File Title
1 Women's wellness: The morning-after pill
2 Relation between physical violence and not having adequate check-ups during pregnancy
3 Study finds celebrity disclosures increase discussion of miscarriage on Twitter
4 Two drugs used in combination prove to be effective against most aggressive asbestos cancer in mice
5 Less-than-perfect kidneys can be successfully used for transplants, study shows
6 Cystic fibrosis carriers are at increased risk for cystic fibrosis-related conditions
7 Cellular clock regulating human spine development
8 Research in mice shows antibodies derived from mom's gut microbes protect newborns from E. coli infection
9 How dying cells prevent dangerous immune reactions
10 Directly measuring function in tiny hearts
11 Next generation wound gel treats and prevents infections
12 Patient step counts predict lung cancer treatment outcomes, study finds
13 Artificial intelligence has come to medicine. Are patients being put at risk?
14 Plant-derived SVC112 hits cancer stem cells, leaves healthy cells alone
15 Online patient tool is associated with increased likelihood of receiving kidney transplant
16 Disorderly DNA helps cancer cells evade treatment
17 Cigarette smoke damages mental health, too
18 Study: Early intervention of hyperkalemia cuts mortality in half
19 How does your body respond to feelings of moral outrage? It depends on your politics
20 Could pancreatitis be a stress hormone deficiency?
21 Neurons' energy organelle protected from damage linked to ALS, Alzheimer's
22 Sleep deprived? Study finds losing a night of sleep may increase Alzheimer's biomarker
23 Healthy habits in middle age linked to longer life free from disease
24 AI can be used to detect and grade prostate cancer
25 Poor sexual health more common in UK women than men
26 Contaminating a fake rubber hand could help people overcome OCD, study suggests
27 Breast density notification laws not effective for all women
28 Tea drinkers live longer
29 This drug could save their lives, but less than 2% of them get it
30 Marijuana detected in homicide victims nearly doubles
31 Probability of dying from road injury has dropped worldwide in all but 5 nations
32 Study shows giving entire course of radiation treatment in less than a second is feasible
33 In health care, does 'hotspotting' make patients better?
34 Study aids fight against HIV, hepatitis B
35 An often-made claim that e-cigarettes are '95% safer' is not valid
36 Abnormal neuron activity manifests as parental neglect
37 Study paves way for new vaccines to protect infants against infections
38 Chinese report says illnesses may be from new coronavirus
39 Santa Fe archbishop issues safety directive for flu season
40 China believes new virus behind mystery pneumonia outbreak
41 Explainer: The virus behind China's pneumonia outbreak
42 Recurrent miscarriage: Diabetes drug could lead to new treatment
43 Getting to the heart of heartbeats: Cardiac thin filament structure and function revealed
44 A newly discovered mechanism allows the immune system to detect and respond to HIV
45 Researchers surprised by high levels of alcohol consumption among cancer survivors
46 Gene network helps to turn white fat into beneficial calorie-burning fat
47 Scientists unveil chemotherapy resistance mechanism related to p53 mutation
48 Why are virus-targeting immune cells sniffing around Alzheimer's patients' brains?
49 With flu on the rise nationally, start your new year off safely
50 New drug for cystic fibrosis patients could be life-changing
51 Heart patients in China may be receiving substandard hospital care
52 A five-year case study changes old clinic attitudes and systems for treating chronic pain and opioid use disorder
53 Smokers in England have become less dependent but also less motivated to stop
54 Routine HIV screening in general practice boosts testing and early diagnosis
55 Are your children sleeping enough? New blood test might hold the answer
56 The meaning of life: A psychologist's view
57 Neuropeptide reduces epileptic seizures in human brain tissue
58 Peering into the genome of brain tumor
59 Should you exercise when you're sick?
60 Protein progression in Barrett's Esophagus disease
61 Infant lungs and bushfire smoke
62 Scientists show that the eyes can measure hearing
63 Getting a new perspective on autism
64 Australian researchers: Sell tobacco only through liquor stores, petrol stations or pharmacies
65 Inuit infants need access to medication to prevent respiratory illness
66 Self-regulation leaves bad taste as food industry fails to drop the salt
67 Fitness gurus and 'muscular Christianity': How Victorian Britain anticipated today's fitness craze
68 Dazed and confused about the benefits of CBD? You're not alone.
69 Worried about brain lesions and dementia? Check this blood pressure number
70 Surgery may add months or years of survival for adults with rare and deadly brain cancers
71 Why do people develop chronic pain?
72 Earlier falls predict subsequent fractures in postmenopausal women
73 AI is transforming medicine--but it can only work with proper sharing of data
74 In defense of 'imprecise' medicine: The benefits of routine treatments for common diseases
75 Luspatercept mitigates anemia in lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes
76 Effort to control opioids in an ER leaves some sickle cell patients in pain
77 VR: Not suited to visual memory?!
78 Nuclear radiologists 'outsmart' prostate cancer with an apparently ineffective drug
79 An out-of-the-box attack on diabetes
80 An international study discovers a new origin of lymphatic vessels in the heart
81 'Flash and freeze' reveals dynamics of nerve connections
82 In fighting gut infections, nervous system is key, team finds
83 Prostate cancer can now be diagnosed better using artificial intelligence
84 Psoriasis: Towards a novel therapeutic approach
85 Discovery of gene that modifies the severity of inherited kidney disease
86 Addressing the emotional toll of pediatric chronic conditions
87 Study reveals insights on hidden sexual-arousal disorder
88 Waking up dormant dopaminergic neurons to reverse Parkinson's disease
89 Study: Judo may help health, social interactions of children with autism
90 Kangaroo mother care reduces infant mortality
91 Common genetic defect in prostate cancer inspires path to new anti-cancer drugs
92 Pornography is not a 'public health crisis': researchers
93 BPA replacement hinders heart function, study reveals
94 Parents aren't powerless when it comes to sleep-deprived teenagers
95 Less severe cases of diarrheal illness can still lead to child mortality, research shows
96 Food textures affect perceptions of healthiness
97 Metabolic syndrome associated with increased risk of blood clot recurrence
98 Rejuvenating the brain: More stem cells improve learning and memory of old mice
99 Missing protein in brain causes behaviors mirroring autism
100 Decoding hidden brain chatter to advance neuroprostheses
101 Harnessing biology and technology to develop new depression treatments
102 Lack of insurance is cause of survivorship gap in minorities with cancer, study shows
103 First genomic study of puberty yields insights into development and cancer
104 Risk for suicide increased in children, teens who self-harm
105 After stroke, an 'astounding' risk of heart problems
106 New closed-loop system offers promise as novel treatment for post-bariatric hypoglycemia
107 One-fourth of children with autism are undiagnosed
108 Flu cases surge early, could a tough season lie ahead?
109 Researchers decipher a new way that immune cells detect infections and cancers
110 Worm study shows how a common chemical disrupts reproductive biology