File Title
1 Doctors need to watch for punctured lung in COVID-19 patients
2 Certain meds can cause irregular heartbeat, experts warn
3 Study: Air pollution increases stroke risk in people with AFib
4 Even exercise may not ease pandemic-linked stress
5 More than one-third of U.S. pediatricians dismiss families for vaccine refusal
6 Hostility may predispose you to a second heart attack
7 75% of youths who died from COVID-19 had underlying health conditions
8 Small study supports donor plasma therapy for severe COVID-19
9 Many MS patients struggle with finances, forgo treatments
10 Some psoriasis meds may also help prevent heart disease
11 Biological sex affects genes for body fat, cancer, birth weight, study says
12 Study: 60% of lung cancer patients saw COVID-19-related treatment delays
13 Study links 2018 drop in overdose deaths to change in China drug policy
14 Elevated blood clotting factor linked to worse COVID-19 outcomes
15 Study tackles long-term opioid use among retired NFL players
16 CDC's Redfield: Facemasks more powerful than vaccines in COVID-19 battle
17 Adverse pregnancy outcomes raise heart disease risk by 25% in older women
18 Researchers link another gene to Alzheimer's disease risk
19 Study: Regular eyeglasses may offer protection against COVID-19
20 Three-drug combo reduces risk for lung cancer by 17%, study finds
21 Nasal solution may stop spread of COVID-19, study finds
22 COVID-19 prevention conflicts putting big strains on relationships
23 Smoking raises risk of a fatal brain bleed
24 Vitamin D deficiency increases COVID-19 risk by more than 50%
25 Wildfire smoke poses threat to people with asthma
26 PTSD linked to greater risk for dementia
27 COVID-19 prevention may lead to record low flu rates, CDC says
28 Increased demand, efficacy among experts' flu vaccine concerns in COVID-19 era
29 Rising obesity levels put Americans at risk during pandemic: CDC
30 Study: Private insurers pay 2-1/2 times what Medicare does for hospital services
31 Many students, teachers live with family at high risk for COVID-19
32 Almost 90,000 young American adults will get cancer this year: Report
33 Expanding donor list shortens heart transplant wait times, study finds
34 Many high-risk patients don't know they need follow-up colonoscopy
35 Pain during sex, urination common, underreported part of menopause
36 People with addiction disorders at greater risk for COVID-19
37 Azithromycin, being used for COVID-19, may increase heart issue risk
38 COVID-19 pandemic may drive down global life expectancy
39 Users of acceptance, commitment app 50% more likely to quit smoking
40 Too much or too little sleep may increase dementia risk
41 CDC reverses new guidelines again on indoor COVID-19 spread
42 Immunotherapy drug boosts bladder cancer survival
43 Permissive gun laws may negate strong ones in neighboring states
44 Middle-aged Americans report more pain than seniors
45 1 in 5 women with migraine avoiding pregnancy, study says
46 Homemade masks as effective against COVID-19 as store bought
47 Researchers: Treatment for hand, foot and mouth disease may be on horizon
48 Early form of breast cancer carries higher death risk later in life
49 Study: Encouraging people to stay home works better than lockdown mandates
50 Experts: Now is the time to get flu shot, could reduce COVID-19 'twindemic' risk
51 Once-a-week insulin for Type 2 diabetes shows promise
52 Minorities hit hardest when COVID-19 spreads at nursing homes
53 Kidney damage caused by COVID-19 increases risk for death, study finds
54 Study: Teens aren't vaping because they want to quit smoking
55 4 out of 5 people with COVID-19 develop symptoms, study says
56 Routine blood test may identify patients at risk for severe COVID-19
57 Resuming sex soon after heart attack may boost survival, study says
58 Singing without a facemask can spread COVID-19
59 Educational efforts increase use of HIV preventive drug in Africa by 55%
60 Experts unsure about COVID-19, flu co-infection, but expect U.S. to find out
