File Title
1 SpaceX launches cluster of Starlink satellites
2 Evidence of biodiversity losses found deep inside the rainforest
3 Moon's smallest shadows may be hiding tiny patches of water ice
4 NASA announces discovery of water on moon's sunlit surface
5 Accessible healthcare could slow climate change, reverse biodiversity losses
6 Space companies use Earth-imaging satellites to combat climate change
7 Google honors microbiologist Dr. Stamen Grigorov with new Doodle
8 Vampire bats socially distance when they fall ill
9 SpaceX launches public beta test of Starlink Internet service
10 Pristine extraterrestrial compounds recovered from fallen fireball
11 Longer-lingering droplets are less efficient carriers of COVID-19 virus
12 Mountain gorillas friendly with neighbors outside of core home ranges
13 Giant lizards improved their flying abilities over millions of years
14 Scientists program robot swarm to count penguins
15 Fight judges favor aggression over skill, study shows
16 Graphene-based memory resistors could lead to brain-based computing
17 Mars-sized rogue planet found drifting through the Milky Way
18 Leg hairs help ogre-faced spiders hear predators, prey
19 OSIRIS-REx successfully stows sample of asteroid Bennu
20 International Space Station marks 20 years of humans on board
21 NASA offers 'creepy' playlist of space sounds for Halloween
22 Humans in ancient Turkey adapted to climate change, thrived
23 U.S. one of world's top contributors to plastic pollution
24 Chinook salmon that migrate in spring, fall more alike than thought
25 Survey: Shift to telemedicine for Type 1 diabetes may outlast pandemic
26 COVID-19 ICU patients have higher risk for blood clots, study shows
27 Study: Insulin prices up to 8 times higher in U.S. than other countries
28 FDA issues new guidance on COVID-19 vaccine approval process
29 Study: Pot users may need more anesthesia, painkillers during, after surgery
30 CDC: Arizona mask mandates, business closures slowed spread of COVID-19
31 Parents often clueless when teens start vaping, study says
32 Early school sports reduce ADHD symptoms for girls in later years
33 Personal resilience plays big part in heart health for Black Americans
34 Survey: Rural U.S. has had less access to healthcare during COVID-19 pandemic
35 25% of police officers have symptoms of mental health disorders, study finds
36 Experts: Asthma caused by allergies doesn't increase risk for severe COVID-19
37 Cocaine overdose deaths tripled in five years, CDC says
38 Men, young adults less likely to social distance, study finds
39 Surgery for benign conditions unlikely to harm breastfeeding ability
40 Virtual care after surgery may be more convenient for patients
41 Gender-affirming care, research needed to address heart issues in LGBTQ people
42 Doctors must be aware of effects of racism on kids' health, experts say
43 'Conscientious, agreeable' people more likely to follow COVID-19 guidelines
44 Depressed teens may struggle in school
45 Study: New bedside test means faster diagnosis, treatment of COVID-19
46 Many using cannabis for pain still take opioids, study finds
47 New Zika estimate suggests millions of cases went unreported
48 Arm squeezes with blood pressure cuffs may help stroke recovery
49 Study: Risk for COVID-19 death three times higher for Black people
50 Heating coil linked to serious vaping injuries, animal study suggests
51 CDC launches new plan to tackle antibiotic-resistant infections
52 Survey reinforces Americans' apprehension about rushed COVID-19 vaccine
53 Study: Kids' hospitalizations accompany rising unemployment rates
54 Researchers confirm coronavirus can infect the eye
55 Study: Restricting promotions of sweet foods cuts sugar, not profits
56 COVID-19 may have prolonged effect for pregnant women
57 Pregnant women with COVID-19 don't pass the virus to their newborns, study finds
58 Study: Nearly one in three U.S. college students smokes pot
59 Weight-loss surgery may cut pancreatic cancer risk in people with diabetes
60 Nearly 75,000 COVID-19-related deaths in U.S. may be unreported, study says
61 Study: One in eight get surprise bills after colonoscopy
