File Title
1 Scientists present a comprehensive physics basis for a new fusion reactor design
2 'Cool' sampling sites more likely to show false trends
3 Identified the cellular process by which Cisplatin chemotherapy causes neuronal damage
4 New woodlands can help reduce flooding risk within 15 years
5 In a field where smaller is better, researchers discover the world's tiniest antibodies
6 Is it one or two species? The case of the cluster anemones
7 Covert tobacco industry marketing tactics exposed by former employees
8 Unknowns and uncertainties raise ethical concerns for UK egg freezing
9 Filtering radioactive elements from water
10 Welsh-medium school pupils underperform in tests despite more advantaged backgrounds
11 Microcomb-injected pulsed lasers as variable microwave gears
12 Preheating gelatin as a facile approach to increase 3D printing duration
13 Genetic risk of developing obesity is driven by variants that affect the brain
14 Repeated pregnancy loss may be tied to the olfactory system
15 Why do structural differences in [alpha]-synuclein aggregates cause different pathologies?
16 Students used their mobile phones for over 8 hours a day during lockdown
17 First observation of nutation in magnetic materials
18 VirScan offers new insights into COVID-19 antibody response
19 Understanding the effect of aging on the genome
20 Prostate cancer: immunotherapy offers hope
21 A cancer shredder
22 Second alignment plane of solar system discovered
23 Microwaves are useful to combine amino acids with hetero-steroids
24 Breast cancer medication risk
25 Marine biodiversity reshuffles under warmer and sea ice-free Pacific Arctic
26 High-fibre diet, low level inflammation: sidestepping the effects of radiation
27 Inflammatory gene provides clue to obesity risk
28 Facile synthesis of quinoline in water
29 Mussels connect antibodies to treat cancer
30 Noise can put you off your food
31 NUS researchers solve decades-old problem of how to uniformly switch memristors
32 Can the common cold help protect you from COVID-19?
33 Discovery enables adult skin to regenerate like a newborn's
34 Cardiac arrhythmias linked to gene mutations
35 Vanderbilt wearable exosuit that lessens muscle fatigue could redesign the future of work
36 Cannabis data lacking, but machine learning could help
37 Common antioxidant enzyme may provide potential treatment for COVID-19
38 INRS researchers develop a new membraneless fuel cell
39 Computer model shows how COVID-19 could lead to runaway inflammation
40 How everyday speech could transmit viral droplets
41 Girls benefit from doing sports
42 Conversation quickly spreads droplets inside buildings
43 Why do veterans take their own lives? New study finds surprising answers
44 Especially important for older men need to stay hydrated
45 Plant droplets serve as nutrient-rich food for insects
46 Senescent cells may be good when it comes to a bad injury
47 Mutations that affect aging--more common than we thought?
48 More accurate modelling of climate change impacts on water resources
49 More than 90% of driver's license suspensions are not related to traffic safety
50 China's air pollutant reduction success could make it tougher to control climate change
51 Two studies show how older breast cancer patients can be treated more effectively
52 Under-regulated pet trade leaves thousands of species vulnerable
53 Alcohol consumption rises sharply during pandemic shutdown
54 Diabetes drug boosts survival in patients with type 2 diabetes and COVID-19 pneumonia
55 Validating the physics behind the new MIT-designed fusion experiment
56 Driving behavior less 'robotic' thanks to new Delft model
57 App analyzes coronavirus genome on a smartphone
58 Science and scientists held in high esteem across global publics
59 Finding right drug balance for Parkinson's patients
60 Women received less aggressive care than men after a heart attack with pumping failure
61 New mechanism for anti-infection effects of dietary fiber
62 Genomes of two millipede species shed light on their evolution, development and physiology
63 Evolution of pine needles helps trees cope with rainfall impact
64 Potential for natural forest regrowth to capture carbon
65 Virus turns deadly fungus from foe to friend in plants
66 Deep learning model provides rapid detection of stroke-causing blockages
67 Acid reflux drug could help newborn babies recover from brain injury, study suggests
68 20-year research breakthrough offers new hope for breast cancer patients
69 Coming soon to a circuit near you
70 Not all patients are offered the same effective breast cancer treatment
71 Medical mystery: 'Creeping fat' in Crohn's patients linked to bacteria
72 The proof is in the pudding
73 Computer model shows how COVID-19 could lead to runaway inflammation
74 Chinese researchers uncover link between phase separation and human developmental disorders
75 Researchers use satellite imaging to map groundwater use in California's central valley
76 Cells sacrifice themselves to boost immune response to viruses
77 Texas A&M study: Marine heatwaves can strengthen hurricanes
78 Hand pollination, not agrochemicals, increases cocoa yield and farmer income
79 Scientists discover bacterium linked to deadly childhood disorder
80 Can organic plant protection products damage crops?
81 Metal-ion breakthrough leads to new biomaterials
82 Hackers targeting companies that fake corporate responsibility
83 Poor cognitive performance predicts impairment in activities of daily living years later
84 The most sensitive and fastest graphene microwave bolometer
85 Network reveals large variations in shaking in LA basin after Ridgecrest earthquake
86 Oncotarget: NRXN1 as a novel potential target for small cell lung cancer
87 New study finds antidepressant drug effective in treating "lazy eye" in adults
88 Teen social networks linked to adult depression
89 Cancer cells use nerve-cell tricks to spread from one organ to the next
90 Cognitive flexibility training manages responses to social conflict
91 Skoltech scientists discovered a new biomarker for liver cancer diagnosis
92 Stellar explosion in Earth's proximity
93 Planktonic sea snails and slugs may be more adaptable to ocean acidification than expected
94 Heading upriver
95 Extra visit time with patients may explain wage gap for female physicians
96 Screen time can change visual perception--and that's not necessarily bad
97 Hospital-based specialist palliative care may slightly improve patient experience and increase their chances of dying in their preferred place (measured by home death)
98 Drugs aren't typically tested on women. AI could correct that bias
99 AI can detect COVID-19 in the lungs like a virtual physician, new study shows
100 Voter reactions to #MeToo Scandals: Sexism, not partisanship, has the largest impact
101 Shedding light on how urban grime affects chemical reactions in cities
102 'Street' ERTs are more useful in predicting companies' future tax outcomes, study finds
103 A single-application treatment for ear infections that doesn't need refrigeration
104 Large contact tracing study in Science finds children as active transmitters of COVID-19
105 Gene links short-term memory to unexpected brain area
106 New mechanism of cell survival in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
107 Data from two Indian states reveal SARS-CoV-2 impacts in a resource-limited setting
108 Study looks at encoding the odor of cigarette smoke
109 Study links low immunity to poor outcomes in patients with HIV who contract COVID-19
110 Innovative model improves Army human-agent teaming