File Title
1 Clinical study aims to better understand COVID-19 immunity
2 Liquid metals come to the rescue of semiconductors
3 VAV1 gene mutations trigger T-cell tumors in mice
4 Osteoarthritis biomarker could help 300 million people worldwide
5 Transgender people who experience discrimination likelier to have poor mental health
6 New CSIRO research on SARS-CoV-2 virus 'survivability'
7 Oncotarget: Cooperative tumorigenic effects of targeted deletions of tumor suppressors
8 In the eye of a stellar cyclone
9 Weight loss surgery in obese diabetic patients significantly cuts pancreatic cancer risk
10 Asthma and food allergies during childhood associated with increased risk of IBS
11 COVID-related delays to CRC screening causing 11.9% rise in death rates, research reveals
12 The perfect angle for e-skin energy storage
13 People can do more than use less plastic to help save the GBR: QUT research
14 Sea star's ability to clone itself may empower this mystery globetrotter
15 Relationship value and economic value are evaluated by the same part of the brain
16 Which is more creative, the arts or the sciences?
17 Hurricanes, heavy rains are critical for Hawai'i's groundwater supply
18 How consumers responded to COVID-19
19 COVID-19 recovery at home possible for most patients
20 Head and neck injuries make up nearly 28% of all electric scooter accident injuries
21 Unraveling the network of molecules that influence COVID-19 severity
22 Studies find even minimal physical activity measurably boosts health
23 Scientists author papers in Nature Astronomy chronicling legacy of Spitzer space telescope
24 The distance local energy goes to bring power to the people
25 Penn engineers create helical topological exciton-polaritons
26 Atmospheric dust levels are rising in the Great Plains
27 Rainforest at biosphere 2 offers glimpse into future of the Amazon
28 Can an antibody 'cocktail' prevent COVID-19 infection?
29 Ultrafast fiber laser produces record high power
30 Study: Darwin's theory about coral reef atolls is fatally flawed
31 Stopping lethal lung damage from the flu with a natural human protein
32 Customers prefer partitions over mannequins in socially-distanced dining rooms
33 Serology study provides critical insight into COVID-19 immune response
34 Proactive steps linked to reduced medical costs, hospital visits for children with asthma
35 CAR NKT cells offer a promising novel immunotherapy for solid tumors
36 Proactivity and partnership pay off for nursing homes in a pandemic, study suggests
37 New therapy improves treatment for multiple sclerosis
38 Earphone tracks facial expressions, even with a face mask
39 One-two punch
40 Labor epidurals do not cause autism; Safe for mothers and infants, say anesthesiology, obstetrics
41 Scientists discover mosquitoes' unique blood-taste detectors
42 Finding the right color to control magnets with laser pulses
43 E-modules increase knowledge, attitude and confidence related to childhood adversity and trauma-informed care
44 Sound the alarm: More effective ways to awaken families during house fire
45 Casting call: why immobilizing helps in healing
46 Software spots and fixes hang bugs in seconds, rather than weeks
47 A new approach to analyzing the morphology of dendritic spines
48 14 recommendations for the protection of freshwater biodiversity beyond 2020
49 USC study underscores the gut-brain connection, shows hunger hormone impacts memory
50 Even mild fatty liver disease is linked to increased mortality
51 Unique view into the "new Arctic": international MOSAiC expedition successfully completed
52 EPFL scientist gains fresh insight into the origins of earthquakes
53 Research pinpoints major drivers of tobacco epidemic among teens in South Asia
54 Age does not contribute to COVID-19 susceptibility
55 Making disorder for an ideal battery
56 IPK scientists discover gene that ensures slim inflorescence shape of barley
57 A circular economy could save the world's economy post-COVID-19
58 Mass loss driven shape evolution model unveils formation of flattened 'snowman' (486958) Arrokoth
59 Using electric current to stabilize low-permeability soils
60 The valuation of a company's investment properties may bring surprises
61 Revealing the reason behind jet formation at the tip of laser optical fiber
62 Damaged muscles don't just die, they regenerate themselves
63 Multi-state data storage leaving binary behind
