File Title
1 NASA Technology Enables Precision Landing and Hazard-Avoidance Without a Pilot
2 Out of the Blue--Evidence that Sea Ice Triggered the Little Ice Age
3 Infrared Eyes on Enceladus: Hints of Fresh Ice in Northern Hemisphere of Saturn's Moon
4 Researchers Hope to Save Seabirds--Such as Gulls and Pelicans--By Calculating the Value of Their Poop
5 Ancient Human Civilization May Have Been Controlled by Dust
6 Protecting a Nearly Endangered Species: Tracking Hammerhead Sharks Reveals Conservation Targets
7 Quantum Enhanced Atomic Force Microscopy: Squeezed Light Reduces Noise
8 Solar Cycle 25 Has Begun. Experts from NASA and NOAA Explain What It Means
9 What Is Phosphine and Why Does It Point to Extra-Terrestrial Life Floating in the Clouds of Venus?
10 A Drug Used to Treat Deadly Coronavirus Infections in Cats May Be an Effective Treatment Against COVID-19
11 MIT Engineers Completely Flat Fisheye Lens: "This Isn't Just Light-Bending--It's Mind-Bending."
12 Popular Theory About the Early Solar System Called into Doubt by Meteorite Evidence
13 Super-Resolution Imaging: World's Smallest Ultrasound Detector Developed--Smaller than a Blood Cell
14 How to Harness the Power of Biosolids to Make Hydrogen from Wastewater
15 Popular Messenger Services--Such as WhatsApp, Signal, and Telegram--Are Extremely Insecure
16 Male Baboons with Female Friends Live Longer: Strong Opposite-Sex Bonds Linked to Better Chances of Survival
17 OpenET: Transforming Water Management in the U.S. West with NASA Data
18 Stellar Phosphorus Guides Search for Potentially Habitable Exoplanets
19 Exotic Particles: Why There Is No Speed Limit in the Superfluid Universe
20 Improved Understanding of Blood-Brain Barrier Health Has Implications for a Variety of Neurological Diseases
21 Dark Matter Surplus Captured by Hubble
22 Climate Crisis Is Aging Fish, Amphibians and Reptiles
23 Seeing the Dark Regions of the Universe: The Cold Case of Carbon Monoxide
24 CRISTAL: New Polar Ice and Snow Topography Mission
25 Early Birds vs. Night Owls: For People with Diabetes, an Early Bedtime Is Best
26 This Computer Predicts Your Thoughts, Creating Images Based on Your Brain Signals
27 Coronavirus-Induced CO2 Emission Reductions Are Not Yet Detectable in the Atmosphere
28 Coronavirus Researchers Discover How COVID-19 May Trigger Fatal Levels of Lung Inflammation
29 Ultraviolet Aurora Phenomenon Discovered on Comet Chury--"The Resulting Glow Is One of a Kind"
30 Cosmic X-Rays Reveal a Distinctive Signature of Black Hole Event Horizons
31 Awe Walks--For Just 15 Minutes Once a Week--Boost Emotional Well-Being
32 NASA IRIS Reports the First Ever Clear Images of Nanojets on the Sun
33 Contradicting Previous Theories, Neuroscientists Find Overlap Between Fear and Anxiety Brain Circuits
34 Toxic Masculinity: Solving the Puzzle of Why Male Funnel-Web Spiders Are So Deadly
35 Angels in Disguise: Angelfish Produce Hybrid Offspring More than Any Other Coral Reef Species
36 Medical Experts: It Is Time to Embrace Cannabis for Medicinal Use
37 Researchers Have Developed a Fully Automated Analyzer that Could Help Detect Signs of Extraterrestrial Life
38 The Toughest Organisms on Earth: Evolution of Radio-Resistance Is More Complicated than Previously Thought
39 New Freshwater Database of 12,000 Lakes in 72 Countries Tells Water Quality Story Globally
40 World's First Photodetector that Can See All Shades of Light
41 Are Male Genes from Mars, Female Genes from Venus? Sex Differences in Health and Disease
42 Astronomers Discover "One of a Kind" Glow Surrounding Comet--Ultraviolet Atomic Emissions
43 Our Oceans Are Capturing More Carbon than Expected--Underestimated by Up to 900,000,000 Metric Tons of Carbon per Year
44 Vesta Meteorites Discovered on Asteroid Bennu by NASA's OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft
45 People Travel More Extensively than Ever Before--How that Impacts on Disease Spread
46 Evaporation Critical to Coronavirus Transmission as Weather Changes: Effects of Humidity, Temperature, and Wind on COVID-19
