File Title
1 Study: Unnecessary stress testing performed prior to knee and hip replacement surgeries
2 Nurture trumps nature in determining severity of PTSD symptoms
3 Using machine learning to predict pediatric brain injury
4 Repurposed anti-malarial compounds kill diarrheal parasite, study finds
5 New research sheds light on the reluctance of farmers to adopt new technologies
6 Gene expression altered by direction of forces acting on cell
7 Rise of the mutants: New uOttawa-led research to improve enzyme design methodologies
8 Hubble observes spectacular supernova time-lapse
9 Hubble watches exploding star fade into oblivion
10 Fans arrive like butterflies: Pearl Jam concerts drive tourism, hotel demand
11 Vaccine opposition online uniting around 'civil liberties' argument
12 Zika infections drastically underreported during 2015 epidemic
13 University of Ottawa study finds self-harm may be socially contagious among adolescents
14 Marketing study investigates impact of Viagra TV ads on birth rates
15 Tunable free-electron X-ray radiation from van der Waals materials
16 Conservation planning in Amazon should prioritize aquatic biodiversity, study concludes
17 Two molecular handshakes for hearing
18 Ezintsha study provides new data on current ART regimens with concerns about weight gain
19 How Steak-umm became a social media phenomenon during the pandemic
20 Social isolation increases anxiety and asymmetry in brain atrophy in Alzheimer's disease
21 Cause of 1990s Argentina cholera epidemic uncovered
22 Noble metal clusters can enhance performance of catalysts and save resources
23 Coupling antibiotics with stem cells to fight off bone infections
24 Danish King got enshrined in his own clothes, appeared with his brothers' when examined
25 Ultrasensitive microwave detector developed
26 Carbon-carbon covalent bonds far more flexible than presumed
27 Why writing by hand makes kids smarter
28 Record-breaking, floating laser resonator
29 Chemical innovation stabilizes best-performing perovskite formulation
30 Internet gaming youth not more prone to psychiatric disorders
31 High risk of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism in patients with COVID-19
32 800 million children still exposed to lead
33 Why drugs sometimes cause receptor potentiation rather than inhibition
34 Decent living for all does not have to cost the Earth
35 Fecal transplantation can restore the gut microbiota of C-section babies
36 Tumor progression depends on the tumor microenvironment
37 Research: COVID-19 is echoed in dreams
38 'Social cells' related to social behavior identified in the brain
39 Dementia caregivers' stress leads to sleep deprivation
40 LED-based UV irradiation safely prevents the loss of bone and muscle mass in mice
41 Study: Sleep apnea treatment reduces heart problems in patients with prediabetes
42 Carb-eating bacteria under viral threat
43 Scientists map genes controlling immune system 'brakes'
44 Clinician survey reveals significant variation in ultrasound-guided PIV insertion
45 Researchers advance COVID-19 antibody knowledge with paper in journal
46 Black hole shadow puts general relativity to the test
47 Ecological power storage battery made of vanillin
48 The most sensitive optical receivers yet for space communications
49 Amazon study shows big conservation gains possible for imperilled freshwater ecosystems
50 Einstein's description of gravity just got much harder to beat
51 AGA releases largest report on safety and effectiveness of fecal microbiota transplantation
52 Climate: Iodic acid influences cloud formation at the North Pole
53 Stem cells can help repair spinal cord after injury
54 Scientists repeat century-old study to reveal evidence of evolutionary rescue in the wild
55 Mud-slurping chinless ancestors had all the moves
56 Sticking together
57 COVID-19 pandemic has created flood of potentially substandard research
58 Men predominate in 85%+ COVID-19 decision-making/advisory bodies globally
59 Earthquake forecasting clues unearthed in strange precariously balanced rocks
60 DNA changes in healthy bladder provide clues on how cancer arises
61 Researchers call for loss of smell to be recognized globally as a symptom of COVID-19
62 Study details strategies to address barriers keeping older adults out of clinical trials
63 Alien species to increase by 36% worldwide by 2050
64 Foreign election interference focuses on cultivating distrust, reducing consensus
65 Pattern in whale songs predicts migration
66 Flexible and biodegradable electronic blood vessels
67 Researchers reveal which benign breast disease is most likely to develop into cancer
68 HER2+ breast cancer patients live longer if drugs given before surgery eradicate tumour
69 Risk of heart disease in breast cancer patients can be predicted from routine scans
70 Planaria flatworms can be alternative screening tool to avoid rabbit skin testing
71 ESO telescope spots galaxies trapped in the web of a supermassive black hole
72 Timing the life of antimatter particles may lead to better cancer treatment
73 Influence of bots on spreading vaccine information not as big as you think
74 How cells build organisms
75 From San Diego to Italy, study suggests wisdom can protect against loneliness
76 Feeding C-section newborns their mother's poop may help build healthy microbiota
77 COVID-19 antibodies in donated plasma decline within first months after symptom onset
78 Survey finds American support for human-animal chimera research
79 Blue whales change their tune before migrating
80 Pathogens in the mouth induce oral cancer
81 How scientific leaders can enact anti-racist action in their labs
82 COVID-19 infects majority of bad dreams--study
83 Yan report's claims that SARS-CoV-2 was created in a Chinese lab are misleading, unethical
84 Sex-specific adverse drug effects identified by Columbia University algorithm
85 DECT in the ED: better diagnoses, less follow-up, more savings
86 Subsidized cars help low-income families economically, socially
87 Scale-adaptive auto-context-guided fetal US segmentation with structured random forests
88 New COVID test doesn't use scarce reagents, catches all but the least infectious
89 Personalized cancer therapy improves outcomes in advanced disease, says study
90 Harvesting vegetation on riparian buffers barely reduces water-quality benefits
91 Caesarean birth, prolonged labour influence infant gut bacteria, risk of childhood obesity
92 Smartphone surveys find a connection between daily spiritual experiences and well-being
93 Future climate changes in nature reserves
94 Forsyth researchers demonstrate how changing the stem cell response to inflammation may reverse periodontal disease
95 Nitric oxide a possible treatment for COVID-19
96 Research shows cell perturbation system could have medical applications
97 National Academies release framework for equitable allocation of a COVID-19 vaccine for adoption by HHS, state, tribal, local, and territorial authorities
98 Medicine for multiple sclerosis patients inhibits coronavirus--at least in a test tube
99 Users of blood pressure medicine have a lower risk of dying from influenza and pneumonia
100 Climate change responsible for record sea temperature levels, says study
101 Solving global challenges using insect research
102 UArizona Health Sciences researchers identify new target for creating flavivirus vaccines
103 New model examines how societal influences affect US political opinions
104 New clues about the link between stress and depression
105 How speech propels pathogens
106 Cheating birds mimic host nestlings to deceive foster parents
107 Searching for the chemistry of life
108 A factor limiting recovery from bleaching in corals
109 Could a poo transplant one day be the secret of eternal youth?
110 Awakening after a sleeping pill