File Title
1 Dealing with the global tsunami of mental health problems during and post COVID-19
2 Fast, accurate and non-destructive: the new method to analyze food quality
3 Anxious, moody older adults are vulnerable to worse cognitive function
4 Higher narcissism may be linked with more political participation
5 Novel educational program puts a human face on biomedical research
6 Nerve cells let others "listen in"
7 LSU physicists develop a method to improve gravitational wave detector sensitivity
8 Cocaine addiction: Impact of genetic mutations elucidated
9 Comparing face coverings in controlling expired particles
10 COVID-19 spurs anxious, upsetting dreams
11 A better alternative to Phthalates?
12 Study shows Massachusetts response to COVID-19 in nursing homes helped stem infection rate
13 New method allows precise gene control by light
14 New study highlights success of a mobile outreach van helping people on the street with opioid addiction
15 New storage battery more efficient and heat-resistant
16 Theater improvisation techniques show promising results for science classroom engagement
17 Reusing tableware can reduce waste from online food deliveries
18 Women could conceive after ovarian tumors
19 Lockdown impact: Worsening symptoms for people with bone, joint and muscle pain
20 Secure nano-carrier delivers medications directly to cells
21 How to better understand what makes a virus win during transmission?
22 A genetic variant that protects against Alzheimer's disease promotes immune cell functions
23 An app monitors cancer patients' health status and rewards participation
24 An area of the brain where tumor cells shelter from chemotherapy in childhood leukaemia
25 Major wind-driven ocean currents are shifting toward the poles
26 Switching up: Marine bacteria shift between lifestyles to get the best resources
27 RAP tag: A new protein purification approach
28 Spin clean-up method brings practical quantum computers closer to reality
29 An enhanced ruthenium-based catalyst for primary amine synthesis
30 Marine heatwaves are human made
31 Primate brain size does not predict their intelligence
32 The surprising organization of avian brains
33 Stretching rack for cells
34 Study delivers new knowledge about what causes thunderstorms and cloud bursts
35 New funerary and ritual behaviors of the Neolithic Iberian populations discovered
36 Potential drug target for dangerous E. coli infections identified
37 Pair of massive baby stars swaddled in salty water vapor
38 Low level alcohol use during pregnancy can impact child's brain development
39 PLUS takes 3D ultrasound images of solids
40 Ultrapotent antibody mix blocks COVID-19 virus attachment
41 Scholars untangle marketing's complex role in understanding political activities
42 A clearer view of what makes glass rigid
43 3D printed nasal swabs work as well as commercial swabs for COVID-19 diagnostic testing
44 Astronomers model, determine how disk galaxies evolve so smoothly
45 New way of analyzing soil organic matter will help predict climate change
46 The male Y chromosome does more than we thought
47 Education: an influencing factor for intergenerational mobility in Canada
48 Last-resort life support option helped majority of critically ill COVID-19 patients survive
49 Ultrapotent compound may help treat C. diff, reduce recurrence
50 First measurements of radiation levels on the moon
51 The Lancet: First nationally representative estimate of COVID-19 seroprevalence in the U.S. suggests few in the population developed antibodies in the first wave
52 New vulnerability found in lung squamous cancer may facilitate drug targeting
53 Adequate levels of vitamin D reduces complications, death among COVID-19 patients
54 Pets linked to maintaining better mental health and reducing loneliness during lockdown, new research shows
55 New Duchenne muscular dystrophy drug shows benefit in Duke trial
56 Tree rings show scale of Arctic pollution is worse than previously thought
57 Machine learning takes on synthetic biology: algorithms can bioengineer cells for you
58 Novel neuroimaging study on dissociative symptoms reveals wounds of childhood trauma
59 Bird genes are multitaskers, say scientists
60 Materials scientists learn how to make liquid crystal shape-shift
61 Historical racial & ethnic health inequities account for disproportionate COVID-19 impact
62 High-performance single-atom catalysts for high-temperature fuel cells
63 Study could be first step in providing personalized care to patients with ureteral stents
64 Evolved Binary Star System Wolf-Rayet 112: Unraveling a Spiral Stream of Dusty Embers from a Massive Stellar Forge
