File Title
1 Children and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic: do school closures help?
2 New lactic acid bacteria can make African camel milk safe
3 Black and Hispanic people in US face increased risk of testing positive for coronavirus
4 Taking in refugees does not strongly influence xenophobia in East German communities
5 People with 'silent' COVID-19 have as much coronavirus as those with symptoms
6 Water on exoplanet cloud tops could be found with hi-tech instrumentation
7 Targeting the treatment of autoimmune diseases
8 New research says Sodium-ion batteries are a valid alternative to Lithium-ion batteries
9 The co-occurrence of cancer driver genes, key to precision medicine
10 Researchers find new way to protect plants from fungal infection
11 A fresh sense of possibility
12 Ecologists confirm Alan Turing's theory for Australian fairy circles
13 Wels catfish genome assembled
14 US cellphone data uncovers 'hotspots' where COVID-19 social distancing levels are low
15 Risk of death may increase for successive generations of immigrants with type 2 diabetes
16 Global survey suggests patients most with type 1 diabetes that have adapted to remote medical appointments would continue this post COVID-19 pandemic
17 Study shows that control of blood sugar levels improved among people with type 1 diabetes who stopped working during lockdown
18 Childhood sexual abuse: Mental and physical after-effects closely linked
19 COVID-19 and type 2 diabetes: do shared pathways have therapeutic implications?
20 What have we learned from COVID-19 in persons with type 1 diabetes?
21 COVID-19 and diabetes: what is the evidence?
22 Why some cancers may respond poorly to key drugs discovered
23 Diabetes dramatically reduces the kidney's ability clean itself
24 Cities beat suburbs at inspiring cutting-edge innovations
25 Children's immune response more effective against COVID-19
26 Nearly 20 percent of Americans don't have enough to eat
27 Cincinnati Children's scientists identify hormone that might help treat malabsorption
28 Bundled payment model reduces health disparities for Black patients
29 Web resources bring new insight into COVID-19
30 Chromium steel was first made in ancient Persia
31 When does a second COVID surge end? Look at the maths
32 Thin and ultra-fast photodetector sees the full spectrum
33 Resuming sexual activity soon after heart attack linked with improved survival
34 The impact of human mobility on disease spread
35 Inducing plasma in biomass could make biogas easier to produce
36 New freshwater database tells water quality story for 12K lakes globally
37 New drug candidate found for hand, foot and mouth disease
38 Blood vessel growth in muscle is reduced in women after menopause
39 Better conservation planning can improve human life too
40 COVID-19: Second wave for some; others remain in first wave
41 Nationwide study shows disparities in COVID-19 infection for Black and Hispanic people
42 Most people infected with SARS-CoV-2 develop symptoms
43 Is rheumatoid arthritis two different diseases?
44 Healthier lifestyles may increase lifespan even in people with multiple chronic conditions
45 Animals lose fear of predators rapidly after they start encountering humans
46 These birds communicate by fluttering their feathers--and they have different accents
47 Kidney damage from COVID-19 linked to higher risk of in-hospital death
48 Negative pressure wound therapy does not cut infection risk in obese women after cesarean
49 Who's Tweeting about scientific research? And why?
50 Evaporation critical to coronavirus transmission as weather changes
51 Small increase in risk of autism seen for pre- and post-term births
52 Evolution of radio-resistance is more complicated than previously thought
53 World first study links obesity with reduced brain plasticity
54 'Save me Seymour!'
55 Donor-conceived adults have higher incidence of immunology diseases
56 One of the world's driest deserts is the focus of a new study on our changing climate
57 Young physicist 'squares the numbers' on time travel
58 Solving the strange storms on Jupiter
59 Novel cell membrane model could be key to uncovering new protein properties
60 Island-building in Southeast Asia created Earth's northern ice sheets
61 Driven by climate, more frequent, severe wildfires in Cascade Range reshape forests
62 Broad beans versus soybeans as feedstuff for dual-purpose chickens
63 SLAC invention could make particle accelerators 10 times smaller
64 New brain cell-like nanodevices work together to identify mutations in viruses
65 Three genes predict success of naltrexone in alcohol dependence treatment
66 Novel dual CAR T cell immunotherapy holds promise for targeting the HIV reservoir
67 UofA lab uncovers new mechanism of action against SARS-CoV-2 by antiviral drug remdesivir
68 Your neighborhood may raise your risk of chronic kidney disease
69 How microbes in a mother's intestines affect fetal neurodevelopment
70 Statins reduce COVID-19 severity, likely by removing cholesterol that virus uses to infect
71 Alcohol, nicotine mix during pregnancy increases health risk in newborns
72 New model--Antarctic ice loss expected to affect future climate change
73 Berry good news--new compound from blueberries could treat inflammatory disorders
74 New study: Face-covering use up, more people are taking COVID-19 threats seriously
75 Tandon Researchers develop method to create colloidal diamonds
76 Study suggests link between decreasing viral load and proportion of COVID-19 patients needing intensive care
77 US study shows decline in viral load of patients with COVID-19 as pandemic progressed
78 Large study confirms men have 62% increased risk of COVID-19 associated death, possibly related to higher degree of inflammation
79 Amazonia racing toward tipping point, fueled by unregulated fires
80 Study suggests elderly care home outbreaks in England were caused by multiple indepedent infections and also within-home spread
81 COVID-19 antibody studies across Brazil reveal Amazon region badly affected, with poorer Indigenous communities hit hardest
82 Oncotarget: A comprehensive analysis of clinical trials in pancreatic cancer
83 Center for BrainHealth advances technique to distinguish brain energy molecules
84 URI grad student finds PFAS in seabirds from Narragansett Bay, Massachusetts Bay, Cape Fear
85 Head to head comparison of five assays used to detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies shows Siemens and Oxford assays met regulatory targets
86 UK's preventive measures to shield homeless people from COVID-19 have prevented hundreds of deaths
87 Study shows diagnoses of common conditions at family doctor halved during COVID-19 lockdown
88 How is COVID-19 affecting Holocaust survivors?
89 Research helps people, lunar rovers, get there on time
90 Prenatal cannabis exposure associated with adverse outcomes during middle childhood
91 Scientists develop forecasting technique that could help advance quest for fusion energy
92 Multidisciplinary approaches to solving cold cases
93 BrainHealth's SMART methodology helps patients make more informed treatment decisions
94 Uncovering new understanding of Earth's carbon cycle
95 Poll: Americans' views of systemic racism divided by race
96 From carbon taxes to tax breaks, emission reduction policies have widespread support
97 Likely molecular mechanisms of SARS-CoV-2 pathogenesis are revealed by network biology
98 UAlberta researchers pinpoint how iron deposits form
99 Flood risks: More accurate data due to COVID-19
100 Feeling frisky makes you see what you want to see
101 Study shows weighted blankets can decrease insomnia severity
102 Feeding indoor cats just once a day could improve health
103 Persons with Parkinson's disease can have a brighter future
104 SARS-CoV-2 during pregnancy was not associated with complications in neonates
105 Tiny worlds reveal fundamental drivers of abundance, diversity
106 Guiding light: Skoltech technology puts a light-painting drone at your fingertips
107 NASA finds Dolphin swimming against wind shear
108 Halt post-disturbance logging in forests
109 Technology for printing customized neuroprostheses on a 3D bioprinter
110 Sanders-Brown research discovers new pathway in TDP-43 related dementias