File Title
1 Coronavirus testing: Education secretary defends system for schools
2 University entrance: The 'taboo' about who doesn't go
3 University students: Tips and tricks to help you cope in a pandemic
4 Women in computing--there is good news and bad
5 Coronavirus restrictions: 'I'm going to struggle at university because of my ADHD'
6 Coronavirus: The story of the big U-turn of the summer
7 Williamson defends use of calculated exam grades
8 The marathon runner doctors thought might spend his life in a wheelchair
9 'We sprang Grandma from the care home'
10 Covid: Northumbria University confirms 770 cases among students
11 Covid-19: Ipswich nurse's triplets pregnancy 'could've been so different'
12 Covid: Pandemic job hunt putting young lives 'on pause'
13 Cardigan family trapped in burning house after arson attack
14 Students should be allowed home now to learn online, says NUS
15 Coronavirus: What does it take to close a school?
16 Will next summer's exams be cancelled?
17 Special educational needs and disabilities: The 'forgotten' children
18 The British town with a third 'nationality'
19 Covid: What is the risk to Donald Trump's health?
20 Covid: Donald Trump and Melania test positive
21 Coronavirus: Paris poised for maximum Covid alert
22 Coronavirus: Is the rate of growth in Africa slowing down?
23 Berlin patient: First person cured of HIV, Timothy Ray Brown, dies
24 Chrissy Teigen and John Legend speak of 'deep pain' of losing baby
25 Coronavirus: Delirium 'key symptom' in frail older people
26 Covid symptoms: Is it a cold, flu or coronavirus?
27 Covid-19 pandemic: Tracking the global coronavirus outbreak
28 How Covid-19 myths are merging with the QAnon conspiracy theory
29 Coronavirus: What are the UK travel quarantine rules?
30 Opioid epidemic: The other public health crisis killing Canadians
31 Covid in Wales: How many cases and deaths have there been?
32 Covid: Care homes policies violated human rights, says Amnesty
33 Covid: UK announces 12,872 new cases after technical glitch
34 Covid: Six months' shielding 'enough to drive you insane'
35 Why some Nigerian families lock up children and the mentally ill
36 Covid: Undetected breast cancer warning for thousands of women
37 Covid-19: Great Yarmouth infection rate nearly doubles in week
38 Coronavirus: Flu vaccinations 'more important than ever'
39 Choice blindness: Do you know yourself as well as you think?
40 Mental health in the Punjabi community: 'I see stigma everywhere'
41 Covid: 13 deaths linked to Royal Glamorgan Hospital outbreak
42 Covid: Growth in Covid cases 'may be levelling off'
43 Disappearing Covid-19 app alerts cause alarm
44 Simulating subsurface ocean currents key to El Nino models, warming predictions
45 Ocean currents will have more intense heat waves as climate warms
46 Meteorite study suggests Earth has always been wet
47 U.S. spy satellite launch halted 3 seconds before liftoff
48 SpaceX launches satellite for Argentina into polar orbit
49 Deadly weather more likely to spur local climate policy changes
50 Pesticide-free farming yields billions in annual benefits in Asia-Pacific
51 Being a jerk won't get you a promotion, study says
52 New laser-based tool is so fast it can observe chemical reactions
53 Mastodons migrated vast distances in response to climate change
54 Thought to be extinct for 50 years, New Guinea singing dog was thriving all along
55 Full 'Corn Moon' rises in September for 1st time in 3 years
56 Common, rare species equally vulnerable to climate change
57 LIGO, Virgo detectors record collision of massive black holes
58 Engineers test Space Launch System rocket booster in Utah
59 Bus drivers in Australia less likely to let Black passengers hitch a free ride
60 SpaceX launches 60 Starlink satellites from Florida
61 Hot asphalt releases chemicals that contribute to air pollution
62 Acts of kindness provide givers a boost of good health
63 Limestone artifacts from ancient royal mansion unearthed in Jerusalem
64 Older bulls hold important leadership roles in elephant societies
65 Planet-forming disks with misaligned rings discovered in multi-star system
66 Study: Models underestimate amount of carbon absorbed by Earth's oceans
67 Prolonged microgravity exposure doesn't cause loss of brain tissue
68 Unfair playing fields, pay gaps drag down everyone's motivation
69 Plants might be able to help forensic scientists find dead bodies
70 Study reveals how stone forests get their spikes
71 Fossils suggest carbon's influence on climate could grow as planet warms
72 Gen Z isn't all that into lab-grown meat, according to new study
73 Unconscious learning fosters belief in God, study finds
74 Halo of warm gas explains massive size of the Magellanic Stream
75 Ocean salinity study reveals amplification of Earth's water cycle
76 Study predicts increase in mosquito-borne diseases as planet warms
77 Columbus may not have introduced syphilis to Europe, study says
78 Earth's Van Allen radiation belts double as particle accelerator
79 For small island nations, marine plastic cleanup is prohibitively expensive
80 Without otters, Alaskan reefs more vulnerable to climate change, urchins
81 Northrop's 'life extension' spacecraft heads to the rescue
82 More than 90% of the world's protected areas are disconnected
83 Pandemic has led to 'infodemic' of scientific literature, researchers warn
84 New quantum thermometer can measure a fever in a tiny worm
85 Earthquake may have destroyed Canaanite palace 3,700 years ago
86 Seeds of nonnative plants hitch rides on refrigerated shipping containers
87 Astronomers characterize Uranian moons using new imaging analysis
88 Rare molecule in Venus' atmosphere could be sign of life
89 Some American cities could grow all their food locally, study finds
90 Humans have been degrading the American tropics for 500 years
91 Slippery when wet: Fish, seaweed to help cargo ships reduce fluid friction
92 Warming climate to shift threat of West Nile virus in the U.S.
93 Farmed soils are thinning across the globe, study finds
94 The biggest fish in the sea are females, survey shows
95 DNA data shows not all Vikings were Scandinavian
96 Paleontologists find evidence of new mass extinction 233 million years ago
97 SpaceX postpones Starlink launch from Florida
98 Study: Full transition to electric cars would improve U.S. air, health
99 DNA suggests horses didn't originate in Anatolia
100 Scientists teach bees to pollinate sunflowers based on scent
101 Astronomers observe stellar winds from aging stars in unprecedented detail
102 Study: Cleanup, management won't save ecosystems from plastic pollution
103 Bushmeat trade changes hint at erosion of cultural taboos in West Africa
104 Citizen scientists help improve space weather forecasts
105 Ancient footprints in Saudi Arabia help track human migrations out of Africa
106 Study: Commercial fisheries regularly catch threatened, endangered species
107 Ryugu's rubble suggests its short life has been rather turbulent
108 Study highlights carbon sequestration services provided by U.S. forests
109 Scientists publish water quality database for 12,000 freshwater lakes
110 Scientists confirm Alan Turing's explanation for Australian fairy circles
111 Sounds made by fluttering feathers help fork-tailed flycatchers communicate
112 Once exposed to humans, animals start to lose their fear of predators
113 Search and rescue dogs fared well after work at 9/11 sites
114 Experience, charisma will steer NASA's choice for first woman on moon
115 Warmer air, soil temperatures are driving greening in the Arctic
116 Robot beats humans at curling thanks to deep learning program