File Title
1 New understanding of how proteins operate
2 Seabirds' response to abrupt climate change transformed sub-Antarctic island ecosystems
3 Social media can guide public pandemic policy: QUT research
4 Noise reduction via intermittent control by utilizing a plasma actuator
5 Rare ancient child burial reveals 8,000-year-old secrets of the dead
6 Stanford engineers have developed a genetic microlab that can detect COVID-19 in minutes
7 Climate change will give rise to more cancers
8 Argonne collaborates on largest COVID-19 viral sequence analysis in U.S.
9 Strain of rhizobacteria shown to naturally and sustainably promote rice growth
10 Hydrogen bonds may be key to airborne dicamba
11 New research traces the origins of trench fever
12 Plot twist
13 New insights on a common protein could lead to novel cancer treatments
14 Near-atomic 'maps' reveal structure for maintaining pH balance in cells
15 Providing a safe environment for psychiatric patients during pandemic
16 Paper addresses fieldwork safety for minority scientists
17 Nature-inspired design--Mimicking moth eyes to produce transparent anti-reflective coatings
18 Coronavirus infection odds twice as high among Black, Latinx hospital workers
19 Tel Aviv University says 'environmentally-friendly' tableware harms marine animals
20 Data science pathway prepares radiology residents for machine learning
21 Building a quantum network one node at a time
22 Physician advocates screening teen emergency room patients for sexually transmitted infections
23 Hormone differences
24 NASA missions help pinpoint the source of a unique X-ray, radio burst
25 Case study details leukemia patient who shed infectious SARS-CoV-2 for at least 70 days
26 Brain region implicated in predicting the consequences of actions
27 Effective government saves lives in cyclones, other disasters
28 Smaller earthquakes "with ambition" produce the most ground shaking
29 Model for acid-tolerant yeast helps guide industrial organic acid production
30 Four major predictors of COVID-19 emerge in Texas A&M study
31 Monitoring open-cast mines better than before
32 Scientists find Ebola virus antibodies in people before 2018 DRC outbreak
33 Using artificial intelligence can improve pregnant women's health
34 Water-energy nanogrid provides solution for rural communities lacking basic amenities
35 Chikungunya may affect central nervous system as well as joints and lungs
36 Understanding the spread of infectious diseases
37 Tricking fake news detectors with malicious user comments
38 Research lays groundwork for ultra-thin, energy efficient photodetector on glass
39 Luminescent wood could light up homes of the future
40 Victims of school bullying are more prone to develop violent behavior in the future
41 Western diet impairs odor-related learning and olfactory memory in mice
42 Divide and conquer--modular controller design strategy makes upgrading power grids easier
43 Dietary supplement may help in the treatment of fatty liver
44 Ants are skilled farmers: They have solved a problem that we humans have yet to
45 New multicomponent reaction frontiers
46 The dangers of collecting drinking water
47 Recipe for a storm
48 Lockdown lifestyle link to poor mental health in Scotland
49 UL research reveals extreme levels of uric acid can significantly reduce patient survival
50 Being in treatment with statins reduces COVID-19 mortality by 22% to 25%
51 Scientists grow carbon nanotube forest much longer than any other
52 Delirium could be an early marker of COVID-19
53 Coral larvae movement is paused in reaction to darkness
54 Lighting the way to selective membrane imaging
55 Microbial space travel on a molecular scale
56 Large-scale study: Congolese fishermen report decline in fish stocks on Lake Tanganyika
57 New multiscale view of the human brain
58 Convection-permitting modelling improves simulated precipitation over the Tibetan Plateau
59 FAST reveals mystery of fast radio bursts from the universe
60 FAST helps reveal the origin of fast radio bursts
61 Revealing the identity of the last unknown protein of autophagy
62 New form of brain-training helps prevent relapse after alcohol treatment
63 Genetic mutation could worsen heart function in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients
64 Psychedelic treatment with psilocybin relieves major depression, study shows
65 How asymmetrical alliances impact firm performance and risk
66 Do small gifts to donors increase charity appeal ROI?
67 Scientists develop method to detect charge traps in organic semiconductors
68 Pinning down how the brain predicts the consequences of choices
69 Experts release new management strategies for malignant colorectal polyps
70 Plants communicate at a molecular level
71 Death from below: the first video of a parasitic wasp attacking caterpillar underwater
72 New decision support tool can provide personalized antibiotic treatment recommendations
73 3D print experts discover how to make tomorrow's technology using ink-jet printed graphene
74 Beetles cooperate in brood care
75 No reduction in fractures seen in falls prevention programmes prescribed to older people
76 Promising therapeutic approach against COPD
77 Scientists improve a land surface model to better simulate the carbon-nitrogen flux
78 'Monster tumors' could offer new glimpse at human development
79 Intensive lab experiences and online learning during the COVID-19 pandemic
80 Scientists identify synthetic mini-antibody to combat COVID-19
81 A novel immunotherapy proves effective in animal models of multiple sclerosis
82 Violent encounters between gorillas slow population growth rate
83 The gut trains the immune system to protect the brain
84 Machine learning shows similar performance to traditional risk prediction models
85 Exposure to high temperatures linked to poor pregnancy outcomes
86 Every month delayed in cancer treatment can raise risk of death by around 10%
87 Why protecting the brain against infection takes guts
88 Researchers show how to target a shape-shifting protein in Alzheimer's disease
89 AI tool improves breast cancer detection on mammography
90 Mothers' lifestyle predicts when offspring will have first heart attack or stroke
91 A 520-million-year-old five-eyed fossil reveals arthropod origin
92 Sea-level rise will have complex consequences
93 Laser-powered nanomotors chart their own course
94 A material that 'bruises' like the skin?
95 Detection of a short, intense radio burst in Milky Way
96 Brain region tracking food preferences could steer our food choices
97 Fighting Zika? Call in the T cells
98 Married, single, kids or not, participating in workforce may protect women's memory
99 Brown carbon 'tarballs' detected in Himalayan atmosphere
100 Researchers identify key marker to help speed development of CMV vaccines
101 Early big-game hunters of the Americas were female, researchers suggest
102 Biologists create "atlas" of gene expression in neurons, documenting diversity of brain cells
103 Helper ambrosia beetles share reproduction with their mother
104 The long and complex history of cereal cuisine in ancient China
105 DNA in seawater can reveal fish diversity in the deep ocean
106 New technique extends next-generation lithium metal batteries
107 Identifying communities at risk for impacts of extreme heat
108 Local cooking preferences drove acceptance of new crop staples in prehistoric China
109 Bronze Age travel routes revealed using pioneering research method
110 When plants attack: parasitic plants use ethylene as a host invasion signal