File Title
1 ATV-related head, neck injuries are common among kids
2 Study: COVID-19 causes, worsens heart issues in hospitalized patients
3 Delaying prostate cancer radiation may not lower survival odds
4 Study: 'Beanbag' rounds shot at protesters caused severe injuries
5 Most knee cracking is normal unless it hurts, expert says
6 Parents, grandparents disagree on parenting about half the time, poll finds
7 Study: Nearly half of teens who vape say they want to quit
8 COVID-19 clinical trials lack diversity, researchers say
9 COVID-19 hospitalization rate for minorities far beyond share of population
10 NSAID painkillers less harmful, just as effective as opioid drugs, studies show
11 Autopsies show microplastics in all major human organs
12 Weight-loss surgery can prevent early death, study shows
13 Depression may hinder recovery from narrowed arteries
14 Survey: 1 in 4 Connecticut nursing home residents had COVID-19
15 One in 20 American adults are 'heavy drinkers,' CDC says
16 Gallbladder surgery during pregnancy may be safer than waiting
17 Study: Black, White COVID-19 patients with access to care die at similar rates
18 Study suggests 'horrifying' rise in domestic violence during pandemic
19 Teen pot use may be climbing again since legalization
20 Psychiatric meds may pose risk to dementia patients, experts say
21 Antibiotics can lower effectiveness of birth control pill
22 Synthetic cells might help insulin production for Type 1 diabetes patients
23 CDC: Suicide rate spikes in rural U.S. amid nationwide increase
24 Dental groups push back on WHO call for delay of routine care
25 Preterm birth might raise risk for health problems, early death, study says
26 Gene therapy may stem damage of Parkinson's disease
27 'Morning sickness' often an all-day thing, study confirms
28 Asymptomatic young people could be COVID-19 'silent spreaders'
29 Telehealth skyrocketing among older adults
30 Kids with special needs struggling to receive good care during pandemic
31 U.S. lung cancer rates among Black women now lower than White women
32 Viagra, Cialis may help boost colon cancer survival
33 Fluoridated water protects baby teeth, too
34 One in three U.S. high school students vaped in 2019, CDC says
35 'Super-spreaders' caused up to 20% of all COVID-19 cases in Georgia, study finds
36 Three of five babies who die in infancy born to overweight mothers, CDC says
37 Black and White women benefit more than men from weight loss late in life
38 Study: Remdesivir doesn't boost outcomes in moderate pneumonia from COVID-19
39 Stress, anger may worsen heart failure
40 CDC: Secondary transmission of COVID-19 at childcare sites 'limited,' but can disrupt
41 Eating disorders cost billions in the U.S.
42 Flu shots for kids protect everybody, study shows
43 CDC: American Indians, Alaska Natives 3 times more likely to get COVID-19
44 Study questions need to wait days to give baby new foods
45 Study: Blood pressure meds don't increase depression risk
46 Searches related to panic attacks spike during COVID-19 pandemic
47 Exercise, stretching reduce depression in young adults, study finds
48 Blood pressure meds may improve COVID-19 survival
49 Autism diagnosed much later for Black children, study shows
50 COVID-19 underscores 'pandemic scale' of racial inequality, analysis finds
51 Sleep patterns may indicate risk for Alzheimer's disease
52 Honey more effective against cough than cold meds
53 Rate of asymptomatic kids with COVID-19 roughly equal to community rate
54 Just like COVID, severe flu can trigger heart crises
55 Pittsburgh social workers feel effects of synagogue shooting one year later
56 Vitamin D doesn't ease childhood asthma, study shows
57 Half of cardiac arrest patients seek medical help in weeks before event
58 University of Florida plasma trial enrolls first two COVID-19 patients
59 Distributing COVID-19 vaccine may be tougher than making it
60 Many thyroid cancer ultrasound scans not needed
61 Many in U.S. struggling to afford health care during pandemic
