File Title
1 A putative mechanism that switches brain pathology from anxiety to depression discovered
2 Potential new tool for frost screening in crops
3 COVID-19: Social dilemmas about protective measures
4 New research on cataract surgery in order to improve health care
5 Hidden DNA fragment the 'trigger switch' for male development
6 Tweaks to land-based conservation efforts would pay huge freshwater ecosystem dividends
7 Coastal flooding will disproportionately impact 31 million people globally
8 Babies' random choices become their preferences
9 Genetic tracing 'barcode' is rapidly revealing COVID-19's journey and evolution
10 Enhancing blood sugar control boosts brain health for people with type 2 diabetes
11 Physicists build circuit that generates clean, limitless power from graphene
12 Vaccine ingredients could be hiding in small molecule libraries
13 New nanotechology design provides hope for personalized vaccination for treating cancer
14 New tool shows main highways of disease development
15 Laundry lint can cause significant tissue damage within marine mussels
16 Woodpeckers' drumming: Conserved meaning despite different structure over the years
17 Lab grown tumour models could lead to improved ovarian cancer treatments
18 Liquid biopsy faster than tissue biopsy, improves time to treat
19 Liquid biopsies timely and effective testing method for NSCLC patients in Canada
20 Cancer immunotherapy 'uniquely suppressed' by liver tumors
21 Face masks unlikely to cause over-exposure to CO2, even in patients with lung disease
22 Study highlights shortcomings in telemedicine despite large increases in remote consults during COVID-19 pandemic
23 The mode of detection of high-risk breast cancers is linked to patient prognosis
24 Biomedical sciences researchers find new way to prevent and cure rotavirus, other viral infections
25 A social-belonging intervention improves STEM outcomes for ESL students
26 Transportation barriers to care may increase likelihood of emergency surgical intervention
27 Pregnant women have better outcomes after immediate surgery for complicated appendicitis
28 Program to improve outcomes for geriatric surgery patients shows promise
29 STOP THE BLEED training has saved lives from Sierra Leone to Connecticut
30 Virtual follow-up care is more convenient and just as beneficial to surgical patients
31 New artificial intelligence models show potential for predicting outcomes
32 Study shows need for balance in post-surgery opioid prescribing guidelines
33 All members of military surgical teams can benefit from military-civilian partnerships
34 Hospitals serving minority patients follow breast cancer recommendations at similar rate
35 Surgery for benign breast disease does not impair future breastfeeding capability
36 Female Spanish-only speakers get screening mammograms less often than other women
37 Treating DCIS with surgery and radiotherapy lowers cancer risk but benefits drop over time
38 Black children more than twice as likely to die after surgical complications
39 Significant decline in prescription opioid abuse seen among Americans at last
40 COVID-19 testing of children before anesthesia saves PPE
41 National Trust suffers 'worst year' for ash dieback
42 Some landscapes show resistance to ash dieback
43 Ash dieback: NI's native ash trees face fatal disease
44 Climate: The week Boris Johnson turned green, or did he?
45 Covid-19: Funding crisis threatens zoos' vital conservation work
46 Extinction crisis: World leaders say it is time to act
47 Biodiversity: Why the nature crisis matters, in five graphics
48 Covid: Vaccine will 'not return life to normal in spring'
49 Plastic straw ban in England comes into force
50 Two-fifths of plants at risk of extinction, says report
51 Sir David Attenborough warns world leaders over extinction crisis
52 Nuclear power: Are we too anxious about the risks of radiation?
53 Plug-in hybrids are a 'wolf in sheep's clothing'
54 Is there life floating in the clouds of Venus?
55 NASA outlines plan for first woman on Moon by 2024
56 M87*: History-making supermassive black hole seen to do a shimmy
57 Vera Rubin: Super telescope's giant camera spies broccoli
58 Moon booster rocket fired up in critical test
59 What wobbling rocks can tell us about nuclear safety
60 Has the world started to take climate change fight seriously?
61 Mossmorran: Environmental officers probe chemical plant flaring
62 Abergwyngregyn homes hit by floods for second time
63 Norwich Cathedral peregrine preserved after death 'for education'
64 Prince Louis joins George and Charlotte to quiz Sir David Attenborough
65 Whitehaven coal mine approved for third time
66 Welsh Water 'playing with nature' lowering Llyn Anafon water level
67 Fingringhoe Wick thriving five years after sea wall breach
68 Green Party: Lockdown was 'a glimpse of something new,' says co-leaders
69 NASA Wallops launch: Astronauts to test new $23 million toilet at space station
70 Rescuers' efforts to herd whales from Gare Loch 'unsuccessful'
71 Endangered flapper skate hatches at Oban aquarium
72 Whitehead residents to be paid for returning single-use plastics
73 The British town with a third 'nationality'
74 US election 2020: 'Why I bought a voting machine on eBay'
75 Designer makes 77,000 pounds from iPhone icons in a week
76 Disappearing Covid-19 app alerts cause alarm
77 Airbnb blocks US Halloween bookings over party fears
78 Nintendo wins 1.5 million pounds in Switch hacking case
79 Huawei 'failed to improve UK security standards'
80 US Senate subpoenas heads of Google, Facebook and Twitter
81 Amazon Ring: Phantom smart doorbell chimes alarm owners
82 Blackbaud: Bank details and passwords at risk in giant charities hack
83 E-scooters should be legalised says Transport Committee
84 Google Pixel phone 'designed for economic downturn'
85 Should you be buying a second-hand smartphone?
86 US 2020 election: Social media's nightmare scenario
87 Coronavirus doctor's diary: Trying out tech that may help make worship Covid-secure
88 NHS Covid-19 app: 12m downloads--and lots of questions
89 'I monitor my staff with software that takes screenshots'
90 Trump did not call Covid-19 a 'hoax'--and other false claims
91 Chinese vlogger dies after 'set on fire by ex during live stream'
92 US election 2020: Twitter removes Iranian accounts disrupting debate
93 What is the cost of 'cancel culture'?
94 Coronavirus: How does Covid-19 test-and-trace work?
95 Blackbaud: Bank details and passwords at risk in giant charities hack
96 US election 2020: Facebook bans more political ads
97 Red Funnel ferry firm's IT system hit by 'malicious attack'
98 Europe helps Vodafone grow for first time since 2008
99 Covid: Northumbria University confirms 770 cases among students
100 He's stuck in a room with Covid miles from home, says student's dad
101 Students should be allowed home now to learn online, says NUS
102 Nottingham students unhappy with conditions in 'prison' halls
103 Will next summer's exams be cancelled?
104 Covid: Plea to end remote teaching 'postcode lottery'
105 Emergency powers adopted to require schools to teach online
106 Cambridge University to cut fossil fuel investments by 2030
107 One-in-20 pupils at home with lockdown-related issues
108 Schools in poorer areas lack catch-up cash
109 Quadrupling in schools sending pupils home in Covid cases
110 Coronavirus: 'Booking a test is like getting Harry Potter tickets'