File Title
1 How cell processes round up and dump damaged proteins
2 New findings for viral research on bicycle crashes at railroad crossings
3 Migration and molt affect how birds change their colors
4 Coming out as bisexual associated with increased risk of smoking: BU study
5 Study projects more rainfall in Florida during flooding season
6 Physical distancing polices not enough to protect lower-income people: BU study
7 Underinsurance is growing, but HSAs aren't keeping up: BU study
8 Mystery of glacial lake floods solved
9 Perspectives of infrared spectroscopy in quantitative estimation of proteins
10 Study shows disadvantaged communities may get overlooked for climate adaptation funding
11 Rivers melt Arctic ice, warming air and ocean
12 Variety in the migratory behavior of blackcaps
13 Optimizing the design of new materials
14 Policy, not tech, spurred Danish dominance in wind energy
15 UM research essential to global arctic animal migration archive
16 Ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle biopsy excellent for small pleural lesions diagnosis
17 Staying in touch!
18 Get on the grid: 'Micro-doses' of Botox provide up-close improvement of facial skin
19 Why a "board-certified cosmetic surgeon" isn't a plastic surgeon, and what that means for you
20 Diet and lifestyle during pregnancy linked to modifications in infants' DNA
21 Ancient crocodiles' family tree reveals unexpected twists and turns
22 Social distancing may have saved more than 59,000 U.S. Lives if implemented two weeks earlier
23 Study dives into genetic risk of Alzheimer's and dementia for diverse Latinx groups
24 New RA guideline emphasizes maximizing methotrexate and biologics, minimizing steroids
25 New juvenile idiopathic arthritis guideline emphasizes disease-modifying treatments
26 On the hunt for wild bananas in Papua New Guinea
27 Two-birds-one-stone strategy shows promise in RNA-repeat expansion diseases
28 Reducing dementia in patients with rheumatoid arthritis
29 Final dance of unequal black hole partners
30 A better test for the tumor-targeting of CAR-T therapies
31 The applications of liquid crystals have been extended to drug encapsulation
32 An Amazonian tea stimulates the formation of new neurons
33 Reduction of environmental pollutants for prevention of cardiovascular disease
34 Preexisting antibodies targeting SARS-CoV-2 discovered in small proportion of uninfected individuals
35 Atrophy can be combated by boosting expression of an enzyme produced in muscles
36 Baby dinosaurs were 'little adults'
37 Investigating optical activity under an external magnetic field
38 A new candidate material for quantum spin liquids
39 PhyloFlash: New software for fast and easy analysis of environmental microbes
40 Pre-existing coronavirus antibodies could help protect children against new pandemic strain
41 Has the hidden matter of the universe been discovered?
42 Swirl power: how gentle body movement will charge your mobile phone
43 Cancer researchers train white blood cells to attacks tumor cells
44 Germanium telluride's hidden properties at the nanoscale revealed
45 Photopharmacology--light-gated control of the cytoskeleton
46 Paleogenomics--the prehistory of modern dogs
47 New insights into 3D printing of spacers and membranes
48 Higher-resolution imaging of living, moving cells using plasmonic metasurfaces
49 Scientists design magnets with outstanding properties
50 New study reveals undetected rare neurodegenerative disorder that looks like Parkinson's disease
51 Study reveals strategy to create COVID-19 drugs to inhibit virus's entry and replication
52 Key features of chronic nonbacterial osteomyelitis identified in groundbreaking study
53 Therapeutic drug monitoring does not improve remission for patients starting infliximab
54 COVID-19 infection rates low in people with rheumatic diseases, most report mild illness
55 Patients reported international hydroxychloroquine shortages due to COVID-19
56 Children with Kawasaki Disease at higher risk for heart problems 10 years later
57 AI accurately detects radiographic sacroiliitis in axial spondyloarthritis
