File Title
1 100,000-fold enhancement in the nonlinearity of Si
2 Magma 'conveyor belt' fuelled world's longest erupting supervolcanoes
3 Unraveling the genetic determinants of small vessel vasculitis
4 Study provides first evidence of a relationship between a bird's gut and its brain
5 Leaf-cutter bees as plastic recyclers? Not a good idea, say scientists
6 UConn researcher identifies genetic elements involved in heart development
7 Industrial-strength brine, meet your kryptonite
8 Texas A&M lion genetics study uncovers major consequences of habitat fragmentation
9 Vitamin E from palm oil useful in boosting immune response based on studies on liver cells
10 How to fix the movement for fossil fuel divestment
11 Key populations for early COVID-19 immunization in Canada
12 Europe took centre-stage in global spread of the coronavirus, says new research
13 UC researchers pioneer more effective way to block malaria transmission in mosquitoes
14 Johns Hopkins Researchers engineer tiny machines that deliver medicine efficiently
15 Implantable device can monitor and treat heart disease
16 Active surveillance safe for African Americans with low-risk prostate cancer
17 Study uncovers subset of COVID-19 patients who recover quickly and sustain antibodies
18 Gentoo penguins are four species, not one, say scientists
19 The cement for coral reefs
20 Transparent soil-like substances provide window on soil ecology
21 The birth of a bacterial tRNA gene
22 RUDN University chemists developed new magnetic and luminescent lanthanide-siloxane-based compounds
23 Model of multicellular evolution overturns classic theory
24 New AI tool speeds up biology and removes potential human bias
25 Depression and anxiety are more frequently diagnosed in women
26 Venous origin of brain blood-vessel malformations
27 BfR-Corona-Monitor: Respondents reduce contacts and stay at home more frequently
28 Some of the principal treatments for osteoporosis could reduce the incidence of COVID-19
29 New method shows great potential for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease
30 Plant viruses hijack the defense system of plants, but there might be a way to strike back
31 New mineral discovered in moon meteorite
32 Harnessing the 'wisdom of crowds' can help combat antibiotic over prescription
33 Drones that patrol forests could monitor environmental and ecological changes
34 COVID-19 lung damage caused by persistence of 'abnormal cells'
35 A new mathematical front to understand species coexistence
36 Healthy oil from wild olives
37 Invisible fungi revealed by their genetic material
38 Students develop tool to predict the carbon footprint of algorithms
39 The craters on Earth
40 One last trip: when tourism embraces the terminally ill
41 From nitrate crisis to phosphate crisis?
42 New Danish AI tool provides much-needed help to protein scientists across the world
43 Ants swallow their own acid to protect themselves from germs
44 Buffalo fly faces Dengue nemesis
45 Crown-of-thorns eat themselves out of house and home
46 Review finds almost 20% of COVID-19 patients only show gastrointestinal symptoms
47 Study finds 1.7 million New Yorkers have been infected with SARS-Cov-2 and virus was in NYC earlier than reported
48 Cornea appears to resist infection from novel coronavirus
49 Challenges to providing behavioral health care during pandemic
50 Supersonic winds, rocky rains forecasted on lava planet
51 Continuity of English primary care has worsened with GP expansions
52 Study points way to possible new treatment for ligament injuries
53 The importance of good neighbors in catalysis
54 Earwax sampling could measure stress hormone
55 Oncotarget: Heterogeneity of CEACAM5 in breast cancer
56 Oncotarget: Predictive biomarkers in Trop-2-expressing triple-negative breast cancer
57 A breakthrough of the mechanism of energy saving in collective swimming
58 Expensive gene therapies raise challenges and opportunities: Expert panel report
59 Tracking flight trajectory of evaporating cough droplets
60 A DNA-based molecular tagging system that could take the place of printed barcodes
61 Squid jet propulsion can enhance design of underwater robots, vehicles
62 Solar cells of the future
63 New protein nanobioreactor designed to improve sustainable bioenergy production
64 New species of ancient cynodont, 220 million years old, discovered
65 Combining population health management and online program may help patients lose weight
66 Ice-binding molecules stop ice growth, act as natural antifreeze
67 Goby fins have fingertip touch sensitivity
68 AI helps detect brain aneurysms on CT angiography
69 Your favorite music can send your brain into a pleasure overload
70 HIV-positive adults show early signs of aging, even after antiretroviral therapy
71 Coffee, green tea may extend life for people with Type 2 diabetes
72 More than 90% of people in U.S. using masks, poll finds
73 Study: Obamacare repeal may leave young cancer patients in the lurch
74 Stay-at-home orders reduced COVID-19 cases, deaths, study finds
75 Most Americans want to end seasonal time changes, survey finds
76 Fewer than 4% of people in Wuhan have COVID-19 antibodies, study finds
77 Poverty affects children's health as early as age 5
78 Exercise boosts physical, mental well-being of older cancer survivors
79 Politics key to views on COVID-19 in U.S., poll shows
80 Study: $1.2 billion a year spent on neurological disorder treatment, not enough on care
81 Study: One in three young adults unaware of stroke symptoms
82 Kidney trouble greatly raises odds for fatal COVID-19
83 'Kid influencers' promoting food brands online tout unhealthy choices
84 Fading sense of smell may signal higher death risk for older adults
85 18% of COVID-19 deaths in U.S. linked to air pollution, study finds
86 Researchers identify gene that signals need to urinate
87 COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy higher when government confidence lower
88 Study: Psoriasis meds don't raise risk for severe COVID-19
89 Reducing random interactions may limit COVID-19 spread
90 Measuring brain tissue damage can identify cognitive decline
91 Patients with worst COVID-19 may be best plasma donors, study says
92 Vitamin deficiencies linked to respiratory conditions, including COVID-19
93 Colon cancer screening should start at age 45, task force says
94 Study: Loss of smell in COVID-19 far more common than thought
95 Study: Smokers are 3 times more likely to die from heart disease, stroke
96 'Media multitasking' affects memory, attention, study finds
97 1 in 3 high school seniors that misuse prescription opioids turn to heroin
98 One-third of prostate cancer tumors in Black men have dangerous gene mutations
99 Flu vaccine may lower risk for severe COVID-19, study suggests
100 Study: 1 in 3 people in U.S. prescribed medications they may not need
101 Cardiac MRI contrast agents unlikely to produce adverse reactions, study finds
102 Mask design limits COVID-19 spread by killing virus in respiratory droplets
103 Asymptomatic kids with COVID-19 may also carry less virus
104 Gene editing method may cause chromosome loss in developing embryos
105 Mental, physical health has suffered during pandemic lockdowns
106 Study: Postpartum depression can linger for years for some women
107 Staying active may not be enough to hold off dementia
108 Grocery workers at greater risk for COVID without symptoms
109 30% of nursing facilities in COVID-19 'hot spots' wait 3 days for test results
110 Lies on social media translate to fewer vaccinations, study says
111 Hospital floors frequently contaminated with antibiotic resistant bacteria
112 Kids with COVID-19 infect others at home more than half the time, CDC finds
113 Study: Epilepsy meds while pregnant may increase autism risk in child
114 Study: 1 in 4 dentists has faced physically aggressive patients at work