File Title
1 Ambrosia Beetles Have Developed Sophisticated Social Systems
2 Tagging Bennu: The Movie--This Is What It Looks like to Punch an Asteroid
3 Man-the-Hunter Hypothesis Debunked? Research Suggests Early Big-Game Hunters of the Americas Were Female
4 Crown-of-Thorns Starfish Eat Themselves Out of House and Home
5 Autoantibodies Causing COVID-19 Blood Clots that Wreak Havoc on Patients
6 Asteroid Trailing Mars May Be Our Moon's Long-Lost Twin
7 Complete Brain of One of the Oldest Dinosaurs Reconstructed for the First Time
8 Better Health--For People and the Planet--Grows on Tropical Fruit Trees
9 Large Trees Dominate Carbon Storage in Forests: 3% of Trees Account for 42% of Carbon Storage
10 The Burning Question of Bonfire Night Pollution
11 The Danger of Sleeping Volcanoes Revealed by Zircon Crystals
12 Using AI to Track the COVID-19 Pandemic's Impact on Mental Health
13 4-OCEANS Project: Assessing the Importance of Marine Life to Human Societies
14 Ancient Writing Practices Unveiled by Red and Black Ink from Egyptian Papyri
15 AI and Photonics Decipher the "Twinkle" of Stars to Make It Easier to Find "New Earths"
16 New Research Provides Clues on Restraining the Aggressive Nature of the COVID Coronavirus
17 Five-Eyed 520-Million-Year-Old Fossil Reveals Arthropod Origin
18 The Ebb and Flow of Brain Ventricles: Swelling in MS Patients Often Recedes
19 Stanford Engineers Develop Genetic Microlab that Can Detect COVID-19 in Minutes
20 When New Males Take Over, These Female Primates Hurry Up and Sexually Mature
21 ULLYSES: Hubble Embarks on Largest Observing Program of Its Career
22 Identifying Microbial Markers in Martian Clay: Subsoil at Earth's Driest Place May Signal Life on Mars
23 Past Is Key to Predicting Future Climate--Models Should Be Tested by Simulating Past Climates
24 Ultra-Efficient Catalyst: Making Biodiesel from Dirty Old Cooking Oil Just Got Way Easier
25 COVID-19 Is Making Tinnitus Worse--Hearing Loss May Be "Long COVID" Symptom
26 Leading Ethicist: Pay People to Get COVID-19 Vaccine to Ensure Widespread Coverage
27 NASA Planet-Hunter Data Reveals that 50% of Sun-Like Stars Could Host Potentially Habitable Planets
28 Ultrabright Radio Flashes Detected Coming from Inside Our Own Galaxy
29 A Fortunate Mistake Leads to Discovery of Bizarre Amphibian with Rapid-Fire Tongue
30 New Herpes Vaccine Shows Promise Against Herpes Simplex Virus
31 Superspreader Events Play Supersized Role in COVID-19 Disease Transmission
32 Future NASA Rocket Engines May Include Large-Scale 3D Printing
33 New High-Pressure Mineral Discovered in Moon Meteorite
34 Scientists Warn: Drug-Resistant Hospital Bacteria Persist Even After Deep Cleaning
35 Incredible Photograph Captures Space Station as It Transited the Waning Gibbous Moon
36 Expect More Mega-Droughts--Droughts that Last Two Decades or Longer
37 Chicago Quantum Summit: Building a Quantum Economy
38 Neuroscientists Reprogram Brain's GPS Using Laser Beams
39 Some People--Mainly Children--Have Pre-existing Coronavirus Antibodies that Could Help Protect Against COVID-19
40 An Amazonian Tea Containing DMT Stimulates the Formation of New Brain Neurons
41 New Kind of Superconductivity Discovered: Researchers Demonstrate a Superconductor Previously Thought Impossible
42 Neuroscientists Study How Your Favorite Music Can Send Your Brain into Pleasure Overload
43 Eagle Eyes--First Scientific Instrument Installed on NASA's Lucy Spacecraft
44 Disinfection System Developed that Could Neutralize COVID-19 in a Few Minutes
45 Indian Fossils Support New Hypothesis for Origin of the Horse, Rhino, and Tapir
46 Coronavirus Mutation Concern Verified by Largest COVID-19 Viral Sequence Analysis in U.S.
47 Slow Spin of the Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole
48 These Seven Different "Disease Forms" Have Been Identified in Mild COVID-19
49 GRETA--a Cutting-Edge 3D Gamma-Ray Detector--Gets Green Light
50 Groundbreaking All-Sky Survey Will Bolster Our Understanding of the Formation and Evolution of Galaxies
51 Vitamin D Levels During Pregnancy Linked with Child IQ--Significantly Lower Levels Identified in Black Women
52 Mental Health Expert Tips on Coping if Your Presidential Candidate Loses
53 A Cosmic Kink: New Feature Found in Energy Spectrum of Universe's Most Powerful Particles
54 N/A
55 The Anatomy of Glacial Ice Loss: Glaciers Are Far More Complex than Ice Cubes
