File Title
1 American Psychological Association Study: How Long Does the Preschool Advantage Last?
2 Physicist Simplifies Einstein-Lovelock Theory for Black Holes
3 Hunger Encourages Risk-Taking--Study Results Involving Over 100 Animal Species Compared
4 Ryugu's Rocky Past: Different Kinds of Rocks on Ryugu Provide Clues to the Asteroid's Turbulent History
5 fMRI Experiment Reveals Striking Differences in How Dog and Human Brains Process Faces
6 Researchers Urge Shift in COVID-19 Public Health Guidance
7 Coloring the Great Salt Lake--Astronaut Takes Beautiful Photograph from Space Station
8 Genetic Factor Discovery Enables Adult Skin to Regenerate like a Newborn Baby's
9 Cyclones at Jupiter's North Pole Appear as Swirls of Striking Colors
10 Major Genetic Risk Factor for Severe COVID-19 Is Inherited from Neanderthals
11 Discoveries Made in How the Immune System Detects Hidden Intruders Could Lead to New Viral and Cancer Treatments
12 U.S. Army Creates Sensor with 100,000 Times Higher Sensitivity--Improves Thermal Imaging, Electronic Warfare, Communications
13 Milestone for Planetary Scientists as AI Helps Discover Fresh Craters on Mars
14 Scientists Capture Light in a Polymeric Quasicrystal--New Possibilities for Laser and Sensor Design
15 Brain Power: Battling with Neighbors Could Make Animals Smarter
16 New Research Targets Our Second Brain to Fight Diabetes
17 Supercharged Bacterial "Clones" Spark Scarlet Fever's Global Re-emergence
18 Researchers Use Eye Tracking to Discover How Mobile Apps Grab Our Attention--With Surprising Results
19 October 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA: Harvest Moon, Blue Moon, Mars, and Go Intergalactic with Andromeda
20 Cygnus Space Freighter Docked at Space Station to Deliver New Space Toilet, Science Experiments, and Supplies
21 Optimizing Noble Metal Catalysts with Clusters of Atoms to Enhance Performance and Save Resources
22 The Science Behind the Bright Apocalyptic Orange Sky that Was Seen on the West Coast [Video]
23 Sperm Biomarker Identified that's Associated with Couples' Pregnancy Probability
24 Pristine Space Rock Offers NASA a Peek at the Building Blocks of the Evolution of Life
25 Complications for Clean Energy Storage and Transportation Created by Hydrogen Embrittlement
26 Fat Bacteria? Skinny Bacteria? There's a Reason Microbes Stay in Shape
27 N/A
28 N/A
29 President Trump Received the Latest COVID-19 Treatments--Here's What Doctors Know Works Against the Virus
30 Earth Grows Fine Gemstones in Minutes--Crystals Could Grow Up to 3 Feet per Day in Some Cooling Magmas
31 Decoy Nanoparticles Protect Against COVID-19 by Adsorbing Both Viruses and Inflammatory Cytokines
32 Increased Risk of Self-Harm for Boys and Girls Who Experience Earlier Puberty
33 Physicists, Chemists, and Biologists Working Together to Optimize Plant Growth and Yield Using Plasma Treatment
34 Fighting Pandemics with Plasma--Harnessing the Most Common State of Matter in the Universe
35 Newly Discovered Toothless, Two-Fingered Dinosaur's Lost Digits Point to Spread of Parrot-Like Species
36 Large Drop in the Circulation of Other Respiratory Viruses During the First Wave of COVID-19
37 New Quantum Paradox Reveals Contradiction Between Widely Held Beliefs--"Something's Gotta Give"
38 Missing Link Discovered in the Evolution of Photosynthesis and Carbon Fixation
39 Professor's Milestone in Nuclear Physics Seeks to Understand the Universe Itself
40 Going Beyond Human Brains: Deep Learning Takes on Synthetic Biology
41 Deadly Paradox? Increased Suicide Deaths Among Youth Following Antidepressant Warnings
42 Simple Algebra Enables Faster, Large-Volume COVID-19 Testing
43 Vicious Cycle: Climate Change Spreading Infectious Diseases, Which Contribute to Climate Change
44 New Biochemical Research Shows Past Tropical Forest Changes Drove Megafauna and Hominin Extinctions
45 NASA, Boeing Announce Astronaut Changes for Upcoming Starliner Crew Flight Test
46 Gigafire! August Complex Wildfire Still Burning--Largest Fire in California's History
47 Monstrous Thunderstorms Rumble Over the Great Plains
48 NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Completes Environmental Testing--Survived Harsh Conditions of Rocket Launch
