File Title
1 Gender-tailored treatment could ease opioid epidemic
2 Freestanding emergency departments may increase out-of-pocket spending for patients
3 Research team identifies potential target for restoring movement after spinal cord injury
4 Does Medicaid managed care impact obstetrical care and birth outcomes?
5 Study links longer exposure to obesity and earlier development of obesity to increased risk of type 2 diabetes
6 Vitamin D alone doesn't prevent fractures, new study finds
7 CDC study breaks down diabetes risk for Hispanic, Asian subgroups
8 FDA gives first Ebola vaccine for adults the green light
9 New studies show vaping illnesses tapering off
10 Parents: Turkey makes great leftovers--opioids do not
11 When does your child's flu merit an ER visit?
12 Unique cancer drug discovered with help from Advanced Light Source begins historical clinical trial
13 Hair growth finding could make baldness 'optional'
14 Protein signposts guide formation of neural connections
15 No difference in results when surgeries are performed by US- or foreign-trained surgeons
16 How undoing Obamacare would harm more than the health of Americans
17 To battle opioid crisis, some track overdoses in real time
18 Scientists find easier way to harvest healing factors from adult stem cells in the lab
19 Hangovers happen as your body tries to protect itself from alcohol's toxic effects
20 Fewer fats over the festive season may be the perfect formula for men's fertility
21 Tourism may lead to health risk for industry workers, new study finds
22 DNA database sold to help law-enforcement crack cold cases
23 Gene regulation linked to energy production
24 New research uncovers the downside of ridesharing and alcohol consumption
25 Caring for mates, not number of beers, is responsible drinking
26 Why purple sweet potatoes belong on your holiday table
27 Tuberculosis vaccine lowers rates of Alzheimer's disease in cancer patients
28 Poorest patients most at risk from emergency surgery
29 Ketogenic diet protects fruit fly brains from concussions
30 Can you die from a common cold?
31 'Cure or nothing' doesn't capture the realities of modern cancer research and treatment
32 Researchers turn to Yelp reviews to learn how patients with addiction rate their treatment
33 The hidden psychology of the Christmas 'poker face'
34 New Insights: Armies of strategically stationed T cells fight viral infections, cancer
35 Compliance with ID rules in recreational cannabis stores
36 What is love, actually? The world's languages describe emotions very differently
37 How does your choice of birth control affect sexual desire?
38 Recipes for a festive holiday feast
39 Can apps make your kids smarter?
40 How to tell if a brain is awake
41 People think marketing and political campaigns use psychology to influence their behaviors
42 Delivery of healthy donor cells key to correcting bone disorder, researchers find
43 Researchers identify immune-suppressing target in glioblastoma
44 Injection of virus-delivered gene silencer blocks ALS degeneration, saves motor function
45 Measuring mutations in sperm may reveal risk for autism in future children
46 Plant-rich diet protects mice against foodborne infection, researchers find
47 Socioeconomic inequalities are decisive in the health of the elderly
48 Could higher magnesium intake reduce fatal coronary heart disease risk in women?
49 Standardized screening for ASD recommended at 18, 24 months
50 Study: Light alcohol consumption linked to cancer
51 A puppy in Santa's sack? Probably not, say parents
52 Mayo will test robotic heart procedure for rural patients
53 High fat diet impairs new neuron creation in female mice
54 The link between drawing and seeing in the brain
55 Barring nonmedical exemptions increases vaccination rates, study finds
56 Obesity is a risk factor for cardiotoxicity in chemotherapy-treated patients with breast cancer
57 New treatment strategy may thwart deadly brain tumors
58 Calcium channels play a key role in the development of diabetes
59 Can brain injury from boxing, MMA be measured?
60 Scientists learn what women know--and don't know--about breast density and cancer risk
61 Nanoparticle therapeutic restores tumor suppressor, sensitizes cancer cells to treatment
62 Breaking the dogma: Key cell death regulator has more than one way to get the job done
63 For restricted eaters, a place at the table but not the meal
64 Study finds connection between cardiac blood test before surgery and adverse outcomes
65 Enrollment in Affordable Care Act holds steady for third straight year
66 Report estimates readmission, death after vaping illness discharge
67 Hate exercise? Small increases in physical activity can make a big difference
68 ADA releases 2020 standards of medical care in diabetes
69 Research-based tips for sticking with your New Year's resolutions
70 How to support children whose parent works away for long periods
71 Global evaluation of lifestyle risk factors in teens: 1 in 3 at risk
72 New technology allows control of gene therapy doses
73 Many younger patients with stomach cancer have a distinct disease, research discovers
74 Cellular culprit suspected of pushing dengue fever from bad to worse is cleared by transcripts
75 A molecular map of the brain's decision-making area
76 Why isn't there a vaccine for staph?
77 How to stay fit when you're traveling for work or fun
78 'Shopping addiction' can cause harm, and it's moved online
79 12 million U.S. residents drove under influence of marijuana in 2018
80 Vitamin E acetate ID'd in lungs of most vaping illness patients
81 Acupuncture, acupressure may help cancer patients control pain
82 Could your indigestion be GERD?
83 U.S. incidence of thyroid cancer plateaued in 2009
84 Rwanda avoids US-style opioids crisis by making own morphine
85 Preoperative levels of heart proteins may help predict death or cardiac complications in patients undergoing surgery
86 Majority of internal medicine residency program directors misinterpret ABIM leave policies
87 Absence may make the heart grow fonder, but marriage makes it beat longer--especially for men
88 Skin-lightening cream could cause nerve damage, CDC report warns
89 Inputs to the motor cortex make dexterous movements possible in mice
90 Intermittent fasting: live 'fast,' live longer?
91 The financial reward of slimming down
92 To avoid falls, check your balance
93 Fatty diets tied to leading cause of vision loss in seniors
94 Proton therapy lowers risk of side effects in cancer compared to traditional radiation
95 High BMI may improve cancer survival
96 Brain tumor organoids may be key to time-sensitive treatments for glioblastomas
97 A medical insight in Michelangelo's David, 'hiding in plain sight'
98 Overdose, relapse after buprenorphine discontinuation high
99 Many do not discuss menopause concerns with their provider
100 Polygenic risk score more strongly linked to early-onset CRC
101 Diabetes prevalence varies by race, ethnicity
102 Survival up for chronic lymphocytic leukemia 1995 to 2017
103 Cannabis-related psychosis, addiction, ER visits: For young users, marijuana can be a dangerous game
104 Antibiotics failed, then a Minnesota man turned to an old remedy that worked
105 Structured, salary-only compensation plan for physicians is a model for pay equity, study finds
106 Report links recommended physical activity levels to lower risk of seven cancers
107 Progressive gender beliefs in teen boys may be protective against violence
108 New approach for studying experience-driven activity of transcription factors in vivo
109 Combining natural and artificial vision to treat a common form of blindness
110 Hematopoietic stem cell marker: A key player in the ontogeny of hematopoiesis
111 A better testing method for patients with Parkinson's disease
112 Costly group apologies perceived as more sincere, study finds
113 Could brain scans spot children's mood, attention problems early?
114 News of vaping-related injury getting vapers' attention
115 Biomarker predicts which patients with heart failure have a higher risk of dying within 1 to 3 years