File Title
1 Astronomers discover clues that unveil the mystery of fast radio bursts
2 Ecologically friendly agriculture doesn't compromise crop yields
3 Study suggests most humans are vulnerable to type 2 diabetes
4 Brain magnetic stimulation for veterans with concussion: Need is high, but evidence is limited
5 Children produce different antibodies in response to SARS-CoV-2
6 Scientists work to shed light on Standard Model of particle physics
7 Keeping our cool
8 Immunotherapy may work better in stomach cancer when combined with chemo, given earlier
9 Shifts in water temperatures affect eating habits of larval tuna at critical life stage
10 COVID-19: Enzyme targeted by virus also influences gut inflammation
11 Clay subsoil at Earth's driest place may signal life on Mars
12 Reducing global food system emissions key to meeting climate goals
13 Using machine learning to track the pandemic's impact on mental health
14 Soil carbon changes in transition areas suggest conservation for Amazon, scientists say
15 Corn and other crops are not adapted to benefit from elevated carbon dioxide levels
16 New research on imposter stars may improve astronomical data
17 SARS-CoV-2 uses 'genome origami' to infect and replicate inside host cells
18 ACA results in fewer low-income uninsured, but non-urgent ER visits haven't changed
19 Know when to unfold 'em: Applying particle physics methods to quantum computing
20 Water striders learn from experience how to jump up safely from water surface
21 Mystery molecule in bacteria is revealed to be a guard
22 Virus that causes COVID-19 puts a plug in cellular defenses
23 Precision chemo-immunotherapy for pancreatic cancer?
24 Researchers shrink imaging spectrometer without compromising performance
25 NIH researchers identify gene in mice that controls food cravings, desire to exercise
26 RUDN University physicist developed software solution to measure the black holes stability
27 Researchers study strength-training gender gap, possible solutions
28 Blue phosphorus: How a semiconductor becomes a metal
29 New study shows that football fixture pile-ups are forcing layers and coaches to change
30 Forthcoming COVID-19 preprints to be peer reviewed in Rapid Reviews [links]
31 Archive of animal migration in the Arctic
32 USask researchers find face masks don't hinder breathing during exercise
33 Species more likely to die out with rapid climate changes
34 How does the brain process fear?
35 Researchers use genomics to reconstitute yellow fever outbreak in Sao Paulo
36 Story tips: Ice breaker data, bacterial breakdown, catching heat and finding order
37 Boosting treatments for metastatic melanoma
38 Nervous systems of insects inspire efficient future AI systems
39 COVID-19 linked to worse stroke outcomes
40 Llama nanobodies could be a powerful weapon against COVID-19
41 Minor fluctuations in sound make it hard to identify in which concert hall music is played
42 Subarachnoid hemorrhage causes more deaths among middle-aged women than other strokes
43 New technology allows cameras to capture colors invisible to the human eye
44 How parental involvement affects children's performance in school
45 Artificial Intelligence has learned to estimate oil viscosity
46 Antiangiogenic therapy can cause malignancy in kidney cancers
47 Core value of the Chengjian fauna: evolution of animals and birth of basic human organs
48 Urban air pollution estimates may overshadow full picture for China
49 Physical activity and dietary counselling slows down development of insulin resistance in children
50 New genus of chimaerid fish classified with help from Kazan University expert
51 Metal pollution in British waters may be threatening scallops, study reveals
52 Resensitizing 'last-resort' antibiotics for treatment of infections
53 Costs to informal carers for people in the last three months of life are larger than those to formal
54 Conflicts in kindergarten can reduce children's interest in reading and math
55 Host genetic factors shape composition of virus communities
56 Eco-engineered tiles enhance marine biodiversity on seawalls in Hong Kong and beyond
57 Trehalose 6-phosphate promotes seed filling by activating auxin biosynthesis
58 Utilizing a 'krafty' waste product: Toward enhancing vehicle fuel economy
59 Rapid changes in biomarker of inflammation may be a key predictor of COVID-19 outcomes
60 Graz researchers identify biomarker for cardiovascular diseases
61 HKUST scientists make breakthrough discovery of new therapeutic targets for Alzheimer's
62 Tokyo's voluntary standstill may have stopped COVID-19 in its tracks
63 Next-generation computer chip with two heads
64 Scientists define binary tropical cyclones
65 NTU scientists develop energy-saving 'liquid window'
66 Shining a light on the issue of wine fraud
67 For quick COVID-19 testing, iSCAN can
68 Blood cell mutations confound prostate cancer liquid biopsy results
69 Two motivational artificial beings are better than one for enhancing learning
70 Researchers urge healthcare providers to routinely ask patients about cannabis use
71 Research reveals infertile spikelets contribute to yield in sorghum and related grasses
72 Blocking energy pathway reduces GVHD while retaining anti-cancer effects of T-cells
73 Large-scale cancer proteomics study profiles protein changes in response to drug treatments
74 De novo protein decoys block COVID-19 infection in vitro and protect animals in vivo
75 The first duckbill dinosaur fossil from Africa hints at how dinosaurs once crossed oceans
76 Technique to regenerate optic nerve offers hope for future glaucoma treatment
77 Pay people to get COVID-19 jab to ensure widespread coverage, says leading ethicist
78 Asian ethnicity strongly linked to COVID-related stroke
79 Poor nutrition in school years may have created 20 cm height gap across nations
80 Medicaid expansion linked to lower mortality rates for three major types of cancer
81 Why big-box chains' embrace of in-store click-and collect leaves money on the table
82 Smokers switching exclusively to glo significantly reduce exposure to certain toxicants
83 Crystals reveal the danger of sleeping volcanoes
84 Surprising insights into the role of autophagy in neuron
85 Learning disorders and Parkinson's disease: tremor predicts effects of medication
86 The ebb and flow of brain ventricles
87 Parents, MDs agree: genome sequencing as first-tier diagnostic benefits infants in ICU
88 Past is key to predicting future climate, scientists say
89 Better health--for people and the planet--grows on trees
90 Health care use drops during pandemic; switch to telemedicine creates disparities
91 After election: making the endangered species act more effective
92 Analysis reveals high burden of musculoskeletal disorders across the globe
93 The burning question of Bonfire Night pollution
94 Biological clock and extra gene pairs control important plant functions
95 COVID-19 is making tinnitus worse--new study
96 Human intelligence just got less mysterious says Leicester neuroscientist
97 Natural enemy of Asian fruit fly--previously thought to be one species--is in fact two
98 New database shows Arctic animals' changing behavior in face of climate change
99 The biggest trees capture the most carbon: Large trees dominate carbon storage in forests
100 Prejudice, poverty, gender--illustrations show the reality of living with disease
101 NYCHA secondhand smoke policy needs more time and effort to show how well it works
102 LipiDiDiet finds broadly sustainable effects of nutrient intervention in early Alzheimer's
103 Earliest example of a rapid-fire tongue found in 'weird and wonderful' extinct amphibians
104 Global-scale animal ecology reveals behavioral changes in response to climate change
105 Population dynamics and the rise of empires in Inner Asia
106 Large-area flexible organic photodiodes can compete with silicon devices
107 Light pollution at night severely disrupts the reproductive cycle of corals
108 When new males take over, these female primates hurry up and mature
109 From hard to soft: making sponges from mussel shells