62 First case of COVID-19 reinfection in U.S. had no known risk factors for disease
63 Johnson & Johnson pauses COVID-19 vaccine trials
64 Asthma, food sensitivity linked to irritable bowel syndrome in study
65 Cancer takes heavy toll on women's work, finances, study shows
66 Study: Less restrictive reproductive rights reduce birth complications risk by 7%
67 Pandemic-related job cuts have led 14.6M in U.S. to lose insurance
68 Study: Medicines, frequent counseling helps cancer patients quit smoking
69 Pandemic has driven some doctors to switch jobs, retire early
70 Study: Many older Americans with heart failure take 10 or more meds
71 Study: COVID-19 patients produce 'high-quality' antibodies up to 7 months after recovery
72 Minimally invasive procedure may free Type 2 diabetics from insulin
73 Study links epidural in childbirth to slightly higher risk for autism
74 Immediate breast reconstruction during cancer treatment doesn't impact survival
75 Limiting TV ads for foods high in sugar, salt, fat may reduce child obesity
76 Blood type may predict risk for severe COVID-19, studies say
77 Personality traits govern success of workplace wellness programs, study finds
78 New scoring system identifies patients at risk for severe COVID-19
79 Virtual training helps parents of kids with autism manage behavior
80 Study: Apathy may be an early sign of dementia
81 Study: Choice of TV news may affect pandemic precaution adherence
82 Heart disease can make other surgeries more risky, study says
83 Fewer than 1% of U.S. dentists have tested positive for COVID-19, report says
84 Bringing the forest to kids' daycare may boost young immune systems
85 CBD users tout benefits on social media amid lack of scientific evidence
86 Many male breast cancers diagnosed late, making it more lethal
87 Younger women at higher risk for death after heart attack
88 Sugar, high-fructose corn syrup linked to ADHD, bipolar, aggressive behavior
89 Heart defects don't increase risk of severe COVID-19
90 Fauci sees similarities between HIV, COVID-19 in public health response
91 Blood test could help identify best treatment for melanoma
92 Severe morning sickness linked to depression before and after birth
93 FDA: NSAID painkillers can raise risk for pregnancy complications
94 More prostate cancer cases diagnosed at later stage, study shows
95 Newer rheumatoid arthritis drug may ease tough-to-treat cases
96 Brain 'microbleeds' after stroke increase risk for recurrence, study finds
97 Big babies may face higher lifelong a-fib risk
98 'Social engagement' bolsters brain in older adults, study finds
99 Researchers identify 'gene signatures' in metastatic prostate cancer
100 Baby bottles release microplastics when mixing formula, study says
101 Study: Medication, therapy combo best for treating bipolar disorder
102 Effectiveness, politics impact public's willingness to take COVID-19 vaccine
103 Study: COVID-19 protections may have reduced asthma hospitalizations
104 Study: Tocilizumab reduces risk for death in patients with severe COVID-19
105 Study: Open windows, glass screens can limit COVID-19 spread in classrooms
106 1 in 3 Americans with arthritis say pain, symptoms persist
107 Peer-based anti-bullying initiatives may harm victims more, researcher says
108 Survey: Older adults using marijuana for common health problems
109 Nearly 8 in 10 report pandemic is causing mental health strain
110 Most U.S. women under 50 use contraception, CDC says
111 Obesity increases risk for COVID-19 among Black people in U.S., study finds
112 Study: Opioids increase risk of death in older adults after outpatient surgery
113 Post-stroke rehab at home may work best
114 Alex Azar: 'One or two' COVID-19 vaccines could be available by December
115 Study links pandemic fears to gun sale surge in California
116 Good nurses make difference for new moms' breastfeeding, study says
117 Poll: More than half of people in U.S. know someone with COVID-19
118 Blood test may identify pancreatic cancers that will respond to treatment
119 Homeless people three times more likely to die after heart attack