File Title
1 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions to feature Brigham breakthroughs
2 Rise in antibiotics prescribed to dental patients in England during COVID-19 lockdown
3 Cancer deaths resulted in more than 4 million potential years of life lost in 2017
4 How religion can hamper economic progress
5 Scientists discover secret to superbug's virulence in diabetic infections
6 Researchers develop virus live stream to study virus infection
7 Dynamic risk management in cell populations
8 Hydroxychloroquine does not help patients hospitalized with COVID-19: Study
9 Singapore scientists identify potential new biomarker to better personalize cancer therapy
10 Black and Hispanic children in the US have more severe eczema than white children
11 Some allergens that cause contact dermatitis are found in masks that prevent COVID-19
12 Food allergies take a greater emotional toll on Asian families
13 Show rates for asthma visits during COVID-19 increased thanks to telemedicine
14 Nearly one in five parents of food-allergic children are bullied
15 With or without allergies, outcomes similar for hospitalized patients with COVID-19
16 Shining a light on the role of the genome's 'dark matter' in cancer development
17 Rivaroxaban may be as effective as warfarin for bioprosthetic mitral valves, AF
18 Additional heart imaging valuable for women with unexplained heart attacks
19 Ticagrelor was not superior to clopidogrel to reduce heart attack risk during angioplasty
20 Go (over) easy on the eggs: 'Egg-cess' consumption linked to diabetes
21 Cannabis strength soars over past half century--new study
22 STRENGTH trial finds new fish oil medication did not reduce the risk of cardiac events
23 Omega-3s did not reduce cardiac events in recent heart attack survivors
24 Side effects often attributed to statins were the same for those taking a placebo
25 Sensors get a laser shape up
26 From the inside out--how the brain forms sensory memories
27 The right tune for blood
28 A novel monoclonal antibody therapy cuts LDL cholesterol by half in a high-risk patient population
29 Identification of the SARS-CoV-2 virus features causing COVID-19 using primate model
30 Patients taking statins experience similar side effects from dummy pills
31 New phase of modeling the viscous coupling effects of multiphase fluid flow
32 Taking charge to find the right balance for advanced optoelectronic devices
33 Engineered C. glutamicum strain capable of producing high-level glutaric acid from glucose
34 Spiny dogfish eat Atlantic cod: DNA may provide some answers
35 Mobility behavior may be the key to predicting, promoting individual well-being
36 One step for fibrosis, one giant leap for scleroderma
37 Teeth grinding and facial pain increase due to coronavirus stress and anxiety
38 Quantum tunneling pushes the limits of self-powered sensors
39 Trifarotene in moderate acne: No study data for the assessment of the added benefit
40 US agricultural water use declining for most crops and livestock production
41 SCORED and SOLOIST trials add to evidence for treating diabetes with SGLT2 inhibitors
42 Henderson island fossils reveal new Polynesian sandpiper species
43 A change of heart--new drug for HCM reduces heart mass
44 Exercised over nothing: Masks don't impair lung function during physical activity
45 Changes to the brain's reward system may drive overeating in mice
46 Discovery of protein's 'Achilles heel' paves way for novel class of anti-HIV drugs
47 Making the best decision: Math shows diverse thinkers equal better results
48 X-ray study explores potential of hepatitis C drugs to treat COVID-19
49 Boosted signal
50 Biochar from agricultural waste products can adsorb contaminants in wastewater
51 Preventing heart disease should be a priority for people with Type 2 diabetes
52 Field research has changed, and so should ethical guidelines, Brown professor says
53 Crossing international borders can be deadly for forced migrants
54 Study shows geographic shift in U.S. social mobility
55 Solitary bees are born with a functional internal clock--unlike honeybees
56 Low levels of choline in pregnant Black American women associated with higher levels of stress
57 Analysis paves way for more sensitive quantum sensors
58 Dairy cows exposed to heavy metals worsen antibiotic-resistant pathogen crisis
59 Chronic alcohol use reshapes the brain's immune landscape, driving anxiety and addiction
60 Media, NGO framing of climate change affects how people think about issue: studies
61 Cleveland Clinic led trial shows drug effective in 96% of patients with recurrent pericarditis
62 Early life risk factors predict higher obesity and cardiometabolic risk
63 Researchers quantify carbon changes in Sierra Nevada meadow soils
64 Study pinpoints target for managing inflammation, promoting tissue repair
65 Mediterranean diet helps reduce effects of stress in animal model, study shows
66 New optical method paves way to breath test for cancer biomarker
67 Bursts of exercise can lead to significant improvements in indicators of metabolic health
68 Health care workers most at risk for COVID-19
69 Implementing carbon pricing during the pandemic could help countries recover greener, smarter
70 Patients at risk of atrial fibrillation may need additional monitoring after heart surgery
71 New fiber optic sensors transmit data up to 100 times faster
72 Dreams of entrepreneurship during student years do not die even after decades
73 Computer scientists launch counteroffensive against video game cheaters
74 OHIO's Franz publishes study on strategies hospitals adopt to address opioid epidemic
75 Cosmic flashes come in all different sizes
76 People in developing countries eat less bushmeat as they migrate from rural to urban areas
77 Deafening insects mask true biodiversity assessed via acoustic surveys in Japan
78 New technology allows more precise view of the smallest nanoparticles
79 Paleontologists uncover three new species of extinct walruses in Orange County
80 Peptide is a key mediator in the regulation of compulsive alcohol drinking
81 New technique isolates brain cells associated with Parkinson's disease
82 Key patient insights the missing link in understanding COVID-19 and its mutations
83 Surrey reveals simple method to produce high performing Lithium Selenium batteries
84 Obese people found to be at increased risk of COVID-19
85 Better than money? In-kind payments incentivize farmers to conserve agrobiodiversity
86 Does the human brain resemble the Universe?
87 Understanding astrophysics with laser-accelerated protons
88 A new diagnostic method predicts which cancer patients will respond to immunotherapy
89 Scientists reduce levels of molecules that kill neurons in elderly mice with Alzheimer's
90 Children misdiagnosed with "impairment of language acquisition"
91 Pesticides commonly used as flea treatments for pets are contaminating English rivers
92 Solar cells: Mapping the landscape of Caesium based inorganic halide perovskites
93 No losses: Scientists stuff graphene with light
94 Liver condition identified in patients using urine samples: new research
95 Cellular powerplant recycles waste gases
96 Parasite infection discovery could assist mental health treatments
97 Scientists discover new mechanism controlling brain size
98 'Alarming' COVID-19 study shows 80% of respondents report significant symptoms of depression
99 Scientists discover a new mineral
100 Scientific journal launches new series on the biology of invasive plants
101 Tiny cave snail with muffin-top waistline rolls out of the dark in Laos
102 Novel glass materials made from organic and inorganic components
103 New molecules derived from cannabidiol are designed with more potent antioxidants
104 New drug can improve fertility in women with reproductive health problems
105 New tool predicts geological movement and the flow of groundwater in old coalfields
106 Actively speaking two languages protects against cognitive decline
107 Key source of memories
108 Peel-off coating keeps desalination cleaner and greener
109 A sweeping climate model of the Red Sea
110 Good long-term effects of continuous glucose monitoring