64 Surface waves can help nanostructured devices keep their cool
65 Skeletal muscle development and regeneration mechanisms vary by gender
66 MHz, multi-beams coherent XUV source by intracavity high-order harmonic generation
67 Computational approach to optimise culture conditions required for cell therapy
68 Studying the sun as a star to understand stellar flares and exoplanets
69 Australian valley a 'natural laboratory' to test carbon sequestration theory
70 The making of memory B cells and long-term immune responses
71 Prospective parents' mental health linked to premature births
72 Menacing assaults on science causing alarming and avoidable deaths in the U.S.
73 The unending waste management challenge--are we at our wits' end?
74 Single gene disorders not so simple after all
75 Stacking and twisting graphene unlocks a rare form of magnetism
76 Black police officers disciplined disproportionately for misconduct, IU research finds
77 Dueling proteins give shape to plants
78 Pandemic-related stress leads to less employee engagement
79 Scientists report role for dopamine and serotonin in human perception and decision-making
80 UMD astronomers find X-rays lingering years after landmark neutron star collision
81 Improved mobility in frail and elderly adults linked to common gene variant
82 Study shows proof of concept of BioIVT HEPATOPAC cultures with targeted assay to evaluate bioactivation potential and drug-induced liver injury (DILI) risk
83 Enzyme SSH1 impairs disposal of accumulating cellular garbage, leading to brain cell death
84 Total deaths recorded during the pandemic far exceed those attributed to COVID-19
85 Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat
86 Moms report mild to high levels of COVID-19 anxiety and insomnia in study by Ben-Gurion University
87 NFL teams with critical mass of women executives have fewer football player arrests
88 Dual checkpoint blockade promising as pre-surgical approach for certain patients with localized bladder cancer
89 Central Asian horse riders played ball games 3,000 years ago
90 New bioengineering approach to fix fetal membranes
91 Penn Medicine scientists engineer bacteria-killing molecules from wasp venom
92 Death by spaghettification: Scientists record last moments of star devoured by black hole
93 Novel map reveals how immune cells fight and remember infections
94 ESO telescopes record last moments of star devoured by a black hole
95 Primates aren't quite frogs
96 Professional view of vitamin D jeopardizing elderly care home residents' health
97 Tetrahedra may explain water's uniqueness
98 Scientists develop new precise therapeutic leukemia vaccine
99 Mosquitoes' taste for blood traced to four types of neurons
100 Very low risk to newborns from moms with COVID-19, finds study
101 To protect nature's benefits, focus on people
102 Therapy using immune system cells preserves vision in mice implanted with rare eye cancer
103 Scientists find neurochemicals have unexpectedly profound roles in the human brain
104 New virtual reality software allows scientists to 'walk' inside cells
105 Carnivores living near people feast on human food, threatening ecosystems
106 Depression/anxiety in mums-to-be linked to heightened asthma risk in their kids
107 More young adults are abstaining from alcohol
108 Using robotic assistance to make colonoscopy kinder and easier
109 Ancient tiny teeth reveal first mammals lived more like reptiles
110 2016 US presidential election associated with uptick in heart attacks and stroke
111 New mechanism affecting nerve impulses discovered
112 Oncotarget: The role of miRNA-133b and its target gene SIRT1 in FAP-derived desmoid tumor
113 Tighter border policies leave migrants vulnerable to effects of climate change
114 Chemists create new crystal form of insecticide, boosting its ability to fight mosquitoes and malaria
115 Study examines cancer's effects on young women's employment and finances
116 KIST addressing algal bloom in conventional water treatment facilities
117 Nearly 1 in 8 patients receive unexpected out-of-network bills after colonoscopy [plus additional topic]
118 Fuels, not fire weather, control carbon emissions in boreal forest
119 Brain regions with impaired blood flow have higher tau levels
120 As genome-editing trials become more common, informed consent is changing
121 Game-changing procedure shown to discontinue insulin treatment in type 2 diabetics