File Title
1 Orbits of ancient stars prompt rethink on Milky Way evolution
2 Recent climate extremes have driven unprecedented changes in the deep ocean
3 The first detection of marine fish DNA in sediment sequences going back 300 years
4 Measles outbreaks likely in wake of COVID-19 pandemic
5 Highly sensitive detection of circularly polarized light without a filter
6 One-month of dual anti-platelet therapy is safe and feasible after stent placement
7 Reversal of glial scar tissue back to neuronal tissue through neuroregenerative gene therapy
8 Overly reactivated star-shaped cells explain the unpredictability of Alzheimer's disease
9 Cancer metastasis: From problem to opportunity
10 Corporate fraud may lead to neighborhood financial crimes
11 Center for Justice Research Police Reform Action Brief: Ban chokeholds
12 Minorities benefit less from regionalizing heart attack care
13 SwRI scientists expand space instrument's capabilities
14 Pharmacy dropboxes can help improve proper drug disposal, PSU study finds
15 Former piece of Pacific Ocean floor imaged deep beneath China
16 Genetic code evolution and Darwin's evolution theory should consider DNA an 'energy code'
17 Could robots for sex, friendship improve our aging society?
18 New Fred Hutch-led trial shows no benefits of dairy foods for blood sugar regulation
19 New method brings physics to deep learning to better simulate turbulence
20 Researchers discover how to boost vaccine designed to prevent melanoma recurrence
21 'The global built environment sector must think in new, radical ways, and act quickly'
22 Dieting and weight worries on rise in teens
23 Scientists map and forecast apex predator populations at unprecedented scale
24 Building blocks of life can form long before stars
25 National supplies of protein, carbs and fats can predict your lifespan
26 Could key gene system discovery be suffocating corals' last gasp?
27 Study reconstructs ancient storms to help predict changes in tropical cyclone hotspot
28 Chronic inflammation causes a reduction in NAD+
29 Study finds antibiotics before age 2 associated with childhood health issues
30 Envision color: Activity patterns in the brain are specific to the color you see
31 Novel technique 'stuns' arthritis pain in shoulder and hip
32 Design and market sexbots for older adults with disabilities, argues ethicist
33 Sharp rise in sedentary time among newly retired women evident 2+ years later
34 Permanent night shift workers at heightened risk of moderate to severe asthma
35 TAVR is dominant form of aortic valve replacement, outcomes steadily improving in the US
36 Newly discovered enzyme helps make valuable bioactive saponins
37 Seafood mislabeling is having negative impacts on the marine environment
38 Looking inside the glass
39 Who is the world's best super-recogniser? This test could help us find them
40 Fish carcasses deliver toxic mercury pollution to the deepest ocean trenches
41 Cynical hostility presents a potential pathway to cardiovascular disease
42 Songbird parents evict young for their own benefit
43 Healthy sleep habits help lower risk of heart failure
44 Researchers examine COVID-19-associated kidney injury in US veterans
45 New ALS guideline establishes national standard for managing neurodegenerative disease
46 Study identifies patients with lung cancer most likely to respond to immunotherapy
47 Suffering in silence: two-thirds of older adults say they won't treat their depression
48 Randomized trial of laparoscopic, open liver surgery found no difference in long-term survival outcomes
49 Virginia Tech lab proves the concept of a natural approach to antiperspirants
50 US nephrology fellows' perceptions on home dialysis training
51 When temperatures rise, dog ticks more likely to choose humans over canines
52 Evidence shows human transmission in deadly outbreak of mysterious disease in Bolivia
53 Half of researchers worried about long-term impact of COVID-19 to funding--global study
54 Antibiotic exposure in children under age 2 associated with chronic conditions
55 Screening younger women for hereditary cancers may be cost effective
56 Scientists defy nature to make insta-bling at room temperature
57 A new understanding of ionic interactions with graphene and water
58 Loneliness in Parkinson's disease may lead to worsening of symptoms
59 Community helps scientists evaluate smoke forecasts
60 Large predatory fish thrive on WWII shipwrecks off North Carolina coast
61 Kids mount a COVID-19 immune response without detection of the SARSCoV--2 virus
62 Home oxygen therapy for adults with COPD and ILD: New ATS clinical practice guideline
63 Piecing together the Alaska coastline's fractured volcanic activity
64 Just hours of training triples doctor confidence in use of handheld ultrasound devices
65 Birds of a feather do flock together
66 Small differences, big impact
67 Like fire and ice: Why societies are increasingly fragmenting
68 Upgraded radar can enable self-driving cars to see clearly no matter the weather
69 Oil droplet predators chase oil droplet prey
70 Duke University's aggressive COVID testing and surveillance minimized infections
71 Farms, tables and vast impacts between and beyond
72 'Vanished' or 'hidden' prostate cancer? Men with negative biopsies during active surveillance have good outcomes
73 Could your vacuum be listening to you?
74 Financial penalties imposed on large pharmaceutical firms for illegal activities
75 A study analyses what leads US citizens to support intervention abroad
76 Retinas: New potential clues in diagnosing, treating Alzheimer's
77 Algorithm-driven digital program helped lower patients' cholesterol, blood pressure
78 Pre-recorded audio messages help improve outcomes for patients with heart failure
79 Are e-cigarette users at greater risk of poor immune response to flu, COVID?
80 Patient engagement program for heart failure patients improved outcomes
81 AI tool may predict movies' future ratings
82 Comprehensive safety testing of COVID-19 vaccines based on experience with prior vaccines
83 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
84 Revealing the unexpected structure of iron-exporter ferroportin
85 NREL advanced manufacturing research moves wind turbine blades toward recyclability
86 Machine learning guarantees robots' performance in unknown territory
87 Americans' attitudes about guns influenced by owners' race and gender
88 'Extremely aggressive' internet censorship spreads in the world's democracies
89 Study of non-COVID-19 deaths shows 2020 increase in several demographics
90 Non-hereditary mutation acts as natural gene therapy in patient with rare disease
91 61 healthcare groups urge Congress to support implementing the physician fee schedule
92 Despite industry wariness, stress tests found to strengthen banks of all sizes
93 Blacks, Hispanics comprised more than half of all inpatient deaths from COVID-19
94 Spintronics advances--Controlling magnetization direction of magnetite at room temperature
95 Driver behavior influences traffic patterns as much as roadway design, study reports
96 Study reveals how smoking worsens COVID-19 infection in the airways
97 COVID-19 highlights risks of wildlife trade
98 NIST sensor experts invent supercool mini thermometer
99 'Meet people where they are:' local health departments key to hepatitis B vaccination
100 NASA model reveals how much COVID-related pollution levels deviated from the norm
101 Holes in Greenland ice sheet are larger than previously thought, study finds
102 Learning a new language changes the brain's division of labor
103 High-dose equal to standard flu vaccine for risk of death or heart, lung hospitalization
104 Motor neural population activity patterns are different for reach and grasp behaviors
105 New SARS-CoV-2 test is a simple, cost-effective, and efficient alternative for SARS-CoV-2 testing
106 New analysis refutes claim that dinosaurs were in decline before asteroid hit
107 Certain CBD oils no better than pure CBD at inhibiting certain cancer cell lines
108 Microbial remedies target chemical threats in the environment
109 Carbyne--an unusual form of carbon
110 UCF researcher examines benefits of supportive communities for older adults