File Title
1 Astronomers Stunned by Repeating Fast Radio Burst Detected in Nearby Galaxy
2 Single Dose of Antibodies Can Prevent HIV Infection in Newborns
3 Telescope on Airplane Captures Never Seen Before Details of Our Milky Way Galaxy
4 Birds and Bats Have Strange Gut Microbiomes--Why? Scientists Have a Theory
5 Scientists Have Mapped 13 Key Emotions Evoked by Music
6 Millions of Young Women Getting Unnecessary Pelvic Exams--'Outdated' Tests
7 New Compounds Kill Breast Cancer Cells and Block Tumor Growth
8 New Study Uncovers Some Surprisingly Good News About Anxiety
9 Earth-Size Habitable-Zone World Found by NASA Planet Hunter [Video]
10 15% Chance North Atlantic Current Partially Collapses in Next 100 Years
11 Researchers Discover "Ghost Worms" Mostly Unchanged Since the Age of Dinosaurs, Despite 140 Million Years of Evolution
12 Vaping Lung Injury Symptoms Not New--Reported in Forums Online for at Least Seven Years
13 Using Mathematical Theory to Find the True Potential of Algorithms
14 Chance Discovery Results in New Type of Transistor for High-Power Electronic Devices
15 Large Increase in Nitrate Levels Found in Rural Water Wells in High Plains Aquifer
16 Satellite View of Australian Fires Shows Severe Burn Scars Across Kangaroo Island
17 Bacterial Link Discovered in Celiac Disease--Mimicry of Gluten Proteins
18 Poplar Trees Were Genetically Modified to Not Harm Air Quality--Here's What Happened in Testing
19 Nano Antennas for Data Transfer--Could Allow Processor Cores to Exchange Data at Speed of Light
20 Health Care Paperwork Cost US $812 Billion in 2017--Over 34% of Health Spending
21 Uncovering the Secrets of the Swan Nebula from a Telescope Flying on a Boeing 747
22 Despite Nuclear Accident Animal Life Is Thriving Around Fukushima
23 Real-Life Star Wars: Two New 'Tatooine' Planetary Systems Pinpointed by Astronomers [Video]
24 Virtual Reality Is Causing Real Injuries--Here's How to Reduce Physical Risk in VR
25 Online DNA Services Vulnerable to Genetic Hacking
26 New Ketone Supplement Drink May Control Blood Sugar by Mimicking Ketogenic Diet
27 Massive Wave of Stellar Nurseries Revealed by New Map of Milky Way--"No Astronomer Expected"
28 True Identity of Mystery Invader in Florida Waters Uncovered After 20 Years--"Sometimes Scientists Make Mistakes"
29 Cold Dark Matter Breakthrough as Hubble Detects Smallest Known Dark Matter Clumps
30 Fascinating Shark and Ray Vision Evolution Research Reveals Sharks Can't See Colors
31 Fingerprints of Global Warming Detected in Daily Weather Observations at the Global Scale
32 Making Stronger 3D-Printed Alloys Using Ultrasound
33 New Ultrathin Coating Uses Trickery to Hide Temperature Changes from Infrared Cameras
34 Meet NASA's New Tool for 'Weighing' Unseen Planets [Video]
35 Sewage Plants Can Remove Medicines from Wastewater--Here's How
36 Of Ants and Men: Ant Behavior and Political Polarization May Be Driven by the Same Processes
37 Binary Star V Sagittae Will Explode by Century's End--"Startlingly Bright in the Night Sky"
38 Scientists Were Wrong--Coral Reef Fish Not Affected by Ocean Acidification from Climate Change
39 Australia: Like a Furnace--Incredible Satellite Images Reveal Ferocious Bushfires
40 Famous Battle of Britain 'What if' Scenarios Put to the Test by Mathematicians
41 Stellar Heavy Metals Can Map Evolution of the Milky Way and Other Galaxies
42 Planet WASP-12b Is on a Death Spiral--Heading Toward Certain Destruction
43 Scientists Observe Ultrafast Birth of Radicals--Glimpsing Some of the Fastest Chemical Reactions Ever Observed
44 World Path of Smoke and Aerosols from Australian Fires Animated by Fleet of NASA Satellites
