File Title
1 Ban on accommodation meets with mixed acceptance among the population
2 COVID-19: Distancing and masks are not enough
3 Artificial intelligence reveals hundreds of millions of trees in the Sahara
4 Vitamin D: Consumption of high-dose food supplements is unnecessary
5 Coronavirus: Study finds further door opener into the cell
6 Asymmetric optical camouflage: Tuneable reflective color accompanied by optical Janus effect
7 Effective ventilation may be a key factor in preventing the spread of COVID-19
8 Hidden-symmetry-enforced nexus points of nodal lines in layer-stacked dielectric photonic crystals
9 Study finds tocilizumab improves survival in critically ill patients with COVID-19
10 D3Targets-2019-nCoV: a webserver for predicting drug targets and for target and multi-site based virtual screening against COVID-19
11 Crystal structure of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein RNA binding domain reveals potential unique drug targeting sites
12 Depths of the Weddell Sea are warming five times faster than elsewhere
13 The gravity of play: Quantifying what we enjoy about games
14 New method allows more targeted measurement of thyroid hormone action in tissue
15 Cross-party agreement on decarbonization but no master plan for electricity system
16 Citizens themselves contribute to political mistrust
17 No stain? No sweat: Terahertz waves can image early-stage breast cancer without staining
18 New approach to fighting cancer could reduce costs and side effects
19 Researchers develop method for earlier detection of Alzheimer's Disease
20 New tool pulls elusive COVID-19 marker from human blood
21 Children with chronic kidney disease have outsized health burden
22 This red light means 'go' for medical discoveries
23 Study reveals why some blame Asian Americans for COVID-19
24 SwRI researchers evaluate impact of wastewater systems on Edwards Aquifer
25 Interactions within larger social groups can cause tipping points in contagion flow
26 Cannabis reduces OCD symptoms by half in the short-term
27 Study finds lowering nicotine decreases addictiveness of smoking in vulnerable populations
28 New tool predicts risks of hospital admission and death from COVID-19
29 COVID-19 cough clouds in closed spaces
30 Dementia prevention strategies could save 1.9 billion pounds annually
31 Drinking green tea and coffee daily linked to lower death risk in people with diabetes
32 Steroid inhalers/pills for asthma linked to heightened risk of brittle bones and fractures
33 Rethinking the link between cannabinoids and learning
34 More research needed to determine safety of hip and knee steroid injections
35 Aggressive melanoma cells at edge of tumours are key to cancer spread
36 Highly selective membranes
37 What cold lizards in Miami can tell us about climate change resilience
38 Declines in shellfish species on rocky seashores match climate-driven changes
39 Evidence of broadside collision with dwarf galaxy discovered in Milky Way
40 Scientists pave way to reducing antibiotic resistance build-up in waterways
41 Conversation about suicide prevention leads to safe gun storage
42 Study shows active older adults have better physical and mental health
43 Focal epilepsy often overlooked
44 Why school bullying prevention programs that involve peers may be harmful to victims
45 COVID-19 pandemic drives innovation in diabetes care
46 Lily the barn owl reveals how birds fly in gusty winds
47 Computational study reveals how Ebola nucleocapsid stabilizes
48 Keeping COVID-19 out of classrooms: Open windows, use glass screens in front of desks
49 Salt-based mosquito-control products are ineffective, study shows
50 Oncotarget: cGAS-STING pathway in oncogenesis and cancer therapeutics
51 Oncotarget: Inhibition of HAS2 and hyaluronic acid production by 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 in breast
52 Oxygen can do a favor to synthesize metal-organic frameworks
53 COVID-19 interventions can cut virus infections, severe outcomes, and healthcare needs
54 Vanilla cultivation under trees promotes pest regulation
55 U of M trial shows hydroxychloroquine does not prevent COVID-19 in health care workers
56 NOAA report reveals condition of natural and cultural resources of Papahanaumokuakea
57 COVID-19 news from Annals of Internal Medicine
58 Gut bacteria linked to weight gain following chemotherapy treatment for breast cancer
59 Mayo Clinic: diagnostic, therapeutic advance for rare neurodegenerative disorder
60 Highly effective tumor detection strategy for common childhood brain tumors
61 Dual brain imaging provides insight into neural basis of patient-clinician relationship
62 User-friendly cucurbit downy mildew diagnosis guide suited for both experts and beginners
63 How fear encourages physical distancing during pandemic
64 Genome sequencing shows climate barrier to spread of Africanized bees
65 ALMA shows volcanic impact on Io's atmosphere
66 Tracking the SARS-CoV-2 virus with genome sequencing
67 Hospitals leaned toward strict COVID-19 NICU policies despite low prevalence of infection
68 Princeton and Mpala scholars link obesity and disease to dramatic dietary changes
69 New national poll: Young Americans favor reforms
70 Scientists identify compound that stimulates muscle cells in mice
71 Novel method for measuring spatial dependencies turns less data into more data
72 Genome archeologists discover path to activate immune response against cancer
73 At our cores, we're all strengthened by 'dumbbells'
74 Tumor DNA in spinal fluid could help doctors better monitor childhood brain cancer
75 Word graph analysis confirms that dream report structure varies according to sleep stage
76 Observed COVID-19 variability may have underlying molecular sources
77 MSK-led studies support the concept of 'cancer environment immunotherapy'
78 How do snakes 'see' in the dark? Researchers have an answer
79 Brigham researchers make strides in detecting preeclampsia risk
80 Journal calls for use of objective data in root cause analyses of adverse medical events
81 Study discovers potential target for treating aggressive cancer cells
82 In pursuit of alternative pesticides
83 Protected areas help waterbirds adapt to climate change
84 Smile, wave: Some exoplanets may be able to see us, too
85 Hidden states of the COVID-19 spike protein
86 Americans' responses to COVID-19 stay-home orders differed according to population density
87 Chili-shaped device could reveal just how hot that pepper is
88 A flexible color-changing film inspired by chameleon skin (video)
89 Delivering proteins to testes could someday treat male infertility
90 Genomic differences may be key to overcoming prostate cancer disparities
91 Bronze Age herders were less mobile than previously thought
92 Legacy pollutants found in migratory terns in Great Lakes region
93 Paper: Congress must clarify limits of gene-editing technologies
94 More turkey dinners for people with celiac disease?
95 A new way of looking at the Earth's interior
96 3D hand pose estimation using a wrist-worn camera
97 MonoEye: A human motion capture system using a single wearable camera
98 Ketamine, a painkiller used by the army, does not impair tolerance to blood loss
99 It's all about the right balance
100 Cognitive performance--Better than our predecessors
101 Mass screening method could slash COVID-19 testing costs, trial finds
102 Cognitive elements of language have existed for 40 million years
103 Palliative care needed across China for everyone who needs it--study
104 The soft power concept of German energy foreign policy
105 Pastoral care shown to support older people at risk from COVID-19
106 Virtual Reality health appointments can help patients address eating disorders
107 Five key factors for improving team learning in distance education
108 The new heavy isotope mendelevium-244 and a puzzling short-lived fission activity
109 The highest heat-resistant plastic ever is developed from biomass
110 Animal-based research: New experimental design for an improved reproducibility