finds
73 New understanding of mobility paves way for tomorrow's transport systems
74 Solving a mystery: How the TB bacterium develops rapid resistance to antibiotics
75 Missing the radiological forest for the trees
76 Cellular pathway of genetic heart disease similar to neurodegenerative disease
77 Air pollution costs Utahns billions annually and shortens life expectancy by two years
78 In the lab, St. Jude scientists identify possible COVID-19 treatment
79 Controversy continues over '13 Reasons Why' and adolescent suicide
80 Tau protein changes in Alzheimer's disease correlate with dementia stage
81 Machine learning uncovers missing info about ethnicity in population health data: Study
82 Surprises in 'active' aging
83 Picture this: Chromosomes look different than you think
84 UTHSC researchers identify three drugs as possible therapeutics for COVID-19
85 Revolutionary CRISPR-based genome editing system treatment destroys cancer cells
86 Ovarian cancer cells cooperate to metastasize
87 UTSA researcher examines drug overdose mortality in the Hispanic community
88 NYUAD researcher aids in the development of a pathway to solve cybersickness
89 How the polio vaccine virus occasionally becomes dangerous
90 New test reveals AI still lacks common sense
91 NYUAD study finds opposite-gender mentorships may be more beneficial to female researchers
92 Small finlets on owl feathers point the way to less aircraft noise
93 GSA publishes 12 research articles on COVID-19 and aging [links]
94 Study finds sexual lineage plays key role in transgenerational plasticity
95 Computer vision predicts congenital adrenal hyperplasia
96 UIC researchers describe fundamental processes behind movement of magnetic particles
97 Saving your data together helps birds and bird research
98 Can facial recognition help identify congenital adrenal hyperplasia?
99 3D bioprinted heart provides new tool for surgeons
100 Can memory manipulation help treat alcohol addiction?
101 16-year-old cosmic mystery solved, revealing stellar missing link
102 3D-printed, lifelike heart models could help train tomorrow's surgeons (video)
103 Single-cell technique could provide 'egg health' indicators
104 Early details of brain damage in COVID-19 patients
105 Pod e-cigarettes less harmful than regular cigarettes, new study finds
106 Dentists from RUDN University found a reason for early deterioration of dental implants
107 Proteogenomics enhances the identification of therapeutic vulnerabilities in breast cancer
108 New studies find financially exploited seniors show brain differences and are more frail
109 Two K-State studies focus on SARS-CoV-2 transmission in domestic cats, pigs
110 Study confirms contribution of bioenergy to climate change mitigation