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1 Study: Mars has four bodies of water underneath surface
2 Nasal spray reduces exhaled aerosol particles by 99%, study shows
3 SpaceX improved Crew Dragon capsule for planned October 31 launch
4 Pine needles evolved to help trees cope with rainfall
5 Pet trade threatens thousands of species, especially reptiles
6 United Launch Alliance scrubs spy satellite launch 2nd time this week
7 Six-month mission will test limits of SpaceX Dragon, astronauts say
8 Smart shopping can reduce exposure to chemicals called endocrine disruptors
9 Diversity of marine reptiles divvied up the Mesozoic seas
10 NASA needs new funding by February for 2024 moon landing, administrator says
11 3D-printed, transparent fibers can sense breath, sounds, cell movements
12 Very Large Telescope finds 6 galaxies trapped in web of black hole
13 Flatworms could replace rabbits as models for skin products
14 Blue whale singing patterns reverse when they start to migrate
15 Alien species to increase by 36 percent globally by 2050
16 Face masks unlikely to over-expose wearers to CO2, even those with COPD
17 Discharges from western North America disrupted climate during last ice age
18 Graphene-based circuit yields clean, limitless power
19 Study: Fecal transplant may one day be used to reverse cognitive decline
20 NASA, space industry seek new ways to cope with space debris
21 Megalodon was exceptionally large compared with other sharks
22 GPS-enabled decoy eggs may help track, catch sea turtle egg traffickers
23 Human biology appears to have two seasons, not four, study says
24 Study: Renewables, not nuclear power, can provide truly low carbon energy
25 SpaceX launches Starlink satellites after string of scrubs
26 Groundwater depletion means 'peak grain' has come, gone for some High Plains states
27 Animal rivalries could inspire 'Napoleonic' intelligence
28 Scientists observe cells moving through small channels
29 Toothless, two-fingered dino species shows diversification of parrot-like animals
30 First U.S. robotic moon lander since Apollo era planned for mid-2021
31 Earth grows large crystals, rare elements in just minutes
32 Rising nitrous oxide emissions could put Paris Agreement goals out of reach
33 Study: Sicker livestock emit more methane, accelerating climate change
34 2014 seal flu outbreak illustrates threat of avian flus to mammals
35 Dogs' brains don't process faces the same way humans do, scans show
36 Researchers watch ants use tools to avoid drowning
37 Musical training boosts attention, working memory in children
38 U.S. space mining policies may trigger regulatory 'race to the bottom,' scientists warn
39 Ocean patterns help scientists forecast drought, water flow in the Colorado river
40 Scientists warn of human-to-wildlife COVID-19 transmission risk
41 Stay-at-home orders cut noise exposure almost in half
42 NASA advances plan to commercialize International Space Station
43 Wearable tattoo: Scientists print sensors directly onto skin without heat
44 SpaceX rocket issue delays astronaut launch
45 Stanford scientists call for human-focused approach to conservation
46 Carnivores living near people eat a lot of human food
47 Space agency leaders call for greater international cooperation
48 Blue Origin launches, lands NASA moon landing sensor experiment
49 Crayfish 'trapping' doesn't control invasive species
50 Eight nations, including U.S., sign accords for moon missions
51 Rising atmospheric dust across the Great Plains recalls lead up to the Dust Bowl
52 Layered hybrid fibers could be used to build anti-viral masks, researchers say
53 Wolves can bond with their human handlers, but still unfit as pets
54 Ancient trash heaps in Israel show waste management changes among settlements
55 Scientists program robot swarms to create art
56 NASA funds Nokia plan to provide cellular service on moon
57 Laser technology used to measure biomass of giant Californian redwood trees
58 Early human species likely driven to extinction by climate change
59 Study: Marmoset monkeys self-domesticated, just like humans
60 Orion spacecraft ready to return humans to deep space, officials say
61 Male lion coalitions help protect territory, increase mating opportunities
62 Ancient societies collapsed when leaders ignored the social contract
63 Rain really does move mountains, study finds
64 SpaceX plans Starlink broadband satellite launch Sunday morning
65 SpaceX launches 60 more Starlink broadband satellites
66 Cheap, fast breast cancer test 100% accurate, study finds
67 Drug reverses hair loss caused by radiation for brain, head, neck cancers
68 Marijuana may harm heart, experts say
69 CDC warns of death, blindness after drinking hand sanitizer
70 New drug against MS relapse may be more effective than old one
71 Study: Many older Americans get cancer screens they don't need
72 Study: U.S. healthcare costs nearly double of other wealthy countries
73 Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients as contagious as those with symptoms
74 Aging baby boomers less sharp than their parents, study says
75 CDC: 20% of U.S. women drink early in pregnancy
76 COVID-19 stressing out U.S. more than other nations, survey says
77 Study: U.S. women more likely to skip meds than men
78 Men's genital bacteria may predict partner risk for vaginal infection
79 U.S. could see 300K COVID deaths by December, model shows
80 Heart attack death rate doubled during COVID-19 pandemic, study says
81 New gonorrhea test identifies patients who will respond to oral antibiotic
82 18% of Americans lack access to high-quality, healthy food
83 One-third of children hospitalized with COVID-19 require ICU care, CDC says
84 Pizza study shows body can handle occasional 'pigging out'
85 Study: N95 masks without valves most effective against COVID-19
86 New Mexico man in his 20s dies of septicemic plague
87 Blood test may spot most dangerous COVID-19 cases
88 Thunderstorms linked to 3,000 ER visits a year in seniors with asthma, COPD
89 Study: Half of consumers don't understand whole grain labels on foods
90 Study: Income affects ability to social distance during pandemic
91 82% of early online COVID-19 posts were rumors, conspiracy theories
92 Pairing gynecological exam, heart screening may improve health
93 Many deaths labeled cardiac arrest may be drug overdoses
94 Anxiety, depression spiked among college students early in pandemic
95 Vaping increases COVID-19 risk among teens, young adults, study finds
96 U.S. nursing homes saw 15% spike in COVID-19 cases in July, report finds
97 Pot use during pregnancy linked to increased autism odds for children
98 Study: Seniors can handle receiving Alzheimer's risk test results
99 Study: Obesity increases risk of hospitalization for COVID-19 patients
100 Bias more likely in medical journals that accept reprint fees
101 Narcissists are blind to their own mistakes, study says
102 Daily low-dose aspirin may speed cancer progression in seniors
103 Study: Yoga helps half of adults with anxiety, but therapy is more effective
104 Two-thirds of people on heart transplant lists survive at least a year, study finds
105 Lung cancer deaths in U.S. drop by up to 6% annually, analysis finds
106 Genetic research may help identify causes of stillbirth
107 Formal education benefits brain later in life, study says
108 Study: Mammograms in 40s catch cancer, don't fuel overdiagnosis
109 COVID-19 deaths in NYC 'comparable' to 1918-1919 flu pandemic
110 Free spread of COVID-19 in Sweden didn't lead to 'herd immunity'
111 Diabetes increases risk for pancreatic cancer, study finds
112 Distancing, less physical activity during pandemic cause stress, anxiety to soar
113 Bifocal contacts can help nearsightedness in children, study says
114 Genetics part of reason stroke a bigger threat to Black people
115 CDC: One-third of U.S. children, adolescents eat fast food every day
116 Getting dizzy when standing could be risk factor for dementia
117 Netting, drug distribution initiative reduced malaria cases by 85%