56 Impact Craters on Bennu's Rugged Surface: Asteroid's Scars Tell Stories of Its Past
57 Using Bioinformatics to Silence Gene Expression and Cure Complex Diseases
58 Water on Ancient Mars: Analysis of a Martian Meteorite Reveals Evidence of Water 4.4 Billion Years Ago
59 Physicists Circumvent 178-Year Old Theory to Cancel Magnetic Fields
60 Know When to Unfold 'Em: Applying High Energy Physics Methods to Quantum Computing
61 U.S.-European Sentinel-6 Sea Level Satellite Gears Up for Launch
62 Researchers Develop a Portable Terahertz Laser for Powerful Sensing and Imaging
63 Automated Technology Allows Unparalleled Space Exploration from Moon, to Asteroids, and Beyond
64 Dinosaurs Once Crossed Oceans: First Duckbill Dinosaur Fossil Discovered in Africa
65 Most Detailed and Complete Geophysical Record Yet of Earth's Last Magnetic Reversal
66 Scientists Unveil Surprising Secrets of a 40-Year-Old Catalyst
67 Biologists Shed Light on Mystery of How Microbes Evolve and Adapt to Hosts
68 Scientists Design New Lightweight Magnets with Outstanding Properties
69 Prior Weather Linked to Rapid Intensification of Hurricanes Near Landfall
70 Ancient Maya Built Sophisticated Water Filters Using Natural Materials
71 Mechanical Engineering Student Helps NASA Design Martian Helicopter
72 Astronomers Discover New Way to "See" Elusive Dark Matter Halos
73 Data Scientist: Should You Trust the 2020 Election Polls? Yes, but...
74 Celebrating 20 Years on the International Space Station: Expedition 1
75 Algorithm to Contain Pandemic: Testing Sewage to Home in on COVID-19
76 Possible New Treatment to Speed Healing of Ligament Injuries
77 What Russian Interference in U.S. Elections Might Look like in 2020
78 NASA Releases Incredible Video of OSIRIS-REx Tagging Asteroid--Mysterious Dark Patches Puzzle Team
79 COVID-19 Transmission: Tracking Flight Trajectory of Evaporating Cough Droplets
80 Understanding Species Coexistence Through Mathematics
81 Investigators Uncover Subset of COVID-19 Patients Who Recover Quickly and Sustain Antibodies
82 Does the Electoral College Need to Be Reformed? Making Voting More Democratic
83 Visualization Tool: See How Your Congressional District Has Handled COVID-19
84 Goby Fins Are as Touch Sensitive as Primate Finger Tips
85 Fiery Hot Lava Planet Weather Forecast: Supersonic Winds and Rocky Rains
86 New Species of Ancient Cynodont Discovered--220-Million-Year-Old Precursor of Modern-Day Mammals
87 Hot or Cold, Weather Has Little Effect on COVID-19 Spread
88 Investigations of Deceased COVID-19 Patients Reveal Lung Damage Caused by Persistence of "Abnormal Cells"
89 Synthetic Mini-Antibody Identified to Combat COVID-19
90 Engineers Develop Self-Watering Soil that Could Transform Farming
91 First Ever Large Survey of Distant Galaxies Yields Surprises for Astrophysicists
92 Scientists Find New Way of Cooking Rice that Removes Arsenic and Retains Nutrients
93 Quantum Light Sources: Devil in the Defect Detail of Quantum Emissions
94 Brown Carbon "Tarballs" Detected in Himalayan Atmosphere--May Accelerate Melting of Glaciers
95 20 Top Experiments from 20 Years of Human Research on the International Space Station
96 Timeline Unveiled for One of the Most Important and Puzzling Events in the Evolution of Life
97 New Artificial Intelligence Tool Improves Breast Cancer Detection on Mammography
98 Astronomers Detect Short, Intense Radio Burst from Relatively Nearby in the Milky Way
99 New Insights into Human Development from "Monster Tumors"
100 Ambrosia Beetles Have Developed Sophisticated Social Systems
101 Tagging Bennu: The Movie--This Is What It Looks like to Punch an Asteroid
102 Man-the-Hunter Hypothesis Debunked? Research Suggests Early Big-Game Hunters of the Americas Were Female
103 Autoantibodies Causing COVID-19 Blood Clots that Wreak Havoc on Patients
104 Brown Dwarf Discovered by Radio Telescope Observations for the First Time
105 Common Coronavirus Mutation May Actually Make COVID-19 More Susceptible to a Vaccine
106 Heart Attacks and Strokes Can Be Cut by Up to 40% with Aspirin and Polypill Daily
107 Strong Evidence Found for an Effective New Breast Cancer Treatment
108 MIT's Innovative Face Masks and PPE to Combat COVID-19 and Future Pandemics
109 AI-Powered "Electronic Nose" Sniffs Out Meat Freshness
110 Ariel Exoplanet Mission Moves from Blueprint to Reality