File Title
1 The testimony of trees: How volcanic eruptions shaped 2000 years of world history
2 Preventing heart disease could keep more people employed and save billions for the economy
3 Analysis of wild tomatoes elucidates genetic basis underlying fruit traits
4 'Portfolio' of marine reserves enhances fish populations
5 First study with CHEOPS data describes one of the most extreme planets in the universe
6 Neurons in spinal-cord injuries are reconnected in vivo via carbon nanotube sponges
7 Plastic-eating enzyme 'cocktail' heralds new hope for plastic waste
8 ACA reduced out-of-pocket health costs for families with kids, but they still need help
9 NIH-funded study sheds light on abnormal neural function in rare genetic disorder
10 Noninvasive sleep test may help diagnose and predict dementia in older adults
11 New study shows converting to electric vehicles alone won't meet climate targets
12 AI learns to trace neuronal pathways
13 Dietary folate, magnesium, and dairy products may all help stave off bowel cancer
14 Regular use of acid reflux drugs linked to heightened risk of type 2 diabetes
15 How hormone therapy slows progression of atherosclerosis
16 Busy pictures hinder reading ability in children
17 The pace of environmental change can doom or save coral reefs
18 Modern humans reached westernmost Europe 5,000 years earlier than previously known
19 Artificial intelligence platform diagnoses dystonia with high accuracy in 0.36 seconds
20 Newer Type 2 diabetes medications have heart and kidney disease benefits, too
21 New abdominal aortic aneurysm genes identified, could help pinpoint those at risk
22 Climate change threatens breeding birds
23 Could your menopause symptoms be hard on your heart?
24 Surplus sugar helps whiteflies detoxify plant defenses
25 Inequalities in premature deaths have increased between the rich and poor in Canada
26 Heart disease in young people may be linked to diabetes exposure in the womb
27 1 in 3 parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids during COVID-19 pandemic
28 Over 2 decades, the FDA consistently approved new opioids based on studies lacking critical safety approvals [plus additional topics]
29 The ocean has become more stratified with global warming
30 How the brain balances emotion and reason
31 How important is sex to women as they age?
32 Building walls that will make summer heat waves more bearable
33 Childhood and adult trauma create sleepless nights for midlife women
34 Study helps explain cognition decline after the menopause transition
35 Cannabis use for menopause symptom management
36 New hormone therapies for hot flashes offer enhanced benefits and minimized risk
37 Advances in nonhormone therapies provide women with more options for managing hot flashes
38 Someday, even wet forests could burn due to climate change
39 Friend-to-friend texting may be the most effective voter mobilization tactic during 2020 election
40 VA Boston and BU researchers streamline PTSD diagnosis with machine learning
41 New discovery helps researchers rethink organoid cultures
42 Early MRI scans can predict motor development risks for preterm infants
43 Aquatic hitchhikers: Using mobile technology to predict invasive species transmission
44 New technologies link treatments to the patients who need them the most
45 Drug found to correct gene defect that causes immune-driven gut leakiness
46 New fire containment research addresses risk and safety
47 Study supports airborne spread of COVID-19 indoors
48 In deadly COVID-19 lung inflammation, BU researchers discover a culprit in NFkB
49 Gut microbiome may influence how cancer patients respond to oral therapies, study suggests
50 'I'll sleep when I'm dead': The sleep-deprived masculinity stereotype
51 Genetic gains for better grains
52 Skoltech research makes it easier to pinpoint brain activity in EEG studies
53 In the arctic, extreme air pollution kills trees, limits growth by reducing sunlight
54 Two pesticides approved for use in US harmful to bees
55 Exosome treatment improves recovery from heart attacks in a preclinical study
56 Generating renewable hydrogen fuel from the sea
57 Can mobile tech offer new pathways to improve recovery from serious traumatic injuries?
58 Study: Childhood chemo alters heart's caretaker cells
59 New research provides clues on optimizing cell defenses when viruses attack
60 The secretive networks used to move money offshore
61 Obstructive sleep apnea risk varies in patients with different types of epilepsy
62 Buying emergency contraception is legal but not always easy at small, mom-and-pop pharmacies
63 Redefining drought in the US corn belt
64 Social media use linked with depression, secondary trauma during COVID-19
65 Study reveals dietary fructose heightens inflammatory bowel disease
66 Vessel noise present year-round at Cordell Bank National Marine Sanctuary
67 Many ventilation systems may increase risk of COVID-19 exposure, study suggests
68 Smart cruise control steers drivers toward better decisions
69 Volcanic ash could help reduce CO2 associated with climate change
70 Are China's pollution remediation efforts making the planet warmer?
71 Sensational COVID-19 communication erodes confidence in science
72 New method developed to help scientists understand how the brain processes color
73 Vitamin D deficiency leads to obesity, stunted growth in zebrafish
74 OU-led study aims to use microbial information to inform global climate change models
75 First 'pathoconnectome' could point toward new treatments for neurodegenerative diseases
76 Untapped potential exists for blending hydropower, floating PV
77 Research news tip sheet: Story ideas from Johns Hopkins Medicine
78 Lessons from a cooling climate
79 UC researchers uncover clues for COVID-19 treatment
80 Achieving clean air for all is possible
81 Kawasaki disease is not a homogenous disease nor are its triggers
82 Insight from sports medicine leads to discovery about mussels in acidifying ocean
83 A revised map of where working memory resides in the brain
84 Landmark clinical trial shows effectiveness of oral antibiotics in treating cystic fibrosis condition
85 Pioneering dual surgery a safe option for patients with polycystic kidney disease
86 Blocking enzyme's self-destruction process may mitigate age-related diseases
87 Scientists got one step closer to solving a major problem of hydrogen energy
88 Brain circuitry shaped by competition for space as well as genetics
89 Why disordered light-harvesting systems produce ordered outcomes
90 Prototype graft, designed to replace damaged heart vessels, shows promise in cell study
91 Study suggests link between unexplained miscarriages and how women perceive men's body odor
92 Argonne targets lithium-rich materials as key to more sustainable cost-effective batteries
93 Study identifies shortcomings in FDA evaluations for new opioid drug approvals over two decades
94 Computer model explains altered decision making in schizophrenia
95 Scientists found a connection between amino acid metabolism and joint hypermobility in autistic children
96 Researchers create artificial lung to support pre-term babies in distress
97 Harnessing big data and artificial intelligence to predict future pandemic spread
98 Study highlights lack of evidence for plasticity-led evolution in lizards
99 Novel Drosophila-based disease model to study human intellectual disability syndrome
100 Nasal calcium rich salts show reduction of exhaled aerosol particles up to 99%
101 Astrophysicist probes cosmic "dark matter detector"
102 New genetic knowledge on the causes of severe COVID-19
103 Planet collision simulations give clues to atmospheric loss from Moon's origin
104 Machine learning homes in on catalyst interactions to accelerate materials development
105 Scientists studied nanoparticles embedded in silver-ion-exchanged glasses
106 Discovery of cells that heal cardiac damage after infarction
107 Geoscience: Cosmic diamonds formed during gigantic planetary collisions
108 Successful Dartmouth TB vaccine moves forward after phase 2 trial
109 Why people in your company would (not) act upon your strategy?
110 210 scientists highlight state of plants and fungi in Plants, People, Planet special issue