File Title
1 Study shows similar antibody response to key SARS-CoV-2 'spike' protein in COVID-19
2 High-capacity tape for the era of big data
3 Arctic weather observations can improve hurricane track forecast accuracy
4 Setting a TRAP for pandemic-causing viruses
5 Majority of Americans trust Biden to lead US healthcare system amid COVID-19 pandemic
6 Stress-free gel
7 Men less likely to see food as national security issue amid pandemic
8 Women's incomes improve when democrats hold public office, study finds
9 Inhibiting epileptic activity in the brain
10 New algorithm sharpens focus of world's most powerful microscopes
11 INRS researchers design the world's fastest UV camera
12 Blocking immune system pathway may stop COVID-19 infection, prevent severe organ damage
13 Groundbreaking study finds activator of magnesium dynamics in the body
14 Pandemic has widened existing gaps in access to abortion services across Europe
15 US viewer preference for right-wing TV media linked to fewer preventive measures against COVID-19
16 Presented a program capable of detecting neurodegeneration biomarkers through magnetic resonance imaging
17 Potential COVID-19 vaccines not affected by dominant "G-Strain"
18 One electrode fits all functional groups
19 Drug combination proves effective in rare peripheral nerve sheath tumours
20 The black hole always chirps twice: New clues deciphering the shape of black holes
21 Breakthrough discovery in gene causing severe nerve conditions
22 Study finds fungal disease of snakes in 19 states, Puerto Rico
23 Simple solutions reduce court no-shows and subsequent arrest warrants
24 Olympic athletes should be mindful of their biological clocks
25 Heat has stronger effect on health in less developed cities, study finds
26 COVID-19 effects highlighted in research presented at ACC Quality Summit
27 Double jeopardy for ecologically rare birds and terrestrial mammals
28 Pollinator monitoring more than pays for itself
29 Ideas42 and University of Chicago Crime Lab challenge assumptions about missed court dates
30 Cannabis use appears to encourage, not replace, non-medical opioid use
31 New findings from OSIRIS-REx detail complex history of Asteroid Bennu
32 In New York City, behavioral "nudges" improve court attendance
33 Discrimination contributes to poorer heart health for LGBTQ adults
34 Nanoscale machines convert light into work
35 New method can pinpoint cracks in metal long before they cause catastrophes
36 Ants adapt tool use to avoid drowning
37 Terahertz zaps alter gene activity in stem cells
38 HIV up close: Unprecedented view of virus reveals essential steps for causing AIDS
39 New species of aquatic mice discovered, cousins of one of the world's rarest mammals
40 Musical training can improve attention and working memory in children--study
41 Psychology: Human spatial memory prioritizes high calorie foods
42 Engineered electrode material moves battery research closer to 'holy grail'
43 Mystery solved: How do tips of plants stay virus-free?
44 There's a gene for detecting that fishy smell, olfactory GWAS shows
45 Cannabis use appears to encourage, not replace, non-medical opioid use
46 New model may explain rarity of certain malaria-blocking mutations
47 Moles: Intersexual and genetically doped
48 Silence, please: UNSW scientists create quietest semiconductor quantum bits on record
49 Researchers 3D print unique micro-scale fluid channels used for medical testing
50 Rutgers experts urge ban of menthol cigarettes nationwide
51 Immune cell activation in severe COVID-19 resembles lupus
52 Hydroxychloroquine does not counter SARS-CoV-2 in hamsters, high dose of favipiravir does
53 New NIST project to build nano-thermometers could revolutionize temperature imaging
54 Antibodies from patients infected with SARS-CoV in 2003 cross-neutralized SARS-CoV-2 in vitro
55 What tiny surfing robots teach us about surface tension
56 Female surgeons perform less complex cases than male peers, likely due to systemic bias
57 Stay-at-home orders cut noise exposure nearly in half
58 More evidence of benefits of REGN-COV2 antibody cocktail to both protect from and treat disease
59 HSE University researcher develops global HIV prevention index for drug users
60 School absences correlate to impaired air quality
61 A new look at sunspots
62 Nerve cell activity shows how confident we are
63 Investing in protective gear for health care workers pays off
64 RUDN University ecologists developed new models to identify environmental pollution sources
65 Climate patterns linked in Amazon, North and South America, study shows
66 Graphene microbubbles make perfect lenses
67 Hubble sees swirls of forming stars
68 Oldest monkey fossils outside of Africa found
69 Ice melt projections may underestimate Antarctic contribution to sea level rise
70 N/A
71 Spitzer space telescope legacy chronicled in Nature Astronomy
72 New research provides fresh hope for children suffering from rare muscle diseases
73 RUDN University chemists developed a domino reaction for producing new antitumor drugs
74 Palladium catalysts can do it
75 Geologists solve puzzle that could predict valuable rare earth element deposits
76 Risk of dying from COVID-19 greater for men, unmarried and born in low and middle income countries
77 Metoprolol: an old drug with unique cardioprotective properties
78 Post-traumatic stress experienced by partners following miscarriage
79 Scientists suggest global guidelines for sustainable use of non-native trees
80 Identification of a viral factor that impairs immune responses in COVID-19 patients
81 Genomes offer new insights into fig-wasp symbiotic system
82 Pulmonary artery thrombosis a complication of radiation therapy
83 Perforated bone tissue from too little sugar
84 More than 40% of women suffer from constipation during pregnancy and right after childbirth
85 Droughts are threatening global wetlands: new study
86 A dance of histones silences transposable elements in pluripotent stem cells
87 Most nations failing to protect nature in COVID-19 pandemic recovery plans
88 The Colorado river's water supply is predictable owing to long-term ocean memory
89 Urine-based liquid biopsy test outperforms urine cytology in detecting bladder cancer
90 NYUAD researchers discover immune evasion strategy used by Malaria-causing parasite
91 Oncotarget: Rapid onset type 1 diabetes with anti-PD-1 directed therapy
92 Study shows how climate impacts food webs, poses socioeconomic threat in Eastern Africa
93 UMD researchers use artificial intelligence language tools to decode molecular movements
94 'Universal law of touch' will enable new advances in virtual reality
95 Development of cost-efficient electrocatalyst for hydrogen production
96 Four in 10 extra deaths in Lombardy not linked to COVID-19
97 Scientists find upper limit for the speed of sound
98 Black and Asian patients have increased risk of severe COVID-19 at different stages of the disease
99 Global initiative IDs keys that could unlock better personalized cancer treatments
100 The choroid plexus: A conduit for prenatal inflammation?
101 Six-Year MiSight contact lens study: 23% of eyes showed no additional myopia progression
102 Meltwater lakes are accelerating glacier ice loss
103 Planting parasites: Unveiling common molecular mechanisms of parasitism and grafting
104 Oncotarget: Characterization of porcine hepatocellular carcinoma for liver cancer
105 Donald Trump Touts Coronavirus Vaccine Coming as Soon as October
106 World's Oldest Sperm Dating 100 Million Years Found in Myanmar Amber
107 Cave Sealed Off for 5 Million Years Contains 33 Blind Creatures, Surviving Without Oxygen
108 Trump Predicts Nationwide Coronavirus Vaccine by April
109 Mining Diamonds in the Cosmos: Exoplanets Contain Diamonds in Their Cores but No Life
110 Male Octopus Gives Birth to 1000 Babies, Surprising Zookeepers in Skidaway Aquarium
111 New Dinosaur Species Dated Back to 125 Million Years Discovered in China in Perfect 'Life-like' Postures
112 NASA Plans to Land First Woman on the Moon in 2024