47 Scientists Analyze Sunquakes: Can Ripples on the Sun Help Predict Solar Flares?
48 Silk Offers Homemade Solution for COVID-19 Prevention--More Protection than Cotton Face Masks
49 New Type of Superconductor Identified by Scientists
50 Regenerative Dentistry Breakthrough: Biological Therapy for Damaged Teeth
51 The Most Biodiverse Places on the Planet: Scientists Discover Secret Behind Earth's Biodiversity Hotspots
52 Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Begins--Fourth Large-Scale COVID-19 Vaccine Trial in the United States
53 Scientists Discover Sugar Molecules in SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Spike Protein Play Active Role in Infection
54 ALMA Reveals Magnetic Fields in the Early Stages of Massive Star Formation
55 Cognitive Decline in Aging Pet Dogs Not Impacted by Diet or Prior Training
56 Tiny Triboelectric Nanogenerator Can Harvest Energy from the Breeze You Make When You Walk
57 School Bus-Size Asteroid Approaching Earth--Here's How Close NASA Says It Will Come
58 Scientific Study Shows Weighted Blankets Are Safe and Effective Treatment of Insomnia
59 NASA's Powerful Webb Space Telescope Will Explore the Cores of Merging Galaxies
60 Ultra-Low-Cost Hearing Aid--$1 Worth of Open Source Parts--Could Address Age-Related Hearing Loss Worldwide
61 Neuroscientists Warn: Multiple Unapproved Drugs Discovered in "Brain Boosting" Supplements
62 Extreme Diving in Mammals: Cuvier's Beaked Whale Breaks Record with 3 Hour 42 Minute Dive
63 Discovery of Weird Microbes in the Deep Waters of the Black Sea Offers New Insights on Early Evolution of Life
64 Long-Term Neurological Consequences of COVID-19: The "Silent Wave"
65 Genome of Alexander Fleming's Original Penicillin Mold Sequenced for the First Time
66 Global Maps of the Solar Corona Magnetic Field Created for the First Time
67 Forensic Genomics: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Solving Cold Cases
68 NASA's New Mars Rover Will Use X-Rays to Hunt for Chemical Fingerprints Left by Ancient Microbes
69 The Hype Machine: Why Social Media Has Changed the World--And How to Fix It
70 Testing Underway for Novel DNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccine Delivered via Needle-Free System
71 NASA-Qatar OASIS Project Aims to Find Buried Water in Earth's Deserts
72 Newly Discovered Memory Effect Alters Doppler Wave Signature
73 Paradox-Free Time Travel Is Theoretically Possible: Physicist "Squares the Numbers" on Time Travel
74 Mystery of Strange Storms on Jupiter with Unusual Geometric Pattern Solved with Help from 19th Century Physics
75 Detailed Cellular Map of the Human Heart Created--Could Guide Personalized Cardiac Treatments
76 Highly Effective Coronavirus Antibodies Identified--Basis for Passive COVID-19 Vaccination
77 Revolutionary Computer Technology: Metallic Carbon Circuit Element Enables Work on Faster, Efficient Carbon-Based Transistors
78 Scientists Predict Potential Spread of Invasive Asian Giant "Murder" Hornet Through United States and Globally
79 Research Shows Cardiac Safety of Hydroxychloroquine in COVID-19 Patients--Not Associated with Dangerous Heart Rhythms
80 5G Wireless May Lead to Inaccurate Weather Forecasts Due to Radiation "Leakage"
