File Title
1 New Technology Is a "Science Multiplier" for Astronomy
2 Sufficient Levels of Vitamin D Significantly Reduces Complications, Death Among COVID-19 Patients
3 Researchers in Bavaria, Germany Reduce Nitrogen with Boron and Beer
4 Astrophysicists Prove that Water Ice Is Trapped in Star Dust
5 20 Years of Ice-Cold Research: 7 Extremophile Tips for Healthy Living
6 Invention Using Terahertz Radiation Could Make Particle Accelerators 10 Times Smaller
7 Physicists Quiet the Quantum Whisper to Improve Gravitational Wave Detector Sensitivity
8 National Poll: 1 in 3 Parents Plan to Skip Flu Shots for Their Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic
9 One of the Most Extreme Planets in the Universe Analyzed with CHEOPS Space Telescope
10 This Stunning Spiral Galaxy Is Mesmerizing--Image Took 9 Hours Observation Time on Hubble Space Telescope
11 Astronomers Find Extreme Galaxy with Intense Ultraviolet Luminosity Comparable to a Quasar
12 Astrophysicists Detect Difference Between How Dark Matter Behaves in Theory and How It Appears to Act in Reality
13 Air Pollution Looms as Major Worldwide Threat--Reduces Global Health Expectancy by Two Years
14 ESA's [Phi]-Week: Digital Twin Earth, Quantum Computing and AI Take Center Stage
15 Scientists Kill Cancer Cells by "Shutting the Door" to the Nucleus--May Lead to New Type of Cancer Treatment
16 Genomic Time Travel Used to Discover New Genetic Traits to Breed More Productive and Resilient African Cattle
17 New Research May Revise a Theory of Flowing Viscous Liquids that Was Accepted for Over 60 Years
18 Area 32--How the Brain Balances Emotion and Reason
19 Plastic-Eating Super-Enzyme "Cocktail" Offers New Hope for Plastic Waste Solution
20 66 Million Years of Earth's Climate Changes Revealed in Unprecedented Detail from Ocean Sediments
21 Cold Neutrons Uncover "Floppy" Atomic Dynamics that Help Turn Heat into Electricity
22 New Hollow Optical Fiber Greatly Reduces Signal Noise
23 NASA Advancing 3D Printing Construction Systems for Bases on the Moon and Mars
24 Boldly Go! NASA's New Space Toilet Is on Its Way to the Space Station--Here's How It Works
25 Better Vaccines Are in Our Blood: Using Red Blood Cells to Generate Targeted Immune Responses
26 XMM-Newton Space Observatory Spies Youngest Baby Pulsar Ever Discovered
27 New Experiments Headed to the Space Station: Radishes, Advanced Imaging, and Liquid Metal
28 Scientists Clearer View of What Makes Glass Rigid May Lead to New Advances in High-Strength Glass
29 Seismic Ocean Thermometry: Noise from Deep-Sea Earthquakes Provides New Way to Measure Ocean Warming
30 SARS-CoV-2 RapidPlex: New Sensor Rapidly Detects COVID-19 Infection
31 Titanic Stellar Time-Lapse: Hubble Watches Exploding Star Fade into Oblivion
32 H2O Is Deceptively Complicated: First-Ever Measurements Show Supercooled Water Is Really Two Liquids in One
33 NASA's Perseverance Mars Rover Is Ready for Space Lasers
34 China's Success in Improving Air Quality by Cutting Polluting Emissions May Worsen Climate Change
35 Free App Genopo Analyzes Coronavirus Genome on a Smartphone in Less than 30 Minutes
36 New Research Finds Herd Immunity to COVID-19 Is an Impractical Strategy
37 Close Binary Trans-Neptunian Object Discovered with Help from Citizen Scientists
38 The Surprising Organization of Bird Brains: New Research Clears Up 150 Years of False Assumptions
39 Scientists Precisely Measure Total Amount of Matter & Dark Energy in the Entire Universe
40 Revolutionary Zero-Emissions Power Source: Validating the Physics Behind the New MIT-Designed Fusion Experiment
41 Common Low-Cost Antioxidant Enzyme Is Potential Treatment for COVID-19
42 Common Cold May Help Protect You from COVID-19--Here's How
43 Under-Regulated Pet Trade Leaves Thousands of Wildlife Species Vulnerable
44 Extremely Powerful Cosmic "Dark Matter Detector" Probed by Astrophysicist
45 New Genetic Systems Created by Biologists to Neutralize Gene Drives
46 Mars Express Spacecraft Has Discovered Liquid Water Ponds Buried Under the Martian Surface
47 Naked Prehistoric Monsters! Pterosaurs, Ancient Flying Reptiles, May Not Have Had Feathers at All
48 Largest Extraterrestrial Diamonds Ever Discovered: Cosmic Diamonds Formed During Gigantic Planetary Collisions
49 Rapid Greening Across Arctic Tundra Studied via NASA Satellites--"Really a Bellwether of Global Climatic Change"
50 New Analysis of Pre-COVID-19 Reports Reveals Heart-Related Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine and Chloroquine
51 Deadly Surprise: Tiny Crystals Behind Unexpected Violent Volcanic Eruptions
52 Dinosaur Feather Study Debunked: Overwhelming Evidence Supports Jurassic Fossil Belongs to Archaeopteryx
53 If It Wasn't for Jupiter, Venus Might Be Habitable Today
54 Breaking COVID-19's "Clutch" to Stop Its Spread: Small Molecule Targets SARS-CoV-2 RNA for Destruction
55 Space Station Crew Awakened by Flight Controllers After Vexing Air Leak Appeared to Grow in Size
56 Tragic Genetic Heritage: The Ancient Neanderthal Hand in Severe COVID-19
57 Yet Another Wake-Up Call--Greenland on Track to Lose Ice Faster than in Any Century Over the Last 12,000 Years
58 Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity Come Together: Astrophysicists Observe Long-Theorized Quantum Phenomena
