File Title
1 'Less pain' to remove tonsils
2 World first study shows that some microorganisms can bend the rules of evolution
3 Study provides new hope for children suffering from rare muscle diseases
4 Temperature evolution of impurities in a quantum gas
5 Scientists who discovered SARS just revealed the immune system's response to COVID-19
6 Diamond-studded silk wound dressing detects infection and improves healing
7 UCI study points to how skin cells cooperate to thwart cancer
8 Trees and lawns beat the heat
9 To make mini-organs grow faster, give them a squeeze
10 Cover crop could solve weed problems for edamame growers
11 Smartphone data helps predict schizophrenia relapses
12 Neural crest cell migration in Hirschsprung disease
13 Sleep health dictates success of practicing mindfulness
14 Clinic reduces GA1 brain injury risk by 83% with therapies developed over 30 years
15 American Pikas show resiliency in the face of global warming
16 College of Medicine researcher makes novel discoveries in preventing epileptic seizures
17 Experiencing police violence worsens mental health in distinct ways
18 Controlling the speed of enzyme motors brings biomedical applications of nanorobots closer
19 Mathematical tools predict if wave-energy devices stay afloat in the ocean
20 NIH-funded study links adolescent brain differences to increased waist circumference
21 Illinois research links soil nitrogen levels to corn yield and nitrogen losses
22 And the winner is...dependent on judging accountability
23 Port engineers need guidance incorporating sea level rise into construction designs
24 New method uses noise to make spectrometers more accurate
25 Technique to recover lost single-cell RNA-sequencing information
26 New study shows which medical procedures pose COVID-19 risk to health-care providers
27 Bacterial toxin with healing effect
28 Cameras that can learn
29 Building 'ToxAll'--a smart, self-assembling nano-vaccine to prevent toxoplasmosis
30 Magnitude comparison distinguishes small earthquakes from explosions in US west
31 SARS-CoV-2 antibodies provide lasting immunity, say UArizona Health Sciences researchers
32 How psychological ownership can enhance stewardship for public goods
33 Study: There's work to be done before people feel ready for COVID-19 vaccine
34 New global temperature data will inform study of climate impacts on health, agriculture
35 Anticancer compounds for B cell cancer therapy targeting cellular stress response
36 The mountains of Pluto are snowcapped, but not for the same reasons as on Earth
37 Scientists use holographic imaging to detect viruses and antibodies
38 Without the North American monsoon, reining in wildfires gets harder
39 RUDN University mathematician refined the model of predator-prey relations in the wild
40 UCF researchers are working on tech so machines can thermally 'breathe'
41 IU study examines effects of low-level lead exposure and alcohol consumption
42 New insight on mole growth could aid development of skin cancer treatments
43 Computer model uses virus 'appearance' to better predict winter flu strains
44 Machine learning predicts how long museum visitors will engage with exhibits
45 Scientists replicated self-cleaning anti-reflective coating of insects' eyes
46 Lack of diversity among cardiovascular health-care professionals continues
47 Combination therapy against cancer
48 Scientists develop detector for investigating the sun
49 New deep learning models: Fewer neurons, more intelligence
50 Properties of catalysts studied with gamma ray resonance
51 A tiny jaw from Greenland sheds light on the origin of complex teeth
52 Well-formed disorder for versatile light technologies
53 If the glove fits
54 Quantum physics: Physicists successfully carry out controlled transport of stored light
55 Research team discovers mechanism that restores cell function after genome damage
56 Winners and losers of energy transition
57 Statins may reduce cancer risk through mechanisms separate to cholesterol
58 Cancer-killing T cells 'swarm' to tumors, attracting others to the fight
59 Scientists shed new light on mechanisms of malaria parasite motility
60 Wearable IT devices: Dyeing process gives textiles electronic properties
61 Perception of risk and optimism barriers in behavior during coronavirus
62 Empathy prevents COVID-19 spreading
63 Study links eating disorders with body dysmorphia
64 Perovskite materials: Neutrons show twinning in halide perovskites
65 On the trail of novel infectious agents in wildlife
66 The puzzle of the strange galaxy made of 99.9% dark matter is solved
67 Physical activity in the morning could be most beneficial against cancer
68 A study indicates that hair loss might be prevented by regulating stem cell metabolism
69 Mental accounting is impacting sustainable behavior
70 Researchers discover a cell type responsible for cardiac repair after infarction
71 The Pentecostal movement seeks a healthier form of community
72 Modeling organic-field effect transistors with a molecular resolution
73 University of Guam part of international effort to understand cycad pollinators
74 Researchers develop new model of the brain's real-life neural networks
75 Alcohol use changed right after COVID-19 lockdown
76 Want to wait less at the bus stop? Beware real-time updates
77 New 3-D model of a DNA-regulating complex in human cells provides cancer clues
78 Study first to tally biomass from oceanic plastic debris using visualization method
79 The deep sea is slowly warming
80 Scientists release previously unseen footage showing environmental impacts of pot fishing
81 Popularity of COVID-19 conspiracies and links to vaccine 'hesitancy' revealed by international study
82 Children's pain 'swept under the carpet for too long'--Lancet Commission
83 First reported UK case of sudden permanent hearing loss linked to COVID-19
84 Modelling extreme magnetic fields and temperature variation on distant stars
85 COVID-19 frequently causes neurological injuries
86 Watching nature on TV can boost wellbeing, finds new study
87 The Great Barrier Reef has lost half its corals
88 How deadly parasites 'glide' into human cells
89 Genomic study of 6000 NCI-MATCH cancer patients leads to new clinical trial benchmarks
90 Long-term, frequent phone counseling helps cancer patients who smoke quit
91 Athletes don't benefit from relying on a coach for too long
92 Evolution: No social distancing at the beginning of life
93 Young women who suffer a heart attack have worse outcomes than men
94 When reproductive rights are less restrictive, babies are born healthier
95 Before the US general election, evidence of agreement--and division--on climate issues
96 Layer of strength, layer of functionality for biomedical fibers
97 Crayfish 'trapping' fails to control invasive species
98 Act now on wildfires, global climate change, human health, study says
99 A call for more comprehensive smoking cessation programs for cancer patients who smoke
100 Ultrasound screening may be limited in ability to predict perinatal complications
101 Television advertising limits can reduce childhood obesity, study concludes
102 Multiple neurodevelopmental conditions may lead to worse educational outcomes
103 Blood tests could be developed to help predict pregnancy complications new study suggests
104 Ten or more medications, often prescribed to older heart failure patients, raises concerns
105 Record high values of peak power with picosecond generators
106 The ur-Iris likely had purple flowers, pollinated by insects for nectar
107 Oncotarget: miR-708-5p targets oncogenic prostaglandin E2 production in lung cancer cell
108 Eyeglass-attached display device provides fluoroscopic guidance during spine surgery