58 Hydroxychloroquine not linked to longer heart rhythm intervals in RA or lupus patientsti
59 Many with lupus at high risk for adverse reactions to pneumocystis pneumonia drug
60 Tuberculosis screening needed for methotrexate users in at-risk locales
61 Global survey reveals that few children with rheumatic disease report contracting COVID-19
62 Minority patients with rheumatic diseases have worse COVID-19 outcomes
63 Methotrexate improves function in people with knee OA after 3 months
64 Black patients with RA less likely to receive biologic, more likely to get glucocorticoids
65 Black patients with lupus have three times higher risk of stroke
66 Osteoporosis is underdiagnosed and undertreated in older men
67 Romosozumab substantially builds bone density in hip and spine
68 Safe pregnancy is possible for women with interstitial lung disease
69 Steroid injections do not hasten the need for knee replacement
70 HCQ has no significant impact on heart rhythm in lupus patients, even those with CKD
71 Warfarin use significantly increases risk of knee and hip replacement in people with OA
72 Telemedicine reduces cancellations for care during COVID in large Ohio heath center
73 Neural stem and progenitor cell diversity in brain development may contribute to cortical complexity
74 Expanded birth control coverage may help reduce disparities in unplanned pregnancies
75 Vaccine shows promise against herpes virus
76 Seeing dark matter in a new light
77 When malaria parasites trick liver cells to let themselves in
78 Plastics and rising CO2 levels could pose combined threat to marine environment
79 Anti-depressant repurposed to treat childhood cancer
80 Using light to reprogramme the brain's GPS
81 Here's how to improve packaged foods nutrition
82 'Electronic skin' promises cheap and recyclable alternative to wearable devices
83 Scientists and students publish blueprints for a cheaper single-molecule microscope
84 Green prescriptions could undermine the benefits of spending time in nature
85 Decrease in fossil-fuel CO2 emissions due to COVID-19 detected by atmospheric observations
86 Climate change and food demand could shrink species' habitats by almost a quarter by 2100
87 Indian fossils support new hypothesis for origin of hoofed mammals
88 Game 'pre-bunks' political misinformation by letting players undermine democracy
89 A brief pilot intervention enhances preschoolers' self-regulation and food liking
90 More plant diversity, less pesticides
91 Anti-hacking based on the circular polarization direction of light
92 New kind of superconductivity discovered
93 Lead-free magnetic perovskites
94 SARS-CoV-2 Infection Revealed in "Mini-Lungs" Shows How COVID-19 Damages the Lungs
95 Breakthrough Quantum-Dot Transistors Open the Door to a Host of Innovative Electronics
96 Battery-Free Ocean Exploration: MIT Underwater Navigation System Powered by Sound
97 Ultrapotent COVID-19 Vaccine Designed via Computer: Innovative Nanoparticle Vaccine Spurs Extremely High Levels of Protective Antibodies
98 A New Way to Synthesize Hydrocarbons Could Reduce Dioxide Emissions and Slash Costs of Chemical Manufacturing
99 World's Smallest Ship: 3D Printed Microboat's Length Is 1/3 the Thickness of a Hair
100 Too-Little Sleep Can Increase the Rewarding Properties of Cocaine, Paving Way to Addiction
101 Why Does Fertilizer (Sometimes) Explode? [Video]
102 Data Science and Network Theory Reveal Secrets Behind "Game of Thrones"
103 Cruciviruses: Criss-Crossing Viruses Give Rise to Peculiar Hybrid Variants
104 New Research Finds Democrats and Republicans Hate the Other Side More than They Love Their Own
105 Cause of Alzheimer's Disease Traced to Genetic Mutation in Common Enzyme
106 Experts Warn of Substantial Danger to Democratic Stability Around 2020 Election
107 Rapid Method Finds Potent COVID-19 Antibody Among a Trillion Possibilities
108 NASA Contacts Voyager 2--11.6 Billion Miles from Earth--Using Upgraded Deep Space Station
109 Sustainable Bioenergy Production Unlocked by New Protein Nanobioreactor
110 Solar Cells of the Future: System for Increasing the Efficiency of Organic Solar Cells