File Title
1 Astronomers turn up the heavy metal to shed light on star formation
2 This 'squidbot' jets around and takes pics of coral and fish
3 UC study: More coverage of climate wanted
4 A diet high in prunes prevents bone loss associated with spinal cord injuries
5 Testing for a lipoprotein linked to heart risk is as effective as blood work
6 Federal data undercounts Hurricane Irma's impact on mortality of nursing home residents
7 Novel testing platform designed for breast cancer cells
8 Toothless dino's lost digits point to spread of parrot-like species
9 Plasma scientists optimize plant growth and yield
10 Fighting pandemics with plasma
11 Risk of self-harm increases for boys and girls who experience earlier puberty
12 How mobile apps grab our attention
13 Catheter ablation linked to reduced risk of dementia in patients with atrial fibrillation
14 'COVID-19 free' hospital areas could save lives after surgery--global study
15 Telehealth trains parents to improve behavior skills of children with autism
16 Research identifies sperm biomarker associated with couples' pregnancy probability
17 Targeting our second brain to fight diabetes
18 Hydrogen embrittlement creates complications for clean energy storage, transportation
19 Supercharged 'clones' spark scarlet fever's re-emergence
20 Can your diet help protect the environment?
21 Social media postings linked to hate crimes
22 Battling with neighbors could make animals smarter
23 Alzheimer's risk gene disrupts endocytosis, but another disease-linked gene could help
24 Watch how cells squeeze through channels
25 Exploring the golden hour: Delays in trauma treatment linked to disability and death
26 COVID-score: A tool to evaluate public perception of countries' response to the pandemic
27 Temple researchers discover drug resistance mechanism in leukemia, ID treatment strategy
28 Indirect effects of the COVID-19 pandemic coincide with a heavy mental health burden
29 Pregnant women with severe COVID-19 face additional risks and early delivery
30 Chromosome defects seen from over-exchange of DNA in sperm and eggs
31 DNA test identifies genetic causes of severe fetal and newborn illness
32 Airdropping sensors from moths
33 Early COVID-19 cases in Southern California linked to New York
34 Hearts harvested from pigs may soon help solve chronic shortages of these donor organs
35 Enhanced reimbursement to oncology clinics increases prescriptions of evidence-based drugs
36 Women are more concerned about COVID-19 than men, Dartmouth-Gallup study finds
37 Detecting SARS-CoV-2 in the environment
38 Urban air pollution may make COVID-19 more severe for some
39 NYUAD study uses mathematical modeling to identify an optimal school return approach
40 Next-gen smartphones to keep their cool
41 Same-gender couples interact better than heterosexual couples
42 Study finds older adults using cannabis to treat common health conditions
43 The effects of oxytocin on social anxiety depend on location, location, location
44 Boosting chickens' own immune response could curb disease
45 First detailed look at how molecular Ferris wheel delivers protons to cellular factories
46 Polar ice, atmospheric water vapor biggest drivers of variation among climate models
47 Mouse study suggests parental response to infant distress is innate but adapts to change
48 New approach helps EMTs better assess chest pain en route to hospital
49 Sensory device stimulates ears and tongue to treat tinnitus in large trial
50 Simple sugar possible therapy for repairing myelin in multiple sclerosis
51 Oral cancer pain predicts likelihood of cancer spreading
52 Paleontologists identify new species of mosasaur
53 Mammals share gene pathways that allow zebrafish to grow new eyes
54 New research determines if political "air war" or "ground game" is most effective
55 The good cough and the bad cough
56 Aerodynamicists reveal link between fish scales and aircraft drag
57 New biomarker to prevent graft-versus-host disease in stem cell transplants discovered
58 Unusually shallow earthquake ruptures in Chinese fracking field
59 Climate change could mean fewer sunny days for hot regions banking on solar power
60 UCI biochip innovation combines AI and nanoparticle printing for cancer cell analysis
61 Feline friendly? How to build rap-paw with your cat--new psychology study
62 Looking for pieces of Venus? Try the moon
63 RUDN University soil scientists: Green suburbs can be more harmful than city centers
64 High-speed photos shine a light on how metals fail
65 Data tool helps users manage water resources, protect infrastructure
66 UMD researchers develop tools to sharpen 3D view of large RNA molecules
67 New research explores how super flares affect planets' habitability
68 The Lancet Planetary Health: Restricting supermarket promotions of high-sugar food and drinks reduces sales without reducing store profits
69 Beat the heat: Novel passive cooling device for surfaces and enclosed spaces
70 New efficacies of Ganoderma lucidum: Treatment of skin conditions like atopic dermatitis
71 Trust and income inequality fueling the spread of COVID-19
72 Intelligent nanomaterials for photonics
73 JNCCN: New research finds low bone health testing rates after prostate cancer treatment
74 Symptoms of COVID-19 are a poor marker of infection, new UK population study shows
75 Molecular swarm rearranges surface structures atom by atom
76 Phosphorus deficit may disrupt regional food supply chains
77 Long-term consequences difficult to predict
78 Cerenkov luminescence imaging identifies surgical margin status in radical prostatectomy
79 Study identifies brain cells most affected by epilepsy and new targets for their treatment
80 Faster COVID-19 testing with simple algebraic equations
81 Advanced prostate cancer has an unexpected weakness that can be targeted by drugs
82 Invisible threat: Listeria in smoked fish
83 Diamonds are a quantum scientist's best friend
84 Teens diagnosed with depression show reduction in educational achievement
85 Taking the STING out of MND
86 New findings pave the way to environmentally friendly supercapacitors
87 Study confirms genetic link in cerebral palsy
88 The world's first successful identification and characterization of in vivo senescent cells
89 Cortex-wide variation of neuronal cellular energy levels depending on the sleep-wake states
90 The propagation of admixture-derived evolutionary potential
91 Molecular mechanism of cross-species transmission of primate lentiviruses
92 Moon's magnetic crust research sees scientists debunk long-held theory
93 Native milkweed cultivars planted by the public can support monarch butterflies and bees
94 Microneedles for therapeutic gene delivery
95 Fighting intestinal infections with the body's own endocannabinoids
96 Broken promises: Almost 80% of threatened species lack sufficient protection
97 COVID-19 has a prolonged effect for many during pregnancy
98 Study finds 'missing link' in the evolutionary history of carbon-fixing protein rubisco
99 Traveling brain waves help detect hard-to-see objects
100 COVID-19 to COVID-20
101 Neanderthals already had their characteristic barrel-shaped rib cages at birth
102 Why some friends make you feel more supported than others
103 Discovery of a new key player in long-term memory
104 Sea-level rise projections can improve with state-of-the-art model
105 Clashing medications put older adults at risk but many haven't had a pharmacist check them
106 Plant-based spray could be used in n95 masks and energy devices
107 Deep learning takes on synthetic biology
108 Women's expected longevity linked to age at birth of last child
109 Stopping opioid-related addiction, harm and accidents after surgery
110 Amniotic fluid may yield new, better treatment for ischemic stroke