61 Severe mental illnesses often overlooked at hospital admission
62 Study: Diabetes drug metformin may protect the aging brain
63 Smoking reduces odds for survival after bladder cancer surgery
64 American consumption of sugary drinks declines, study finds
65 Swedish researchers say they've created a 'fast, cheap' COVID-19 test
66 ACA reduced number of Americans with 'catastrophic' health expenditures
67 Cracked teeth another coronavirus scourge
68 Researchers find wide variance in accuracy of COVID-19 antibody tests
69 FDA adds abuse warning to labels for drugs like Xanax, Valium
70 Parent's skin-to-skin hug does ease baby's pain, study suggests
71 Young adults account for more COVID-19 cases than other age groups
72 Blacks, poor at greater risk for infection, hospitalization with COVID-19
73 Study finds income disparities in prevalence of heart disease
74 Study: MRI with machine learning reveals brain changes from PTSD
75 Breast cancer treatment comes later, lasts longer for Black women
76 Study: Older adults may be excluded from many COVID-19 trials
77 Survey: 1 in 4 women use cannabis to manage menopause symptoms
78 1 in 3 U.S. parents won't get flu shots for their kids, survey finds
79 Study: Obamacare cut out-of-pocket costs, but many still struggle
80 LGBT people may get more migraines, research suggests
81 FDA approved opioids for chronic pain despite lacking 'critical' safety data
82 Sex remains important to women through middle age, survey shows
83 Study: Cardiac arrest with COVID-19 more likely to be fatal
84 Alcohol consumption in U.S. rose 14% during pandemic, RAND finds
85 Women get worse care for heart attack
86 Survey: Health workers, kids, older adults should get COVID-19 vaccine first
87 Study of VA patients confirms minorities have higher odds for COVID-19
88 Moderna COVID-19 vaccine safe, effective in older people, trial shows
89 Air pollutants, metals reach the placenta, study finds
90 Study: Giving babies wheat very early may prevent celiac disease
91 Study: Pets have helped people cope during COVID-19 lockdowns
92 Study: Adults with mental illness up to twice as likely to die from COVID-19
93 Early bedtime may be best for people with Type 2 diabetes
94 HPV vaccine 'may significantly' lower cervical cancer risk, study finds
95 Pancreas size, shape can return to normal in diabetes remission
96 Immune differences the reason elderly hit so hard by COVID-19
97 Last-ditch life support system saving COVID-19 patients, study shows
98 Hypertensive disorders in pregnancy vary widely by state, study finds
99 Report documents 'very rare' brain fluid leak linked to COVID-19 screening
100 Amid COVID-19 pandemic, less than 60% in U.S. plan to get flu vaccine
101 Study finds dancing helps seniors avoid falls
102 Genetics might explain some cases of cerebral palsy
103 Tough menopause may signal future heart issues, study says
104 Immunotherapy drug boosts survival for lung cancer patients
105 Study: COVID-19 antibodies decline quickly in donated plasma
106 Rates of key tests drop with fewer doctor visits, more telemedicine amid COVID-19
107 CDC: COVID-19 can cause severe organ inflammation in some adults
108 Irregular, long periods linked to shorter life span
109 Study: Cow's milk doubles babies' risk for asthma compared with breastfeeding
110 Common heartburn meds linked to higher diabetes risk
111 Study: Heart disease risk higher for people with spouses in ICU
112 Another study suggests common cold protects some from COVID-19
113 8 in 10 COVID-19 patients suffer neurological symptoms, study finds
114 Study: Improving blood sugar in Type 2 diabetes improves cognitive scores
115 Study: Women more likely than men to follow COVID-19 guidelines
116 7 in 10 appendicitis patients treated with antibiotics avoid surgery
117 Study: Veterans with acupuncture before surgery have less pain
118 Black children twice as likely to die after surgery than White children
119 Coffee may reduce risk for Parkinson's disease, study says
120 Study: Teens who vape nicotine more likely to also use cannabis e-cigarettes