File Title
1 Electro-optical device provides solution to faster computing memories and processors
2 Armored with plastic 'hair' and silica, new perovskite nanocrystals show more durability
3 When solids and liquids meet: In nanoscale detail
4 Solving the thermoelectric 'trade-off' conundrum with metallic carbon nanotubes
5 2-D materials boost carrier multiplication
6 New treatment for brain tumors uses electrospun fiber
7 Hiring antibodies as nanotechnology builders
8 The direct observation of van der Waals stacking-dependent interlayer magnetism
9 Grain boundaries in graphene do not affect spin transport
10 Smog-eating graphene composite reduces atmospheric pollution
11 Electron correlations in carbon nanostructures
12 Towards high quality zinc oxide quantum dots for biomedical applications
13 Researchers develop a mass-producible, centimeter-scale metalens for VR, imaging
14 Successful instrument guidance through deep and convulted blood vessel networks
15 Researchers use sound to deliver drugs
16 Auxetic membranes: Paradoxical replacement tissue for medicine
17 New high-performance triboelectric materials fabricated from by-products of petroleum refining process
18 Freeze frame: Scientists capture atomic-scale snapshots of artificial proteins
19 Graphene takes off in composites for planes and cars
20 Artificial cells act more like the real thing
21 Nanocontainer ships titan-size gene therapies and drugs into cells
22 Researchers develop new method to remove dust on solar panels
23 Organic packaging to protect enzymes
24 Imec shows excellent performance in ultra-scaled FETs with 2-D-material channel
25 Conductive polymer nanoantennas for dynamic organic plasmonics
26 A tech jewel: Converting graphene into diamond film
27 Lighting up cardiovascular problems using nanoparticles
28 How to induce magnetism in graphene
29 Combined technique measures nanostructures 10 times better than before
30 Blueprint for nanomaterial development offers hope to newborns, elderly and busy doctors
31 New spray gel could help take the bite out of frostbite
32 A more efficient way to turn saltwater into drinking water
33 Novel e-skin achieves self-powered hippocampal neural stimulation
34 Researchers perfect nanoscience tool for studies of nuclear waste storage
35 Deadly 'superbugs' destroyed by molecular drills
36 Scientists explain why some molecules spontaneously arrange themselves into five slices of nanoscale pie
37 A self-cleaning surface that repels even the deadliest superbugs
38 Researchers create synthetic nanopores made from DNA
39 Better studying superconductivity in single-layer graphene
40 Nanoscience breakthrough: Probing particles smaller than a billionth of a meter
41 Growing carbon nanotubes with the right twist
42 More efficient risk assessment for nanomaterials
43 It's always a good hair day for Leptothrix cholodnii
44 A new tool tidies up molecules at the nano level
45 Plasma ionization-based 3-D titania nanofiber-like webs to enhance bioreactivity and osteoconductivity of biomaterials
46 Researchers combine quantum dot 'atoms' and create new 'molecules'
47 Hydrogels control inflammation to help healing
48 What happens to gold nanoparticles in cells?
49 How we transport water in our bodies inspires new water filtration method
50 Researchers observe brain-like behavior in nanoscale device
51 Advanced viral nanovaccine for cancer immunotherapy
52 Researchers close in on new nonvolatile memory
53 Ultrathin gold nanoribbons with unique hexagonal crystal phase shows 'liquid-like' behaviour
54 Paper-based test could diagnose Lyme disease at early stages
55 Proof of a decades-old theory hides in the thinnest of materials
56 Improved 3-D nanoprinting technique to build nanoskyscrapers
57 Iron selenide quantum dots for in vivo multiphoton biomedical imaging
58 Artificial 'inclusion bodies' created for controlled drug release
59 Researchers apply temperature gradients to grow and move liquid crystals
60 Why are alloy metal nanoparticles better than monometallic ones for CNT growth?
61 From 3-D to 2-D and back: reversible conversion of lipid spheres into ultra-thin sheets
62 Researchers break the geometric limitations of moire pattern in graphene heterostructures
63 Chemist develops a way to produce new materials for solar panels
64 Scientists create thin films with tantalizing electronic properties
65 New nano-barrier for composites could strengthen spacecraft payloads
66 Computing with molecules: A big step in molecular spintronics
67 2-D materials: Arrangement of atoms measured in silicene
68 Elastic kirigami patch for electromyographic analysis of the palm muscle during baseball pitching
69 New class of crosslinker-free nanofiber biomaterials from Hydra nematocyst proteins
70 Harnessing hot carriers for high efficiency solar cells
71 How nanoparticles from the environment enter the brain
72 Numerical evidence for the merger of MOTSs inside a binary black hole
73 Bringing ideas to life through experimental physics
74 New printer creates extremely realistic colorful holograms
75 In classical and quantum secure communication practical randomness is incomplete
76 Scientists spy unstable semiconductors
77 Extending electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectroscopy to nanoliter volume protein single crystals
78 Researchers find best classroom shapes for fish swimming in schools
79 Commemorating 30 years of optical vortices: A comprehensive review
80 'Hot' electrons in metallic nanostructures--non-thermal carriers or heating?
81 Light-based 'tractor beam' assembles materials at the nanoscale
82 Why is ice so slippery?
83 Chemists observe 'spooky' quantum tunneling
84 Nuclear--Out of this world
85 Scientists probe the limits of ice
86 Laser pulses create topological state in graphene
87 Study observes anomalous decay of coherence in a dissipative many-body system
88 Black holes sometimes behave like conventional quantum systems
89 Researchers design 'intelligent' metamaterial to make MRIs affordable and accessible
90 Physics of windshield-cracking raindrops could demolish kidney stones
91 Engineers exploit the repeating structure of turbulence to create a more complete model of the phenomenon
92 Target practice: Perfecting the Mu2e production target
93 Under pressure: a new experimental apparatus gathers more insight on magnetic and superconducting states
94 Intelligent metasurface imager and recognizer
95 World-leading microscopes take candid snapshots of atoms in their 'neighborhoods'
96 Rotational form of spontaneous crystallographic ordering discovered in ferroic material
97 Simulations show how massive black holes could be formed by mergers
98 CERN appoints Gianotti, first female chief, to second term
99 New measurement yields smaller proton radius
100 Researchers model avalanches in two dimensions
101 Flatland light: Researchers create rewritable optical components for 2-D light waves
102 Researchers measure wake of supersonic projectiles
103 Thorium superconductivity: Scientists discover new high-temperature superconductor
104 The hidden ability of synchrotron radiation to perform coherent control
105 Obtaining order in the "frustrated" landscape of disordered magnetism
106 Machine learning enhances light-beam performance at the advanced light source
107 Researchers convert 2-D images into 3-D using deep learning
108 Blurry imaging limits clarified thanks to information technology
109 A new type of fire, the fuel of the future?
110 A new way to measure gravity: Using floating atoms
111 New research synthesizes different aspects of causality in quantum field theory