File Title
1 COVID-19: Saliva tests could detect silent carriers
2 Wind forecasts power up for reliable energy production
3 Quieter wind beneath the wings
4 Human acid-sensing ion channel 1a inhibition by snake toxin Mambalgin1
5 What membrane can do in dealing with radiation
6 Friendly interactions with Chinese people reduced COVID-19 prejudice
7 Patients' breathing test comes up short on accuracy, study finds
8 Covert tobacco industry marketing tactics exposed by former employees
9 The key to lowering CO2 emissions is made of metal
10 E. coli engineered to grow on CO2 and formic acid as sole carbon sources
11 COVID-19 control rests with human behavior, at least until a vaccine arrives
12 New interactive tool will help farmers contain the spread of clubroot
13 Lung cancer screening a step closer to reality following combined study
14 Antacid monotherapy more effective in relieving epigastric pain than in combination with lidocain
15 USC-led study traces the evolution of gill covers
16 Painting a clearer picture of COVID-19
17 Cincinnati Children's research helps pave way for newly approved use of drug
18 ASU study finds association between screen time use, diet and other health factors
19 Tone of voice matters in neuronal communication
20 Study shows heating in vaping device as cause for lung injury
21 Spinal cord stimulation reduces pain and motor symptoms in Parkinson's disease patients
22 Pandemic sets off future wave of worsening mental health issues
23 How zika virus degrades essential protein for neurological development via autophagy
24 Freezing prostate cancer: Study shows notable outcomes with cryoablation
25 The Arctic is burning in a whole new way
26 Research on emerging COVID-19 (target, mechanism, and therapeutics)
27 Ancient Adelie penguin colony revealed by snowmelt at Cape Irizar, Ross Sea, Antarctica
28 Disastrous duo: Heatwaves and droughts
29 Physicians bring attention to overlooked issue of malnutrition among those with obesity
30 New drug targeting DNA repair shows promise in range of advanced cancers
31 Missing rehab due to COVID-19 increased distress in women with breast cancer
32 Anti-convulsant drug can modify DNA conformation and interact with chromosome proteins
33 Similarities and dissimilarities between automatic learning in bees and humans
34 Genetic testing cost effective for newly diagnosed GIST
35 Understanding ghost particle interactions
36 Thousands of excess deaths from cardiovascular disease during the COVID-19 pandemic
37 About 14% of cerebral palsy cases may be tied to brain wiring genes
38 Despite high hopes, carbon absorbed by Amazon forest recovery is dwarfed by deforestation emissions
39 3D biometric authentication based on finger veins almost impossible to fool
40 Landmark discovery could improve Army lasers, precision sensors
41 Microbiome-based technologies drive multibillion-dollar market
42 Strong activation of anti-bacterial T cells linked to severe COVID-19
43 SwRI study describes discovery of close binary trans-Neptunian object
44 New potential treatment approach for patients with salt sensitive hypertension
45 Penn researchers uncover epigenetic drivers for Alzheimer's disease
46 Team develops wearable sensor to help people with inflammatory bowel disease
47 Evolutionary and heritable axes shape our brain
48 The Lancet: Radiotherapy following prostate cancer surgery can safely be avoided for many men
49 Boosting public trust in scientists hangs on communications methods
50 Spinal injuries: the recovery of motor skills thanks to nanomaterials
51 Scientists precisely measure total amount of matter in the universe
52 Looking at evolution's genealogy from home
53 Study finds spreading ghost forests on NC coast may contribute to climate change
54 Wound-healing waves
55 Cell therapy designed to treat inflammatory bowel disease
56 Biodiversity increases plant decomposition rate; should be factored into climate models, study finds
57 Fine-tuning stem cell metabolism prevents hair loss
58 Memory training for the immune system
59 Researchers discover a new method to regulate cell plasticity
60 Avoiding environmental losses in quantum information systems
61 Antiferromagnet lattice arrangements influence phase transitions
62 Water at the end of the tunnel
63 Shorebirds more likely to divorce after successful breeding
64 Oligomeric materials to enhance water splitting
65 Covid-19: Social distancing is more effective than travel bans
66 A new study may revise a theory of flowing viscous liquids that was accepted for 60 years
67 Naked prehistoric monsters! Evidence that prehistoric flying reptiles probably had feathers
68 Copycat plant booster improves on nature
69 The cost of drought in Italy
70 COVID-19 may deplete testosterone, helping to explain male patients' poorer prognosis
71 Earthquake lightning: Mysterious luminescence phenomena
72 Early introduction of gluten may prevent coeliac disease in children
73 Artificial intelligence can help protect orchids and other species
74 Scientists explored optimal shapes of thermal energy storages
75 Fungal compound inhibits important group of proteins
76 Discovery of large family of two-dimensional ferroelectric metals
77 MarrowQuant: A new digital-pathology tool
78 Helium, a little atom for big physics
79 Stable supramolecular structure system to identify activity origin of CO2 electroreduction
80 AI technology can predict vanadium flow battery performance and cost
81 New extreme ultraviolet facility opens for use
82 Snakes disembowel and feed on the organs of living toads in a first for science
83 Recording thousands of nerve cell impulses at high resolution
84 Bird brains are surprisingly complex
85 Landslides have long-term effects on tundra vegetation
86 Insect Armageddon: low doses of the insecticide, Imidacloprid, cause blindness in insects
87 CNIC design an algorithm for personalized cardiovascular risk estimation in healthy people
88 Research confirms link between sleep apnea and Alzheimer's disease
89 Lipids, lysosomes, and autophagy: The keys to preventing kidney injury
90 Clinical trial of selpercatinib shows strong response for patients with non-small cell lung cancer
91 A red future for improving crop production?
92 New study finds novel functions of the pyruvate-sensing protein PdhR in E. Coli
93 Cement-free concrete beats corrosion and gives fatbergs the flush
94 Inside mitochondria and their fascinating genome
95 Stanford scientists solve secret of nerve cells marking a form of schizophrenia
96 To kill a quasiparticle: a quantum whodunit
97 Salute the venerable ensign wasp, killing cockroaches for 25 million years
98 Sentinels of ocean acidification impacts survived Earth's last mass extinction
99 Cancer's hidden vulnerabilities
100 Natural capital a missing piece in climate policy
101 Scientists kill cancer cells by 'shutting the door' to the nucleus
102 Researchers identify 'druggable' signaling pathway that stimulates lung tissue repair
103 Study finds older persons underrepresented in COVID-19 treatment and vaccine trials
104 Genetic differences in body fat shape men and women's health risks
105 Surgical quality and safety rely on institutional leadership, resources, and culture
106 Volunteers receiving government aid while unemployed face scrutiny, bias from public
107 Tests indicate modern oral nicotine products elicit lower toxicity responses than cigs
108 Increasing stability decreases ocean productivity, reduces carbon burial
109 Astronomers find the first galaxy whose ultraviolet luminosity is comparable to that of a quasar
110 Scientists use 'genomic time travel' to discover new genetic traits to breed more productive and resilient African cattle