59 Manatees Lived in Texas During the Last Ice Age
60 Dawn of the Dinosaurs Triggered by Newly Discovered Mass Extinction Event
61 Extreme Alien World Revealed by ESA's Exoplanet Observer
62 Look Out, Here Comes the Slingshot Spider!
63 Unique "Bang" in Simulations Created by Unequal Neutron-Star Mergers
64 World's Largest DNA Analysis of Viking Skeletons Yields Unexpected Results About Who They Really Were
65 Galaxies Trapped in the Web of a Supermassive Black Hole--Cosmic "Spider's Web" of Gas Extends Over 300 Times the Size of the Milky Way
66 Timing the Life of Antimatter Particles--Less than 1/50,000,000 Second--May Lead to Better Cancer Treatment
67 New Research Shows Skin Treatments Could Be Tested with Flatworms to Avoid Rabbit Skin Testing
68 MIT Identifies Counteracting Effect: Antarctic Sea Ice May Not Cap Carbon Emissions as Much as Previously Thought
69 Astronauts Continue to Try to Find the Precise Location of an Air Leak on the Space Station
70 New Detector Breakthrough Is Potential Game-Changer for Quantum Computing
71 Astronomers Spot Pair of Massive Baby Stars Growing in Salty Cosmic Soup
72 Strange Precariously Balanced Rocks Provide Earthquake Forecasting Clues
73 Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Tested Using Black Hole Shadow
74 Second Alignment Plane of Solar System Discovered After Accounting for Galactic Gravity
75 Physicists Harness the Atomic Motion of Graphene to Generate Clean, Limitless Power
76 Hunt the Skies for New Worlds Beyond Our Solar System from Home with NASA's Planet Patrol
77 Nitric Oxide a Possible Treatment for COVID-19--Only Substance to Have a Direct Effect on SARS-CoV-2
78 Looking Down at Storm from Space, NASA Finds Heavy Rainfall Ringing Major Hurricane Maria's Eye
79 48,000 Year-Old Baby Tooth Found--Belonged to One of the Last Neanderthals in Northern Italy
80 2020 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Extent the Second Lowest Since Modern Record Keeping Began
81 Strong Evidence of Zoonotic COVID-19 Transmission: Study Shows SARS-CoV-2 Jumped Between People and Mink
82 Echo Mapping Light Bursts from Supermassive Black Holes in Faraway Galaxies to Measure Vast Cosmic Distances
83 Site of Male Sexual Desire Uncovered in Brain--Where a Key Gene Named Aromatase Is Present
84 Astronauts Will Vote from Space--Here's How It Works
85 Quantum Entanglement Realized Between Distant Large Objects--Limitless Precision in Measurements Likely to Be Achievable
86 New Eco-Friendly Color Thin-Film Solar Cells
87 New Clues to Earth's Atmospheric Loss from Moon's Origin from Planet Collision Supercomputer Simulations
88 New Toilet, Science Experiments Aboard Cygnus Resupply Spacecraft on Way to International Space Station
89 Classical Evolutionary Story Overturned: Our Mud-Slurping Chinless Ancestors Had All the Moves
90 Astrophysicists Figure Out How Disk Galaxies Evolve a Smooth, Exponential Fade
91 New Method of 3D-Printing Soft Materials Could Jump-Start Creation of Tiny Medical Devices for the Body
92 Researchers Identify Key Biomarker that Predicts Who Will Have Severe COVID-19
93 What if Everyone Did That?--How We Make Moral Decisions
94 This Device Is the Most Sensitive Instrument in the Search for Life in Space
95 New Research Provides a Better Understanding of How Cirrus Clouds Form
96 New Clues to Earth's Atmospheric Loss from Moon's Origin from Planet Collision Supercomputer Simulations
97 Zero-Emissions Energy: Comprehensive Physics Basis for a New Fusion Reactor Design
98 California's Nightmare Fire Season Continues--See NASA's Latest Satellite Images
99 Scientist Warn: Toxic Chromium Could Form in Drinking Water Pipes
100 Worm Welcome for Artemis I Rocket and Spacecraft
101 5 Types of Cat Owner Identified: Which One You Are Impacts Wildlife Conservation
102 Scientists Discover SARS-CoV-2 Infection Can Relieve Pain--May Help Explain COVID-19 Spread
103 Textbooks and Geoscientists May Be Wrong About How the Alps Were Formed
104 New Evidence that an Ancient Earthquake Caused the Destruction of Canaanite Palace at Tel Kabri
105 Colossal Stellar Explosion Near Earth Revealed by Layers of Manganese Crust
106 NASA Skywatching Tips for October 2020 [Video]
107 How Do Quasiparticles Die? A Quantum Physics Whodunit
108 CERN Timepix Technology Helps Rediscover Lost Painting by the Great Renaissance Master, Raphael
109 Fang'tastic: Venom Glands Similar to Those of Snakes Found for First Time in Amphibians
110 Some Planets May Be Better for Life than Earth: Researchers Identify 24 Superhabitable Exoplanets
111 Body Size of Extinct Gigantic Megatooth Shark--Otodus Megalodon--Indeed off the Charts in the Shark World
112 26 Animals Regularly in Contact with People May Be Susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 Virus
113 Super-Micro Haptic Touch Sensor Works by Static Electricity
114 Unique Test of General Relativity Using a Black Hole--Einstein's Theory Remains Intact Even Under Extreme Conditions
115 New Composite Material Revs Up Pursuit of Ultra-Efficient Electric Vehicle Motors
116 Small Molecule Identified that Targets Genes of COVID-19 Virus for Destruction