File Title
1 TESS Discovers First Known Ultrahot Neptune: LTT 9779b
2 Israeli Archaeologists Unearth 2,000-Year-Old Ritual Bath
3 ESA Releases Solar Orbiter's First Science Data
4 Study: Plant Guttation Droplets are Nutrient-Rich Food for Many Insects
5 Hubble Observes Spectacular Supernova in NGC 2525
6 Chandra Spots Possible Extragalactic Planet in Messier 51
7 Web of the Giant: Astronomers Spot Six Galaxies around Monster Quasar
8 Shadow of Messier 87's Supermassive Black Hole Puts General Relativity to Test
9 New Research Sheds Light on Neutrino-Nucleus Interactions
10 Hubble Space Telescope Takes Close Look at NGC 1365
11 Silurian-Devonian Jawless Fish were Ecologically Diversified
12 Turmeric Extract Improves Osteoarthritis Knee Pain, Study Says
13 Small Cretaceous Crocodile May Have Preyed on Baby Titanosaurs
14 Scientists Identify 24 Potentially 'Superhabitable' Exoplanets
15 Astronomers Capture Best Ever Image of Carina Nebula's Western Wall
16 Antioxidant Enzyme Catalase May Help Treat COVID-19
17 TESS Captures Beautiful Panorama of Northern Sky
18 Archaeologists Unearth 6,500-Year-Old Copper-Smelting Workshop in Israel
19 Hot Exoplanet Smaller than Earth Found Orbiting Nearby Red Dwarf
20 Scientists Confirm Long-Suspected Link between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Alzheimer's Disease
21 Astronomers Directly Image Gas-Giant Exoplanet Beta Pictoris c
22 Researchers Sequence Y Chromosomes of Bonobos and Orangutans
23 New Bird-Like Dinosaur Unearthed in Mongolia
24 Moon May Have Fragments of Ancient Venus on Its Surface
25 New Species of Mosasaur Unveiled in Morocco
26 New Study Challenges Hypothesis that Moon's Crust was Magnetized by Meteoroid Impacts
27 Neanderthals' Deep and Short Ribcage was Already Present at Birth
28 Black Imported Fire Ants Adapt Tool Use to Avoid Drowning
29 New Studies Detail Complex History of Near-Earth Asteroid Bennu
30 Astronomers Detect Vaporized Metals in Atmosphere of Hot Jupiter
31 Dust and Soot Contributed to End-Cretaceous Mass Extinction
32 Fossils of 6.4-Million-Year-Old Monkey Found in China
33 Hubble Zooms in on Beautiful Reflection Nebula: NGC 7023
34 Humans are Evolving Extra Artery in Forearm: Median Artery
35 Two New Species of Semi-Aquatic Mice Discovered in Africa
36 Archaeologists Find 3,000-Year-Old Balls in China
37 One-Billion-Year-Old Sand Dunes Spotted on Mars
38 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Free-Floating EGG
39 Astronomers Monitor Flare from Nearby, Fast-Evolving Tidal Disruption Event
40 Six New Bird Species Discovered in South America
41 Physicists Find Upper Limit for Speed of Sound in Solids and Liquids
42 Astronomers Detect Prolonged X-Ray Emission from Neutron-Star Merger
43 Researchers Sequence Genomes of Two Fig Species and Pollinator Wasp
44 Pluto's Mountains are Capped with Methane Frost: Study
45 Moon's Ancient Magnetosphere May Have Helped Early Earth Retain Its Atmosphere
46 Small Pterosaur from Mid-Cretaceous Period Had Adaptations for Sediment Probing
47 Scientists Create First Room-Temperature Superconductor
48 12,000-Year-Old Human Footprints Found in New Mexico
49 Study: Blue-Light Filtering Glasses Improve Sleep Quantity and Quality, Workday Productivity
50 Astronomers Find Extremely Metal-Deficient Globular Cluster in Andromeda Galaxy
51 BepiColombo Makes Its First Flyby of Venus
52 Betelgeuse is Smaller and Closer to Earth than Previously Thought
53 End-Permian Extinction Triggered Switch to Warm-Bloodedness
54 Hubble Space Telescope Spots Colliding Galaxy Pair
55 Researchers Sequence Genome of Extinct Scimitar-Toothed Cat
56 Climate Change Drove Early Human Species Extinct, Says New Study
57 215-Million-Year-Old Fossil from Greenland Sheds Light on Origin of Mammals
58 Physicists Demonstrate Controlled Transport of Stored Light
59 Milky Way's Halo is Disk-Like and Clumpy, Study Shows
60 New Research Provides Comprehensive Reconstruction of End-Permian Mass Extinction
