File Title
1 Comeback of drug-resistant neglected tropical disease tracked through genomic surveillance
2 Exercise intensity not linked to mortality risk in older adults, finds trial
3 Pregnancy complications linked to heightened risk of heart disease and stroke in later life
4 New study confirms advice given to the UK government about school closures
5 Scientists are more specialized in larger and interdisciplinary teams
6 Yes or No: Forcing a choice increased statin prescribing for heart disease patients
7 Risk of human-to-wildlife transmission of the COVID-19 virus
8 Researchers find consistent mercury levels in arctic seals
9 Applying artificial intelligence to science education
10 Protective factors against suicidal behaviors among black college students
11 Risk of deadly skin cancer may be gauged by accumulated DNA damage
12 Factors that increase or decrease suicidal behavior risk in adolescents
13 Does general anesthesia increase dementia risk?
14 A step toward a universal flu vaccine
15 Physical activity and sleep in adults with arthritis
16 Scientists reveal urgent solutions for boosting Protected Areas effectiveness
17 First relatives of rubella virus discovered in bats in Uganda and mice in Germany
18 N2O emissions pose an increasing climate threat, finds breakthrough study
19 Scientists unpack how the brain separates present from past dangers
20 Facemask use has lesser consequences on indicators of cognitive performance than expected
21 Global food production poses an increasing climate threat
22 Printing organic transistors
23 Experience and instinct: Both count when recognizing infant cries
24 Individual psychological well-being may guard heart health in Black adults
25 Seagrass restoration speeds recovery of ecosystem services
26 Could arm squeezes with blood pressure cuffs help the brain recover after stroke?
27 A hydrogel that could help repair damaged nerves
28 Past tropical forest changes drove megafauna and hominin extinctions
29 Are online grocery stores being designed to support consumer nutrition information needs?
30 A 2014 seal flu illustrates how avian flu viruses can adapt to spread between mammals
31 Electric clothes dryers: An underestimated source of microfiber pollution
32 COVID-19 disproportionately affects low-income workers' finances in developing countries
33 Major deficits in addressing mental health needs of asylum seekers
34 Sicker livestock may increase climate woes
35 Turning a hot spot into a cold spot: Fano-shaped local-field responses probed by a quantum dot
36 Polarimetric parity-time-symmetric photonic system
37 Effects of poverty on childhood development seen in children as young as 5
38 New peer reviews of COVID-19 research highlight promising, warn of misleading studies
39 Young people hospitalized with COVID-19 face substantial adverse outcomes
40 Media trust correlated with COVID-19 prevention behaviors
41 Study describes COVID-19 transmission pattern
42 Survey shows broad bipartisan support for a stronger focus on science
43 Low-hanging fruit
44 Certain pre-existing conditions may double, triple mortality risk for COVID-19
45 UCI, others see agriculture as major source of increase in atmospheric nitrous oxide
46 Scientists peer inside an asteroid
47 SwRI scientists study the rugged surface of near-Earth asteroid Bennu
48 New drug carrier systems
49 New perspectives to treat neuropschychiatric diseases
50 Cannabis ads and store location influence youth marijuana use
51 Treating cystic fibrosis with mRNA therapy or CRISPR
52 Planetary astronomer co-authors studies of asteroid as member of NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission
53 Quality control mechanism closes the protein production 'on-ramps'
54 How an egg cell's "operating manual" sets the stage for fertility
55 Researchers find increases in nitrous oxide emissions, outpacing global predictions
56 Coordinated efforts on Twitter to interfere in US elections are foreign-based
57 Vaporized metal in the air of an exoplanet
58 Experimental glioblastoma therapy shows curative powers in mice models
59 People use, trust different COVID-19 information sources depending on gender, age, and other factors
60 Genomic study reveals evolutionary secrets of banyan tree
61 Revised clinical trial rules during COVID-19 pandemic may benefit patients, survey shows
62 A new assembler for decoding genomes of microbial communities developed
63 Novel digital dashboard improves cancer case review efficiency
64 Graphene detector reveals THz light's polarization
65 Scientists reconstruct beetles from the Cretaceous
66 Protective antibodies persist for months in survivors of serious COVID-19 infections
67 Signals from distant stars connect optical atomic clocks across Earth for the first time
68 Deep-seabed mining lastingly disrupts the seafloor food web
69 Poor families must move often, but rarely escape concentrated poverty
70 Novel Radioimmunotherapy Reverses Resistance to Commonly Used Lymphoma Drug
71 'Danger molecule' associated with being obese, female and black in younger adults
72 Athletes using sport supplements are more open to doping--study
73 The Lancet Respiratory Medicine: Rapid bedside testing is faster than standard centralised PCR testing for COVID-19, and may improve infection control in hospital
74 New class of highly effective inhibitors protects against neurodegeneration
75 Scientists detect long-lived antibodies in both blood and saliva of patients with COVID-19
76 Dietary migration of Impala rivals the geographical migration of Serengeti wildebeest
77 Taking sides--factors that influence patterns in protein distribution
78 Mechanical forces of biofilms could play role in infections
79 Crabs are key to ecology and economy in Oman
80 Understanding the progress of viral infections
81 Extinctions linked to new assemblages of species
82 HKU Engineering team develops novel miniaturised organic semiconductor
83 Making bones is less difficult than was previously thought
84 Zoologists uncover new example of rapid evolution--meet the Sulawesi Babblers
85 Researchers gain new insight on metastatic prostate cancer
86 Candidates who lie more likely to win elections--new study
87 SNew solar panel design could lead to wider use of renewable energy
88 Coronavirus antibodies last at least three months after infection, study suggests
89 Oncotarget: Exosomes secreted under hypoxia enhance stemness in Ewing's sarcoma
90 The CNIO reprograms CRISPR system in mice to eliminate tumor cells without affecting healthy cells
91 Severe COVID-19 infection linked to overactive immune cells
92 Cement, salt and water: From Politecnico di Torino a new material toward green heat
93 Siberian scientists identified the most promising Russian forest products
94 Bacterial cellulose degradation system could give boost to biofuels production
95 Stem cell sheets harvested in just two days
96 World's largest experiment shows shack fires move with devastating speed
97 New measurements of the solar spectrum verify Einstein's theory of General Relativity
98 RUDN University scientist suggested a simple model of dense plasma spectral properties
99 Light stimulation makes bones heavier
100 Lack of support prolongs unemployment
101 High intensity training best for older people
102 A new species of Darwin wasp from Mexico named in observance of the 2020 quarantine period
103 Scientists developed key principles for creating an artificial vessel
104 An electrical trigger fires single, identical photons
105 Human heart in space: What can we learn from mathematical modeling
106 Researchers find "missing link" between magnetars and rotation-powered pulsars
107 The Marangoni Effect can be used to obtain freshwater from the sea
108 A new interpretation of quantum mechanics suggests reality does not depend on the measurer
109 Higher suicide risk among older immigrants with untreated depression
110 Silk fibers improve bioink for 3D-printed artificial tissues and organs