62 Toxin exposure at work increases heart trouble risk for Hispanic Americans
63 Study: Masks can block 99.9% of droplets from speech, coughs
64 Heart attack risk higher for men with anxiety, depression as teens
65 Survivors' plasma still a solid option for treating COVID-19, experts say
66 Blocking nerve signals could prevent Type 1 diabetes, researchers say
67 Immune systems differences may explain why COVID-19 hits men harder
68 Napping too often, too long linked to heart problems, earlier death
69 Dying people may still be able to hear, brain wave study shows
70 Researchers: People who naturally suppress HIV may light path to cure
71 AI can enhance accuracy of breast cancer screening, study finds
72 'Tips' campaign helped more than 1M in U.S. quit smoking, CDC says
73 Yoga could calm atrial fibrillation, early findings suggest
74 Cochlear implants improve hearing in older adults, with no side effects
75 COVID-19 raised mental health issues for people with financial hardships
76 Study: ADHD may help predict adult risk for car crashes
77 Study: Kids visiting ER less for asthma since pandemic started
78 Flu, pneumonia vaccines save lives of heart failure patients, study shows
79 70% of COVID-19 infections in children may be missed without testing
80 1 in 5 in U.S. doesn't believe in vaccines, survey shows
81 Study: Chemicals in food, clothing, cosmetics increase ADHD risk in kids
82 Breast milk unlikely to transmit COVID-19, study shows
83 Artificial pancreas controls diabetes in kids over 6, trial shows
84 Study: 7 of 10 hospital patients get opioids at move to nursing facility
85 Heart med use has halved heart attack risk in people with Type 2 diabetes
86 Booze, drug use common at virtual parties during pandemic
87 Phone data shows stay-at-home advisories slow COVID-19 spread by 19%
88 Telehealth can reduce heart risk by half for people with high blood pressure
89 Most Americans wear masks, but myths linger
90 E-scooter injuries led to nearly 30,000 ER visits in 2019, study shows
91 CDC: Nearly 30% of health workers with COVID-19 didn't know they had it
92 Taste for sugar changes as children get older, study says
93 AstraZeneca enters late-stage COVID-19 vaccine trial
94 Study: Gun licensing laws linked to reduced murders, suicides
95 Time spent outside improves children's well-being, study shows
96 Face shields, masks with vents less effective at limiting COVID-19 spread
97 Pregnant women's flu vaccines don't raise risk of autism, study confirms
98 FDA data reveals racial discrepancies in cardiovascular drug trials
99 1 in 20 older Americans smoke pot regularly, survey finds
100 Study: COVID-19 can spread widely on buses without masks, social distancing
101 Eating in evening linked to less nutritious diet
102 COVID-19 in kids, teens mostly mild, rarely fatal, study says
103 Dexamethasone, other corticosteroids help hospitalized COVID-19 patients
104 Belly fat might increase prostate cancer risk for men
105 Cyberbullying less common in teens that feel loved, supported
106 U.S. depression rates are triple pre-pandemic levels
107 Retesting for COVID-19 four weeks after first symptoms may help limit spread
108 Experimental drug shows promise against ALS
109 New weight-loss program may help low-income Americans, study says
110 Toxins from e-cigarette chemical mixture can affect heart, lungs
111 Vitamin D deficiency raises COVID-19 infection risk by 77%, study finds
112 New bio-containment unit protects health workers from COVID-19
113 Permanent hair dyes may not raise risk for most cancers, study shows
114 Opioids leading cause of drug overdose deaths in first half of 2019
115 Most American don't think they could save a life after mass violence
116 Teens, seniors often drive the least safe cars, study says
117 Common meds linked to faster mental decline in seniors
118 Even 'social smokers' up their odds of death from lung disease
119 Antidepressant use rising in U.S., mostly in women, CDC says
120 Asthma may not boost risk for severe COVID-19, study says
121 COVID-19 may cause long-term heart problems in children