File Title
1 Risk of lead exposure linked to decreased brain volume in adolescents
2 Innovative CareView app provides patient data on 7 conditions related to 40% of ED visits
3 Using caffeine as a tool to study information processing
4 Vitamin B6, leukemia's deadly addiction
5 Calculated surprise leads to groundbreaking discovery in cognitive control research
6 Online educational videos boost cancer knowledge
7 New mechanism may safely prevent and reverse obesity
8 Researchers find minimally invasive procedure to treat chronic Achilles tendon disorder
9 Can pot bring on psychosis in young users? It may be happening, experts say
10 Guidance issued for hepatic, mesenteric circulation disorders
11 Could your morning coffee be a weight-loss tool?
12 Black and Latina mothers face higher rates of severe maternal morbidity
13 Study questions routine troponin testing for ACS in geriatric patients with NSCs
14 Prolonged ECG monitoring of ED patients with syncope is safe alternative to hospitalization
15 Implementing post-genomic personalized medicine: The rise of glycan biomarkers
16 Mandatory vaccination ups prevalence of vaccine coverage
17 Using light to learn: Environmental light triggers production of memory proteins in fruit flies
18 Telemedicine visits comparable for glycemic control in T1DM
19 Artificial muscle sheets transform stem cells into bone
20 Study identifies genetic anomaly associated with poor response to common asthma treatment
21 College students use more marijuana in states where it's legal, but they binge drink less
22 Study suggests biological clock is key to reducing heart damage from radiation therapy
23 Long-term memory performance depends upon gating system, study finds
24 Study finds potential new treatment for preventing PTSD
25 Truvada should remain first choice for HIV prevention, experts say
26 Melatonin for jet lag shouldn't be available on NHS concludes expert review
27 Children's packed lunches lack nutritional quality
28 Healthier school meals are evidence of the success of the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act
29 Study examines attitudes toward transgender athletes
30 Study finds persistent gender gap in medical paper publication
31 Flame retardants and pesticides overtake heavy metals as biggest contributors to IQ loss
32 Elevated leukemia incidence is found in World Trade Center rescue and recovery workers
33 NAU engineer developing biomaterial for improved treatment of cerebral aneurysms
34 Participants in environmental health studies vulnerable to re-identification
35 Hospital critical care resuscitation unit improves patients' chances of survival
36 Burnout linked with irregular heartbeat
37 Only one in four Medicare patients participate in cardiac rehabilitation
38 New study finds evidence for reduced brain connections in schizophrenia
39 Aid group warns of Yemen dengue epidemic after 78 child deaths
40 New discovery on the activity and function of MAIT cells during acute HIV infection
41 Algorithm can predict gestational diabetes using nutritional and lifestyle changes
42 Long-term skin irritation linked to increased risk of tumor growth
43 Compassion training for parents may reduce their children's stress
44 Access to Medicare increases cancer detection, reduces cancer mortality rate
45 High-priced specialty drugs: Exposing the flaws in the system
46 Genetics could explain how traumatic events affect people's health
47 Researchers find clues to drug resistance in medulloblastoma subtype
48 Authors say vaccine advocates must harness power of story
49 Discovery paves way for advances in treating cardiovascular disease
50 Home-cooked meals linked to higher diet quality but lower-income Americans still fall behind
51 'Swiss cheese' bones could be cause of unexplained low back pain
52 Virtual reality may be the next frontier in remote mental healthcare
53 Getting to the heart of epinephrine use in pediatric cardiac arrest patients
54 What the heart has to do with the head
55 Busting myths about red meat
56 Urgent action on diet needed to stem rising tide of chronic disease in less developed nations
57 Preventing tuberculosis: A big drug price cut paves the way for global scale-up
58 Racial discrimination accelerates telomere shortening, study finds
59 Many older people's lens prescriptions are wrong
60 Better surgical outcomes for colorectal cancer patients in hospitals with high case loads
61 Exosomes promote remarkable recovery in stroke
62 Antibody technologies take a step closer to precision medicine
63 Conversational difficulties with father affects adolescent health
64 Behavioral therapy first step for overactive bladder in men
65 Heart-function protein may help muscular dystrophy patients live longer
66 Physicians spend 16 minutes per visit on electronic health records use
67 Gout incidence down with SGLT2 inhibitors in type 2 diabetes
68 Drinking deaths double in 2 decades with faster rate for women
69 Large study of genetic differences reveals several new targets for variety of diseases
70 Study links marijuana use in pregnancy to infant health risks
71 'Marshmallow test' redux: Children show better self-control when they depend on each other
72 Program decreases stress among parents in low-income diverse populations
73 Team identify molecule that suppresses melanoma tumors
74 New small molecule to treat Alzheimer's disease and Dravet syndrome
75 Gut bacteria could guard against Parkinson's, study finds
76 Cannabinoids improve symptoms in mice with endometriosis
77 A quicker answer on cancer, with waits cut from 84 days to 6
78 Siblings of children with intellectual disabilities score high on empathy and closeness
79 Two cancer-causing genes work together to promote metastasis
80 Sugar changes the chemistry of your brain
81 A solid vaccine for liquid tumors
82 School indoor air quality cannot be reliably assessed based on pupils' symptoms
83 'Coolsculpting' inventors develop new non-surgical method for targeting fat
84 Unfruitful: Eating more produce will not cure, stop prostate cancer
85 Doctor replacement ratios higher in largest, hospital-owned practices
86 Reduced inhaler use is safe for infants with bronchiolitis
87 Brain blood flow sensor discovery could aid treatments for high blood pressure and dementia
88 Robotic surgery saw 8.4-fold increase from 2012 to 2018
89 Blood-clotting protein and blood platelets promote immune evasion, cancer progression
90 Study suggests new strategy for treating advanced, progressing bile duct cancer
91 Impaired driving--even once the high wears off
92 Researchers listen to rural Kentuckians--then score a win for heart health
93 Hyperactive immune system gene causes schizophrenia-like changes in mice
94 Brain model offers new insights into damage caused by stroke and other injuries
95 Racial disparities in heart failure explained
96 HIV 'hotspots' not necessarily major drivers of new infections
97 Having less sex linked to earlier menopause
98 Antibiotics often sold without prescription in retail pharmacies in China
99 Be wary of online probiotic health-benefit claims
100 In mice, alcohol dependence results in brain-wide remodeling of functional architecture
101 It's 2020: Time to teach teens 'safe' sexting
102 Sticky situation inside blood vessels can worsen stroke damage
103 American cancer survivors face substantial financial hardship and financial sacrifices
104 Africa struggles to stem deadly flood of fake medicine
105 Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy may trigger long-term post-traumatic stress
106 Heterogeneity of liver cancer cells helps explain tumor progression in patients
107 Beauty sleep could be real, say body clock biologists
108 New technology helps reduce injection pain, swelling from some best-selling drugs
109 Faster, cheaper tests for myopia in sight
110 Cost of care biggest barrier for previously uninsured Medicaid recipients, study finds
111 Expert: Bushfire smoke dangerous for those with undiagnosed asthma
112 Genome editing at the crossroads of scandal and cure
113 Specialist technique used to study drugs completed for first time during Ebola outbreak
114 Multimodal genomic analyses predict response to immunotherapy in lung cancer patients
115 Researchers identify new mechanism involved in promoting breast cancer
116 Evidence of previously unknown electrical property in human cortical dendrites