65 A White Dwarf's Surprise Planetary Companion: First-of-Its-Kind Exoplanet Detected Around Dead Star
66 Can Alien Life Survive a Star's Death? Webb Space Telescope Will Reveal the Answer
67 Why Pandemics and Epidemics--Such as COVID-19--Can Exacerbate Racism and Xenophobia
68 Spalte Glacier Has Disintegrated: A Segment of the Largest Arctic Ice Shelf Shattered into a Flotilla of Small Icebergs
69 Discovery of a New Mass Extinction--Carnian Pluvial Episode--233 Million Years Ago
70 NASA Takes Flight to Study California's Wildfire Damage with Smoke-Penetrating Technology
71 NASA Issues Announcement Regarding Claims of Possible Signs of Life on Venus
72 Mysterious Magnetic "Sixth Sense" Some Animals Have May Come from Bacteria
73 Direct Link Between Smoking and Fatal Brain Bleeding Found in Large, Long-Term Study of Twins
74 Whale Shark Girls Overtake the Boys to Become World's Largest Fish
75 Ultrafast Terahertz Magnetometry: New Method to Track Ultrafast Change of Magnetic State
76 Studying the Genetic Evolution of Viruses like SARS-CoV-2 in Single Cells Could Reveal New Ways to Defeat Them
77 Authoritative New Analysis Links Omega-3 Supplements to Cardioprotection and Improved Heart Health
78 Two Layers Are Better than One for Efficient Solar Cells--Affordable, Thin Film Solar Cells with 34% Efficiency
79 Experts Calculate Future Ice Loss and Sea-Level Increases from Greenland and Antarctica
80 First Proof that a Safer UV Light Effectively Kills COVID-19 Virus
81 NASA Warns: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Could Add 15 Inches to 2100 Sea Level Rise
82 Intermittent Fasting Improves Health Without Altering the Body's Core Clock
83 Most Shoes Have a "Toe Spring" that May Lead to Weaker Muscles and Painful Foot-Related Problems
84 MIT's New CRISPR-Based Rapid Test for COVID-19 Shows Improved Sensitivity
85 Venus' Ancient Layered, Folded Terrain Points to Volcanic Origin
86 Hubble Captures Crisp New Portrait of Jupiter's Turbulent Storms Raging Across the Planet
87 Mesmerizing Shapes of Planetary Nebulae Explained: Stellar Winds Around Aging Stars Captured in Unprecedented Detail
88 NASA Satellite Data Analysis of Rainfall and Rainmaking Capability in Hurricane Sally
89 CovidNudge: Rapid 90-Minute COVID-19 Test Shown to Be Highly Accurate
90 ESA AMPER: Mesh Reflector for Shaped Radio Beams
91 Our Early Ancestors May Have Boiled Their Food in Hot Springs Long Before Learning to Control Fire
92 Subtleties in Magnetic Fields Detected by Ultrathin Graphene Sensors
93 A Meeting of Black Carbon Smoke and Tropical Storms
94 Rare Dragon DNA: Sequencing the Genome of an Ancient Reptile
95 Revolutionary Quantum Cryptography Breakthrough Paves Way for Safer Online Communication
96 Unlocking the Mysteries of Brain Chemistry with New Dopamine Sensors
97 Earth from Space: Awe-Inspiring Vatnajokull, Iceland [Video]
98 Improved Solar Storm Forecasts for Earth with Help from the Public
99 Ultra-Fast Magnetic Switching Could Transform Fiber Optic Communications & Expand the Capacity of the Internet
100 Scientists Discover Why We Need Sleep--"Important Work Is Being Done"
101 Countdown to Mars: A Story of Perseverance (Mars 2020 Rover Behind the Scenes Video)
102 Physicists "Trick" Photons into Behaving like Electrons Using Artificial Magnetic Fields
103 Innovative New Method Developed to Detect Colliding Supermassive Black Holes
104 Dutch Students Develop a "Living Coffin"
105 Closing in on Source of Fast Radio Bursts: VLBA Makes First Direct Distance Measurement to Magnetar
106 Faster-Acting, Longer-Lasting COVID-19 Disinfectant Under Development
107 Massive Hunt for Extraterrestrial Life Completed: What Astronomers Found in Search of 10 Million Star Systems for Alien Technology
108 Physicists Break 150-Year-Old Rule for Phase Behavior--Something Many Considered Impossible
109 Extraordinary Fires Char the Pantanal, a Vast Floodplain in South America
110 Caltech's Seismic Innovation Uses Undersea Earthquakes to Shake Up Climate Science
111 Researchers Discover Nanoscale Catalyst to Efficiently Convert CO2 into Ethylene
112 First Possible "Survivor" Planet Discovered by NASA Next to a Stellar Cinder
113 The Invisible Squid--First Gene Knockout in a Cephalopod Achieved
114 What Happens Between the Sheets? Extremely-Promising Superconductor Surprises Everyone
115 Breakthrough in the Creation of Electrically Driven Nanolasers for Integrated Circuits
116 High-Severity Wildfires on the Rise in Northern California's Coastal Ranges Since 1984
117 Aluminum "Octopods"--Shape Matters for Light-Activated Nanocatalysts