49 The Arctic: A Delicate Icy Ecosystem [Video]
50 Interplanetary Storm Chasing--New Explanation for Mysterious Hexagonal Storm on Saturn
51 New Algorithm Sharpens Focus of World's Most Powerful Microscopes--Improves Cryo-EM 3D Molecular Structure Maps
52 Light-Speed Imager: World's Fastest UV Camera Works at 500 Billion Frames per Second
53 Contrary to Some Claims, Cannabis Use Appears to Encourage, Not Replace, Opioid Use
54 Ripples in the Fabric of Space and Time Offer New Clues to the Shape of Black Holes
55 Are Potential COVID-19 Vaccines Affected by Recent Mutations in the Virus?
56 Andrea Ghez Wins Share of 2020 Nobel Prize for Discoveries in Black Hole Physics
57 Stunning Time-Lapse of a Fiery Satellite Reentry Test
58 Black Silicon Photodetector Breaks the 100% Efficiency Limit, Shocking Scientists
59 Our Species Is Still Evolving: Forearm Artery Reveals Humans Evolving from Changes in Natural Selection
60 BepiColombo's First Venus Flyby--Gravity Assist to Set the Spacecraft on Course for Mercury Orbit
61 Over-Exchange of DNA in Sperm and Eggs Results in Chromosome Defects that Can Increase Infertility
62 Optical Matter Machine: Nanoscale Machines Convert Light into Work
63 New Research Suggests Coronavirus Antibodies Last at Least 3 Months After COVID-19 Infection
64 Switching Voltage of an Electrode Alone Can Fine-Tune the Reactivity of a Molecule
65 Evolved to Strike Terror: Paleontologists Identify New Species of Mosasaur
66 A Curved New World: Mind and Space Bending Physics on a Convenient Chip
67 Hubble Observes Spectacular Supernova Time-Lapse--"No Earthly Fireworks Display Can Compete"
68 Black and Asian Patients at Increased Risk of Severe COVID-19 at Different Stages of the Disease
69 Sheila Widnall: A Lifetime Exploring the Unknown at MIT and in the U.S. Air Force
70 NASA's Perseverance Rover Will Peer Beneath Mars' Surface to Search for Signs of Life
71 Progress on Universal Flu Vaccine that Could Work Against Any Influenza Strain
72 Saturn's Moon Titan Has Ingredients for Life
73 Promising COVID-19 Research Highlighted and Warnings of Misleading Studies in New Peer Reviews
74 Researchers Warn: Meltwater Lakes Are Accelerating Glacier Ice Loss
75 Searching for the Chemistry of Life: Possible New Way to Create DNA Base Pairs
76 Geologists Solve Long-Standing Puzzle that Could Pinpoint Valuable Rare Earth Element Deposits
77 Lonely Origin of Cassiopeia A Revealed: One of the Most Famous Supernova Remnants
78 Writing by Hand Makes Kids Smarter--Here's Why
79 The Looming Specter of a Massive Mega-Tsunami in Alaska
80 The Detection of Phosphine in Venus' Clouds Is a Big Deal--Here's How We Can Find Out if It's a Sign of Life
81 Missing Link Discovered in the Evolutionary History of Carbon-Fixing Protein Rubisco
82 Electrons Caught Behaving Collectively in Experiments with Twisted 2D Materials
83 Dark Energy: Map Gives Clue About What It Is--But Deepens Cosmic Expansion Rate Dispute
84 Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Verified by New Measurements of the Solar Spectrum
85 Astronomers Surprised by Lingering X-rays Years After Landmark Neutron Star Collision
86 Pioneering Analysis of 200 Million-Year-Old Teeth Reveals First Mammals Lived More like Reptiles
87 Astronomers Turn Up the Heavy Metal to Shed Light on Star Formation--"It's Absolutely Mind-Blowing Stuff"
88 Scientists "Scent Train" Honeybees to Boost Sunflower Seed Production
89 Hydroxychloroquine Does Not Counter SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19 Virus) in Hamsters, but Favipiravir Does
90 Death by Spaghettification: Telescopes Record Last Moments of Star Devoured by a Black Hole
91 Generating Megatesla Magnetic Fields on Earth Using Intense-Laser-Driven Microtube Implosions
92 Hubble Space Telescope Captures a frEGGS-Plosion of Star Formation
93 Coronavirus Deaths Are Not Fake: Total Deaths Recorded During the Pandemic Far Exceed Those Attributed to COVID-19
94 Remodeled antibiotic molecules used to battle drug-resistant bacteria
95 Blue Origin postpones Texas launch of experiments for NASA, universities
96 Study: World must adopt CO2-catching science to meet climate goals
97 Scientists sequence genome of Alexander Fleming's penicillin mold
98 Spots of shade may help butterflies cope with climate change
99 With global warming, marine heatwaves like 'The Blob' could be commonplace
100 Nanocrystals can trigger explosive volcanic eruptions
101 Florida researchers achieve successful spawning of transplanted coral
102 With less noise during lockdown, Bay Area sparrows sang 'sexier' songs
103 Scientists observe conscious processes in crow brains
104 Scientists pave way for carbon-based computers
105 Radiation levels on moon more than double those on space station
106 Space Force to start flying on reused SpaceX rockets
107 Tree rings show influence of volcanoes on temperatures, human history
108 Heat, humidity combo effectively cleans N95 masks, researchers say
109 Modern humans arrived in Western Europe 5,000 years earlier than thought
110 Breeding earlier because of climate change may put birds at risk
111 MIT physicists inch closer to zero-emissions power source