File Title
1 Turning excess noise into signal
2 Making new materials using AI
3 When Fock meets Landau: Topology in atom-photon interactions
4 Ultra-sensitive nanothermometer under ambient conditions
5 Now you see it, now you don't: Hidden colors discovered by coincidence
6 Forty percent of renters can't afford essentials as a result of COVID-19
7 The rise of 'zoom towns' in the rural west
8 Results of an individual patient data pooled analysis reported at RCT Connect
9 Results from COMBINE (OCT-FFR) reported at TCT Connect
10 Boost to develop microalgae into health foods
11 Results from PROSPECT ABSORB reported at TCT Connect and published simultaneously in JACC
12 NIRS-IVUS imaging can help identify high-risk plaques that can lead to adverse outcomes
13 Higher average life expectancy after obesity surgery
14 Pandemic lockdowns caused steep and lasting carbon dioxide decline
15 Concerns about violence increase in California amid COVID-19 pandemic
16 Could an existing vaccine make COVID-19 less deadly? Mexico City study provides support
17 Beak bone reveals pterosaur like no other
18 UMaine researcher: How leaves reflect light reveals evolutionary history of seed plants
19 Thinning and prescribed fire treatments reduce tree mortality
20 Protein that keeps immune system from freaking out could form basis for new therapeutics
21 Reviving cells after a heart attack
22 COVID-19 lockdowns averted tens of thousands of premature deaths related to air pollution
23 Fossil footprints tell story of prehistoric parent's journey
24 Tissue grafts of both bone and cartilage could regenerate damage to a crucial jaw joint
25 Mapping out rest stops for migrating birds
26 Researchers mine data and connect the dots about processes driving neuroblastoma
27 Is English the lingua franca of science? Not for everyone
28 Closing the market for fake documents on the open web
29 What laser color do you like?
30 Deep neural networks show promise for predicting future self-harm based on clinical notes
31 Maltreatment tied to higher inflammation in girls
32 A billion tiny pendulums could detect the universe's missing mass
33 Will SARS-CoV-2 become endemic?
34 Novel software assesses phonologial awareness
35 UNLV and University of Rochester physicists observe room-temperature superconductivity
36 Major US hospital-based study shows waterbirths as safe as traditional births
37 Distracted learning a big problem, golden opportunity for educators, students
38 Recent Atlantic ocean warming unprecedented in nearly 3,000 years
39 Breakthrough blood test developed for brain tumors
40 The Lancet: Herd immunity approaches to COVID-19 control are a 'dangerous fallacy,' say authors of open letter
41 Therapy plus medication better than medication alone in bipolar disorder
42 Bringing people together on climate change
43 Stay in touch with your emotions to reduce pandemic-induced stress
44 Divisive dialogue: Why do we engage in virtual political talk?
45 Sweetpotato biodiversity can help increase climate-resilience of small-scale farming
46 Research demonstrates microbiome transmissibility in perennial ryegrass
47 An alternative to animal experiments
48 World Mental Health Day--CACTUS releases report of largest researcher mental health survey
49 Scientists identify sensor protein that underlies bladder control
50 Army researchers collaborate on universal antibody test for COVID-19
51 Over 150 million websites among a billion tested include sensitive (and tracked) content
52 Aerosols vs. droplets
53 Thawing permafrost releases organic compounds into the air
54 Low risk of COVID-19 infection found among people with congenital heart disease
55 Pharmacist-led digital intervention reduces hazardous prescribing in general practice
56 COVID-19 rapid test has successful lab results, research moves to next stages
57 New study suggests crucial role for lymphocytes in asymptomatic COVID-19 infection
58 Empathy exacerbates discussions about immigration
59 NYUAD study finds key protein related to the disease-causing malformation of fat tissue
60 RUDN University doctors suggested ways to reduce obstetrical complications in endometriosis patients
61 Oncotarget: Efavirenz induces DNA damage response pathway in lung cancer
62 Study upends understanding about joint injuries
63 New study examines what human physiology can tell us about how animals cope with stress
64 Updated Cochrane Review shows electronic cigarettes can help people quit smoking
65 Penn Medicine researchers use artificial intelligence to 'redefine' Alzheimer's Disease
66 More diversity needed in oil palm plantations
67 Wearable circuits printed directly on human skin
68 Obesity implies risk of COVID-19 regardless of age, sex, ethnicity and health condition
69 Researchers improve the standard method for assessing cardiovascular disease risk
70 Improving health care autonomy for young adults with autism
71 Gold- and bronze-like paints that don't contain metal
72 Assessing state of the art in AI for brain disease treatment
73 Tied to undiagnosed disease, aortic dissection in pregnancy proves difficult to predict
74 New study highlights links between inflammation and Parkinson's disease
75 Mount Sinai researchers find that where people live can impact their risk for common chronic conditions including high blood pressure and depression
76 Scientists voice concerns, call for transparency and reproducibility in AI research
77 New deep learning models: Fewer neurons, more intelligence
78 New blood test predicts which COVID-19 patients will develop severe infection
79 New insight into neovessel formation shows promise in future treatment of cardiovascular diseases
80 Clean and clear: How being more transparent over resources helps cut carbon emissions
81 Bringing a power tool from math into quantum computing
82 Blood test could identify COVID-19 patients at risk of 'cytokine storm' hyperinflammation
83 Modern humans took detours on their way to Europe
84 A new protein discovered that repairs DNA
85 RNA editing of BFP using artificial APOBEC1 deaminase to restore the genetic
86 Volcanic eruptions may explain Denmark's giant mystery crystals
87 Immune failure can cause serious COVID-19
88 Experience of caring for a loved one linked to valuable end-of-life discussions
89 STAT3 identified as important factor in emotional reactivity
90 A new land surface model to monitor global river water environment
91 Warm central equatorial pacific sea surface temperatures and anthropogenic warming boosted the 2019 severe drought in East China
92 Climate change undermines the safety of buildings and infrastructure in Europe
93 The atomic makeup of M. pneumoniae's 'nap' structure glides into view
94 Online horse race bettors are less keen to gamble after a losing day
95 Researchers identify the mechanism behind bone marrow failure in Fanconi anaemia
96 Human activity has made Murray estuary more vulnerable to drought
97 NTU scientists report plastic could be 'eco-friendlier' than paper & cotton in Singapore
98 UBC research identifies gaps in helping youth diagnosed with early stages of psychosis
99 Prenatal cannabis exposure linked to cognitive deficits, altered behavior
100 New scientific study shows brain injuries can be unbroken by innovative neuro-technologies
101 Study confirms plastics threat to south pacific seabirds
102 Machine learning model helps characterize compounds for drug discovery
103 An innovative method to tune lasers toward infrared wavelengths
104 Rates of food insecurity remain high despite expansion of NYC food assistance programs
105 As New Yorkers prepare to vote, COVID-19 stays top-of-mind
106 Swine coronavirus replicates in human cells
107 Inhibition of HDAC and mTOR may improve outcomes for relapsed/refractory Hodgkin lymphoma
108 Glitter litter could be damaging rivers--study
109 Researchers take issue with study evaluating an AI system for breast cancer screening
110 Rochester researchers synthesize room temperature superconducting material