61 Ancient Hittite Farmers Paid Taxes in Barley and Wheat
62 Ozone Hole over Antarctica is One of Largest and Deepest in Recent Years
63 Astronomers Find Shell Structures in Milky Way Galaxy for First Time
64 OSIRIS-REx Attempts to Collect Sample of Near-Earth Asteroid Bennu
65 Archaeologists Discover Cat Geoglyph at Nazca Lines Site
66 Physicists Propose New Theory on Origin of Dark Matter
67 Tubarial Glands: New Organ Discovered in Human Body
68 Consciousness is Brain's Information-Rich Energy Field, Remarkable New Theory Says
69 Flavanol-Rich Diet Could Help Lower Blood Pressure
70 ALMA Spots Volcanic Plumes on Jupiter's Moon Io
71 New Pterosaur Species Unearthed in China
72 Building Blocks of Language Evolved at least 40 Million Years before Language Itself, Study Shows
73 Astronomers Identify Closest Stars that Could See Earth as Transiting Exoplanet
74 New Images Show OSIRIS-REx's Sample Collection on Bennu
75 Ancient Maya Used Zeolite and Quartz to Filter Drinking Water
76 Membrane-Winged Dinosaurs Yi and Ambopteryx were Poor Gliders
77 Clovis Stone Tools Were Made Only During 300-Year Period: Study
78 Hubble Space Telescope Looks at NGC 34
79 Researchers Create High-Stringency Blueprint of Human Proteome
80 Paleontologists Identify New Species of Plesiosaur
81 OSIRIS-REx Collects Sufficient Sample of Asteroid Bennu's Regolith
82 SOFIA Detects Molecular Water on Sunlit Surface of Moon
83 Ring-Like Structures Spotted around Protostar IRS 63
84 Astronomers Analyze Atmosphere of Ultrahot Neptune
85 Hubble Detects Iron and Iron Oxide on Asteroid Psyche
86 Large Tides Played Important Role in Evolution of Bony Fish and Early Tetrapods, Study Suggests
87 Massive Galaxies in Early Universe were More Mature than Previously Thought
88 Milky Way's Supermassive Black Hole is Spinning Slowly, Astronomers Say
89 New Fossils of Giant Bony-Toothed Birds Found in Antarctica
90 Scientists Find Organic Compounds in Hamburg Meteorite
91 Israeli Archaeologists Find 2,700-Year-Old Limestone Weight
92 Cyclopropenylidene Detected in Atmosphere of Titan
93 Pterosaurs Evolved Their Flight Ability over Millions of Years: Study
94 Cometary Activity Spotted on Distant Centaur
95 Paleolithic Animal Engravings Found in Three Spanish Caves
96 Middle Triassic Nothosaur Had Built-In Float
97 Mountain Gorillas are Friendly to Familiar Neighbors, New Study Finds
98 Astronomers Discover Smallest Free-Floating Exoplanet Yet
99 Juno Observes Sprites and Elves in Upper Atmosphere of Jupiter
100 Researchers Unlocking Secrets of Dinosaur Eggshells
101 OSIRIS-REx Stows Sample of Asteroid Bennu's Regolith
102 Hubble Space Telescope Spies Spiral Galaxy Edge-On
103 Researchers Find Two Species of Low-Light-Foraging Bees in Australia
104 VLT Snaps Stunning Image of Skull Nebula
105 Denisovan Mitochondrial DNA Found in Tibetan Cave
106 Barnard's Star Not So Life-Friendly After All
107 Study: At Least Five Dog Lineages Existed 11,000 Years Ago
108 Mars Express Spots Triple Crater on Red Planet
109 Rodent-Like Mammal from Cretaceous Period Lived in Colonies
110 New Research Sheds Light on Early Life of Neanderthals
111 Hubble Sees Collision of Two Lenticular Galaxies
112 Mars 2020 Spacecraft is Midway to Red Planet, NASA Says
113 New Mineral Discovered in Lunar Meteorite: Donwilhelmsite
114 New Study Reveals There Are Four Distinct Species of Gentoo Penguins
115 Milky Way's Central Bulge Stars Formed in Single Burst of Formation over 10 Billion Years Ago
116 Leaf-Cutter Bees Use Plastic in Nest Construction, Study Says
117 New Cynodont Species Unearthed in Arizona
118 Meet Ajnabia odysseus, First Duck-Billed Dinosaur from Africa
119 Cassini Finds Organics and Water Ice in Titan's Impact Craters
120 Cambrian Shrimp-Like Arthropod Had Five Eyes
121 Ultraviolet Fluorescence Discovered in Platypus
122 Researchers Develop Highly Stretchable, Self-Healable, and Recyclable Wearable Electronics