File Title
1 New survey reveals toll COVID-19 is taking on mental health in Wales
2 New source of lymphatic system leak discovered in children with rare open heart surgery complication
3 Multiracial congregations in US have nearly tripled, Baylor University study finds
4 Trump administration delists gray wolves: Response from the experts
5 Not all patients with certain type of heart attack receive the same care
6 Folding proteins feel the heat, and cold
7 From 84 days to 5 hours: Telemedicine reduces dermatology consult time
8 Job interest not a big predictor of job satisfaction
9 Treatments for people with early COVID-19 infection is an urgent research focus
10 Late-season Arctic research cruise reveals warm ocean temperatures, active ecosystem
11 Balance dysfunction after traumatic brain injury linked to diminished sensory acuity
12 Scientists discover possible genetic target for treating endometriosis
13 Detecting Alzheimer's disease before symptoms arise
14 Tree rings may hold clues to impacts of distant supernovas on Earth
15 Connecting two classes of unconventional superconductors
16 Review of plants' role in antibacterial activity clears new paths for drug discovery
17 Dark matter from the depths of the universe
18 Researchers light-up mouse brain, revealing previously hidden areas susceptible to opioids
19 How organ functions were shaped over the course of evolution
20 Analysis of seroprevalence in Kenya suggests virus exposure more extensive than reported
21 Silicone surface mimics topology, wettability of a real human tongue
22 Compounds block stress-enhanced nicotine intake in rats
23 Cloth face masks that can be disinfected by the sun
24 Turning heat into power with efficient organic thermoelectric material
25 Modelling microswimmers for drug delivery
26 A survey on artificial intelligence in chest imaging of COVID-19
27 Conservatives and liberals motivated by different psychological factors, new study shows
28 Climate-adapted plant breeding
29 New strategy to 'buffer' climate change: developing cheaper, eco-friendly solar cells
30 Golden ticket: Researchers examine what consumers desire in chocolate products
31 Born to be young?
32 Electrochemical oxygen evolution on Hf2B2Ir5 electrode material
33 Governments can curb over-fertilisation
34 Cascade amplified upconversion luminescence facilitating narrow band NIR photodetection
35 Use of some contraceptives may temporarily delay a woman's fertility from resuming
36 Accuracy of rapid COVID test may be lower than previously suggested
37 Evolution favours new diseases of 'intermediate' severity
38 Optoelectronic detectors capable of perceiving light intensity and color
39 Graphene controls laser frequency combs in fiber
40 Chemical clues in leaves can reveal ash tree resistance to deadly disease
41 New European consensus on management of osteoporosis in advanced chronic kidney disease
42 Attosecond boost for electron microscopy
43 Observation of four-charm-quark structure
44 Interlayer ligand engineering of [beta]-Ni(OH)2 for oxygen evolution reaction
45 Selective encapsulation of ultrafine Pd and Pt nanoparticles within the shallow layers of MOF
46 New prognostic markers for colon cancer identified
47 The transformation of a pair: How electrons supertransport current in 'bad metals'
48 Sixty-year old cohort study reveals adolescent value predicts wellbeing in older age
49 AI speeds up development of new high-entropy alloys
50 A molecule from gut bacteria reduces effect of diabetes medication
51 Intelligent surfaces signal better coverage
52 Identifying the microscopic mechanism of vibrational energy harvesters
53 DNA repair supports brain cognitive development
54 Uracil switch in SARS-CoV-2 genome alters innate immune responses
55 Sorting out viruses with machine learning
56 Engineering a way out of climate change: Genetically modified organisms could be the key
57 The mental state of flow might protect against harmful effects of quarantine
58 UTSA research team makes breakthrough discovery on brain cortex functionality
59 Largest set of mammalian genomes reveals species at risk of extinction
60 Former NFL players may not suffer more severe cognitive impairment than others, study indicates
61 Study of nearly 2,000 Marine recruits reveals asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 transmission
62 Penn researchers develop approach to prevent toxicity tied to neurological gene therapy
63 Targeted therapies developed to reduce lung fibrosis
64 Brigham researchers find evidence support relationship between finasteride and suicidality
65 Vitamin C's effectiveness against COVID may hinge on vitamin's natural transporter levels
66 These masked singers are bats
67 Employment insecurity linked to anxiety and depression among young adults during COVID-19
68 Could reduced lead exposure explain the downward trend in hip fractures?
69 How molecular chaperones dissolve protein aggregates linked to Parkinson's disease
70 EMS dispatches for asthma greatly reduced after expanded access to health insurance
71 Vitamin D and Omega-3s bolster health in some active older people
72 Sleep loss hijacks brain's activity during learning
73 Less screen time and more sleep critical for preventing depression
74 240 mammals help us understand the human genome
75 National study reveals new insights into avoidable harm in primary care
76 Learning pathways could guide children who miss best start to improved literacy by age 11
77 Robotic AI learns to be spontaneous
78 Genetic eraser: Newly developed technology precisely and rapidly degrades targeted proteins
79 In flies, consuming high-sugar diet reduces sensitivity to sweetness
80 Cassava may benefit from atmospheric change more than other crops
81 University of Pittsburgh neuroscientists advance understanding of pain from light touch
82 Ohio State study finds playing brain games before surgery helps improve recovery
83 Real-time alerts associated with lower mortality
84 Power-free system harnesses evaporation to keep items cool
85 Sugar work: U-M study finds sugar remodels molecular memory in fruit flies
86 Sociologists dispel the 'bad apple' excuse for racialized policing
87 Routine testing for COVID-19 can make surgery safer--study
88 The lung microbiome may affect lung cancer pathogenesis and prognosis
89 Team sport lowers blood pressure in postmenopausal women
90 Scientists can now scoop contents of individual cells from their local environment
91 Dissecting colloidal glasses using laser as a lancet
92 Noise and light alter bird nesting habits and success
93 Tips for making nanographene
94 Climate change causes landfalling hurricanes to stay stronger for longer
95 Diagnostic imaging may increase risk of testicular cancer
96 Calls to city 311 lines can predict opioid overdose hotspots
97 The hidden reason children born by C-section are more likely to develop asthma
98 New genome alignment tool empowers large-scale studies of vertebrate evolution
99 Animation reveals secrets of critical tumour protein
100 Scientists release genomes of birds representing nearly all avian families
101 Wrinkle-faced male bats lower face masks to copulate
102 Camel-fur-inspired technology harnesses insulation and evaporation to keep products cool
103 Building your professional brand in a prestigious job
104 Researchers discover a new way to produce hydrogen using microwaves
105 Atmospheric rivers help create massive holes in Antarctic sea ice
106 Science snapshots from Berkeley Lab
107 UCLA researchers create armored emulsions as tiny test tubes for parallel reactions
108 Two engineers design and donate a technique to make N95 masks reusable
109 An epidemic outbreak of MesoAmerican Nephropathy in Nicaragua linked to nickel toxicity
110 How will COVID-19 affect our next generation?