81 Virus in the Blood Can Predict Severe COVID-19--Blood Test on Hospital Admission Can Show if Good Chance of Rapid Recovery
82 Astronomers Warn that Geosynchronous Orbital Debris Threatens Satellites, Not Being Monitored Closely Enough
83 Sexual Intercourse of Ostracods Revealed Through 100-Million-Year-Old Amber Discovery
84 Devastating Forest Decline: Tree Rings Show Scale of Arctic Pollution Is Far Worse than Previously Thought
85 Machine Learning Takes on Synthetic Biology: Revolutionary Algorithms Can Rapidly Bioengineer Cells for You
86 Arctic Sea Ice Reaches Second-Lowest Minimum on Record
87 Alignment of Astronomy and Mathematics: Earth-Sized "Pi Planet" with a 3.14-day Orbit Discovered
88 Stunning New View of Saturn's Moon Enceladus [Explore Interactively]
89 Details Revealed About the First Cat Infected with SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus in Spain--Including Necropsy Findings
90 Ultrapotent Antibody Mix Blocks COVID-19 Virus from Entering Cells--Protects Against the Pandemic Coronavirus
91 NASA's OSIRIS-REx Begins Its Countdown to TAG Asteroid Bennu's Boulder-Strewn Surface
92 New Sentinel-6 Sea Level Satellite Arrives at California Launch Site
93 Lunar Lander Neutron and Dosimetry: First Measurements of Radiation Levels on the Moon
94 Bobcat Fire Scorches Southern California--One of the Largest Fires on Record for Los Angeles County
95 How COVID-19 Caused Birds to Up Their Song Quality in the San Francisco Bay Area
96 150 Year-Old Mystery Solved: Bizarre Giraffe-Necked Reptile Was a Surprisingly Adaptable Hunter
97 The New SQUID: A Tiny Instrument to Measure the Faintest Magnetic Fields
98 Physicists Play with the Laws of Nature: Controlling Ultrastrong Light-Matter Coupling at Room Temperature
99 Event Horizon Telescope Reveals Turbulent Black Hole Evolution: Wobbling Shadow of the M87 Black Hole
100 Experts Explain: If There Is Life on Venus, How Could It Have Got There?
101 Pumping Up Cold Water from Deep Within the Ocean to Halt Coral Bleaching
102 Like Humans, Chimpanzees Can Suffer for Life if They Lose Their Mother Before Adulthood
103 From the Big Bang to the Present: Gravity Is Why the Universe Is So Uniform
104 Neanderthal and Denisovan Y Chromosomes Sequenced--Surprise When Compared to Modern Human DNA
105 NASA Satellites Aid Efforts to Track California's Wildfire Smoke from Space
106 One-of-a-Kind Nuclear Physics Experiment Achieves Higher Precision Weak Force Measurement Between Protons, Neutrons
107 Wild Animals Lose Fear of Predators Quickly After They Start Encountering Humans
108 Complete Structure of ATPase, the World's Smallest Turbine, Solved
109 Understanding Our Place in the Universe: Math Professor Verifies Centuries-Old Conjecture About Formation of the Solar System
110 Scientists Discover Surprising Reasons Why Tarantulas Come in Vivid Blues and Greens
111 NASA Dragonfly Launch Delayed--Revolutionary Mission to Saturn's Moon Titan
112 Sediment Discovered in Texas Cave Upends Meteorite Explanation for Global Cooling
113 Insight-HXMT Discovers Closest High-Speed Relativistic Jet to Black Hole
114 Highly Efficient Eco-Friendly Perovskite Solar Cells with Enhanced Stability
115 Citizens Help Scientists Demonstrate Value of Protected Areas in Biodiversity Hotspots Across the Globe