File Title
1 CrystEngComm celebrates the CSD in a special issue
2 Taking a scalpel to opioid painkiller risks: New studies show progress and opportunity
3 Group size and makeup affect how social birds move together
4 Racial/ethnic minorities comprise small portion of patients referred with AL amyloidosis
5 Scientists have discovered an ancient lake bed deep beneath the Greenland ice
6 'Goldilocks' neonatal immune response may protect against autism
7 Trace amine-associated receptor 5 (TAAR5) to rewire your brain naturally
8 Understanding declining teenage pregnancies in England
9 Dietary overlap of birds, bats and dragonflies disadvantageous in insect decline
10 Solar perovskite production on a roll
11 Low fitness linked to higher depression and anxiety risk
12 Optogenetic stimulation improves alterations in Huntington's disease experimental models
13 New primate species discovered in Myanmar
14 Gambling addiction: an aid from patients' stories
15 New research maps potential global spread of devastating papaya mealybug pest
16 Methods developed by biorobotics engineers help make hydropower plants more fish-friendly
17 Exoskeletons can reduce strain also in health care
18 Scientists speed up artificial organoid growth and selection
19 Urban gulls adapt foraging schedule to human activity patterns
20 Chronic stress causes genetic changes in chickens
21 Sticky electrons: When repulsion turns into attraction
22 Veganism: Vitamin B12 is well supplemented, iodine is a matter of concern
23 Tracking down the causes of heart attack
24 Changes needed to improve UK COVID-19 testing and build strong diagnostic services
25 Sweet taste reduces appetite?
26 RUDN University linguists: Vocabulary size affects ability to differentiate foreign language vowels
27 High temperatures threaten the survival of insects
28 Surrey helps to produce the world's first neutron-rich, radioactive tantalum ions
29 Large volcanic eruption caused the largest mass extinction
30 Mari and Karelian respondents share ideas on how to improve local education
31 Fossil shark turns in to mystery pterosaur
32 Russian scientists created a chemical space mapping method and cracked the mystery of Mendeleev number
33 Swedish, Finnish and Russian wolves closely related
34 Burnout can exacerbate work stress, further promoting a vicious circle
35 Researchers discover the secret of how moss spreads
36 Personalized cancer vaccine clinical trial to expand following promising early results
37 Schools unfairly targeting vulnerable children with exclusion policies
38 3D printed stents that treat inflammation
39 Scientists develop AI-powered 'electronic nose' to sniff out meat freshness
40 Fish give insight on sound sensitivity in autism
41 Researchers find a backup mechanism that removes cellular debris from the brain
42 Study shows walnuts may have anti-inflammatory effects that reduce risk of heart disease
43 New fossil seal species rewrites history
44 Printable ink guides cell growth, offers nerve injury hope
45 Penn researchers present findings on cardiac risks for cancer patients
46 Efforts needed to better integrate family caregivers into health care teams
47 Respirator 2.0: new n95-alternative introduces sensors for a better fit
48 Study: loneliness highest in the 20s and lowest in the 60s
49 Chemicals in your living room cause diabetes
50 Stanford researchers develop DNA approach to forecast ecosystem changes
51 Skills development in Physical AI could give birth to lifelike intelligent robots
52 Research identifies 'volume control' in the brain that supports learning and memory
53 Empathy and perspective taking: How social skills are built
54 Shedding new light on the origin of metastases
55 Mining rocks in orbit could aid deep space exploration
56 Organoids produce embryonic heart
57 Smart devices to schedule electricity use may prevent blackouts
58 Animal groups consider multiple factors before fighting
59 Puzzled otters learn from each other
60 Plasma treatments quickly kill coronavirus on surfaces
61 The Lancet: Older adults are at greater risk of cardiovascular events than younger people, and benefit at least as much from cholesterol-lowering medications, two studies suggest
62 Analysis of Trump's tweets reveals systematic diversion of the media
63 New research identifies 'triple trouble' for mangrove coasts
64 Stanford-led team creates a computer model that can predict how COVID-19 spreads in cities
65 Getting single-crystal diamond ready for electronics
66 Weighing space dust with radar
67 Concurrent sharing of an avatar body by two individuals in virtual reality
68 Microbe "rewiring" technique promises a boom in biomanufacturing
69 Making 3D nanosuperconductors with DNA
70 Improving high-energy lithium-ion batteries with carbon filler
71 Terminator salvation? New machine learning program to accelerate clean energy generation
72 New airflow videos show why masks with exhalation valves do not slow the spread of COVID
73 Editorial: New research strengthens the case for e-cigarettes as smoking cessation aids
74 Valves on N95 masks do not filter exhaled droplets
75 Do consumers enjoy events more when commenting on them?
76 Tomosynthesis with synthetic mammography improves breast cancer detection
77 Black hole or no black hole: On the outcome of neutron star collisions
78 Oncotarget: IGF2 expression in breast cancer tumors and in breast cancer cells
79 Researchers show safer, more targeted way to deliver CRISPR gene therapy
80 Is proton therapy the silver bullet for children with brain cancer?
81 Chemists studied the composition of oils extracted from popular medicinal plants
82 Virtual reality forests could help understanding of climate change
83 Life after COVID hospitalization: Study shows major lasting effects on health, work & more
84 MTU, UMass researchers preserve viral vaccines without refrigeration
85 Luddy researchers develop framework to study brain connectivity in living organisms
86 Novel population of neurons identified that control binocular eye movements in 3D space
87 Age gates on alcohol websites are ineffective, Texas A&M research shows
88 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
89 Sensor for smart textiles survives washing machine, cars and hammers
90 COVID-delayed Arctic research cruise yields late-season data
91 New study points to a better way to ward off asthma triggers
92 'Smart Wrap' implant may help people better control their bladders
93 Researchers trap electrons to create elusive crystal
94 Studies detail impact of mammal species decline in Neotropics
95 Protein in blood may predict prognosis, recovery from stroke
96 Mental health strained by disaster
97 Yale scientists identify protein that protects against Lyme
98 Losing the American Dream
99 Making a case for organic Rankine cycles in waste heat recovery
100 New research explores the thermodynamics of off-equilibrium systems
101 Researchers find evidence of pandemic fatigue
102 COVID leads to measurable life expectancy drop in Spain, study finds
103 Internal clocks drive beta cell regeneration
104 The young resumed risky behaviors earlier than the elderly as COVID-19 pandemic dragged on
105 Unique access: Doctors, nurses in COVID-19 epicenter aided by proactive personality
106 Genetic risk for fatal blood clots identified in IBD patients
107 Smell and taste changes provide early indication of COVID-19 community spread
108 Pediatric surgeon establishes first-ever guidelines for pediatric opioid prescribing
109 On the way to lifelike robots
110 MD Anderson researchers present immunotherapy advances at Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Annual Meeting