File Title
1 Using walls to navigate the room
2 Kids with arthritis in less affluent families report longer period of morning stiffness
3 Why consumers think pretty food is healthier
4 Scientists snap molecular building blocks of brain computing
5 Tough, strong and heat-endure: Bioinspired material to oust plastics
6 Novel therapy approach for hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia
7 Peering under the "hood" of SARS-CoV-2
8 Investigators discover unique immune cells in patients with checkpoint inhibitor-induced arthritis
9 Improving the diagnosis of chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis
10 Call for a National COVID-19 Resilience Programme to keep older people healthy and resilient
11 NYUAD study finds stellar flares can lead to the diminishment of a planet's habitability
12 Machine learning advances materials for separations, adsorption, and catalysis
13 Creating 3D virtual personas of all-solid-state batteries, building a better tomorrow
14 New study uses satellites and field studies to improve coral reef restoration
15 Uncovering novel genomes from earth's microbiomes
16 Blue whirl flame structure revealed with supercomputers
17 5 mistakes people make when sharing COVID-19 data visualizations on Twitter
18 Large, delayed outbreaks of endemic diseases possible following COVID-19 controls
19 Researchers identify new Rickettsia species in dogs
20 Why do bats fly into walls?
21 All weight loss isn't equal for reducing heart failure risk
22 New insight into a placental gene pathway and its association with vitamin D
23 Clemson researchers decode thermal conductivity with light
24 COVID Misinformation a Roadblock to Curbing Pandemic
25 Cleveland Clinic researchers identify melatonin as possible COVID-19 treatment
26 Study finds patients prefer doctors who share their same race/ethnicity
27 Putting stock into Twitter: Social media can influence returns, WVU finance professor says
28 New black hole merger simulations could help power next-gen gravitational wave detectors
29 Don't be fooled by pretty food, USC research warns
30 NYUAD researchers develop protocol for a more accurate COVID-19 testing technique
31 Study finds surprising diversity in early child care
32 Study suggests greater social support linked to lower diabetes distress
33 New discovery may change how dexamethasone is prescribed for some COVID-19 patients
34 Implantable sensor could measure bodily functions--and then safely biodegrade
35 Rapid test shows 'solid performance' for diagnosing infection around joint implants
36 Study confirms spit testing may help doctors diagnose concussions
37 Young survivors of acute myeloid leukemia have long-term complications from treatment
38 Maunakea telescopes confirm first brown dwarf discovered by radio observations
39 Genetic disposition protects immune system from aging
40 You drive like a girl: Study shows gender bias in perceptions of ride-sharing performance
41 Global analysis of forest management shows local communities often lose out
42 The ecology of crop pests
43 Home-visiting program shows promise of reducing risk of obesity among Native American children
44 Clinicians who prescribe unnecessary antibiotics fuel future antibiotic use
45 RUDN University biologist found sex differences in inflammatory reactions in rat pups
46 A randomized clinical trial of Greek High Phenolic Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil in mild cognitive impairment: the MICOIL pilot study
47 New study defines life cycle of a destructive plant pathogen 142 years after its discovery
48 Study finds evidence of neurobiological mechanism for hallucinations and delusions
49 Trees set sixth-graders up for success
50 For young athletes, inadequate sleep leads to decreased performance
51 $1 million to support manufacturing of COVID-19 treatments, vaccines at uOttawa, Ottawa Hospital
52 Study: Remote learning adds pressure for teachers who work second shift as mothers
53 Princeton researchers find key to piercing harmful bacteria's armor
54 Yin and Yang: Two signaling molecules control growth and behavior in bacteria
55 Researchers isolate and decode brain signal patterns for specific behaviors
56 Researchers discover bacterial DNA's recipe for success
57 New 'genomic' method reveals atomic arrangements of battery material
58 Environmental factors affect the distribution of Iberian spiders
59 Low risk of cancer spread on active surveillance for early prostate cancer
60 Researchers examine if online physician reviews indicate clinical outcomes
61 Infection by parasites disturbs flight behaviour in shoals of fish
62 Soldiers benefit from psychological health research
63 Liver scarring relatively common among middle-aged adults
64 Irish and UK research helps to unravel secrets behind Game of Thrones
65 Distinct slab interfaces found within mantle transition zone
66 Attending an HBCU may protect Black students from later health problems
67 A biomimetic membrane for desalinating seawater on an industrial scale
68 Half a billion years old microfossils may yield new knowledge of animal origins
69 Electrified magnets: researchers uncover a new way to handle data
70 Nut consumption causes changes in sperm DNA function
71 Cutting emissions makes North Atlantic focus of ocean heat uptake under global warming
72 RUDN University soil scientist: Deforestation affects the bacterial composition of the soil
73 One third of UK fruit and vegetables are imported from climate-vulnerable countries
74 Loneliness a leading cause of depression in older adults
75 Water predictions: Telling when a nanolithography mold will break through droplets
76 How ancient dust from the sea floor helps to explain climate history
77 For asymbiotic growth of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, feed them fatty acids
78 COVID-19 triggers OCD in children and young people
79 Asthmatics working in dusty environments risk a trip to the hospital
80 Researchers present wild theory: Water may be naturally occurring on all rocky planets
81 A more resistant material against microorganisms is created to restore cultural heritage
82 Recommendations for fair and regulated access to a COVID-19 vaccine
83 Social distancing is increasing loneliness in older adults
84 The use of videos in education could improve student pass rates
85 Plant inspired: Printing self-folding paper structures for future mechatronics
86 A new model found to predict earthquake propagation speed
87 New method developed by Lithuanian scientists can reach 90% accuracy in detecting melanoma
88 Nothing but the truth in the fight against cancer
89 Oil-eating worms provide valuable assistance in soil remediation
90 Coating plastics by porous nanofilm
91 Keep the data coming
92 Hollow porphyrinic nanospheres
93 The natural artistry of disease: a wintry landscape in the eye
94 Unhealthy dietary habits are associated with the risk of proteinuria onset
95 New 'robotic snake' device grips, picks up objects
96 Significant psychological toll from New Zealand COVID-19 lockdown
97 Study compares racial disparities in unilateral versus bilateral knee replacement
98 HSS presents innovative research at 2020 ACR Annual Meeting
99 New research supports clinical utility of CTC count for metastatic breast cancer
100 Penn Medicine researchers find link between food insecurity and cardiovascular death risk
101 Bringing drugs to the brain with nanoparticles to treat neurodegenerative diseases
102 New tool detects unsafe security practices in Android apps
103 WFIRM scientists create hybrid tissue construct for cartilage regeneration
104 Severe COVID-19 infection rare in newborns
105 Prescriptions of antipsychotic medications in young children is declining
106 More economic worries mean less caution about COVID-19
107 A novel finding on Kabuki syndrome, a rare genetic disease
108 Could SARS-CoV-2 evolve resistance to COVID-19 vaccines?
109 A better understanding of coral skeleton growth suggests ways to restore reefs
110 Female mongooses start battles for chance to mate