45 Creating Better Drugs with Deep Learning, 3D Technology and Improved Protein Modeling
46 Reactor System Allows Visualizing Chemical Reactions in Real-Time [Video]
47 Imposter or the Real Deal? Astronomers Finally Discover the Truth
48 Previously Dismissed as Myths, New Study Boosts Credibility of Columbus' Cannibal Claims
49 Chemists Have Found a Productive Use for Stockpiles of Nuclear Waste
50 Massive Black Hole Mystery Solved with a Stripped Helium Star
51 Improve Sleep Apnea by Losing Fat in an Unexpected Body Part--The Tongue
52 Scientists Find 550 Million-Year-Old Fossilized Digestive Tract--Solving a Mystery of Primordial Evolution
53 Landsat 9 Science Instruments Attached to Spacecraft--One Step Closer to Launch
54 Harvesting Ocean Energy: Bio-Inspired Membrane Efficiently Produces Electricity from Saltwater
55 Novel Water Drop Antenna Lens Has Advantages for 5G, Satellites, and Automotive Guidance Radars
56 Extraterrestrial Clues to Earth's Lower Mantle from Shocked Meteorites
57 Novel Health Risks Presented by Cannabis Edibles
58 Rattlesnakes' Scales Help Them Sip Rainwater from Their Bodies--Here's How [Video]
59 Scientists Just Discovered How Beetle 'Weapons' Grow
60 Mystifying Puzzle of Early Neolithic House Orientations Finally Solved
61 Earth from Space: Faroe Islands [Video]
62 First Massive SLS Rocket Core Stage for NASA's Artemis Completed and Loaded for Transport
63 Monumental Improvement in Conservation Possible with New 'Umbrella' Species
64 Shedding Light on a Galactic Mystery that Has Long Puzzled Scientists
65 Long-Sought-After 'Superdiamond' with Tunable Properties Synthesized by Scientists
66 Shutdown of Coal-Fired Power Plants in U.S. Saved Thousands of Lives
67 Gravitational Waves Surge Through the Fabric of Space and Time After Neutron Stars Violently Collide
68 Surface Damage to Vehicles Traveling at Hypersonic Speeds from Ice and Dust Particles
69 Researchers Create New Lightweight 18-Carat Gold that Weighs 5 to 10 Times Less
70 Gasification Goes Green: Low-Temp Photocatalyst Slashes Carbon Footprint for Syngas
71 Artificial Intelligence System Learns the Fundamental Laws of Quantum Mechanics
72 Astronomical Mystery Deepens After Fast Radio Burst Detected from Unknown Source
73 Revolutionary 'Robotic Blacksmithing' Technology Could Revive US Manufacturing
74 Coordinated Behavior: Birds of a Feather Flock Together, but How Do They Decide Where to Go?
75 Meet 11 New NASA Astronauts Ready for Space Station, Moon, and Mars Missions
76 Tipping Point Identified for Deforestation that Leads to Rapid Forest Loss
77 $1 Increase in Minimum Wage Linked to 3.5-6% Drop in Suicide Rate
78 Genetics Breakthrough in Malaria Research
79 BBQ Lighter Transformed into a High-Tech Lab Device
80 First Stars 'Bubbling Out' from the Cosmic Dark Ages Detected by Astronomers
81 Capturing Extra Energy from the Sun: Harnessing Hot Carriers for High Efficiency Solar Cells
82 Largest US Outbreak of Neurologic Disease to Date Uncovered--"We Need to Watch this Very Closely"
83 Long-Standing Climate Puzzle Finally Unraveled Thanks to Ancient Marine Fossils
84 Plant Life Expanding Around Mount Everest and Across the Himalayan Region
85 Carbon Nanotube Film Produces Aerospace-Grade Composites Without Huge Ovens or Autoclaves
86 Benefits of Exercise Without Working Out? A Protein Called Sestrin Might Be the Answer
87 Alien Species Invasions in Antarctica Predicted
88 New Quantum Loop Allows Testing of Spooky Action at a Great Distance
89 Artificial Intelligence Examines Over 200,000 Galaxies to Confirm Galaxy Mergers Ignite Starbursts
90 Possible On/Off Switch for Plant Growth Identified
91 'Chameleon Metals' Engineered to Change Surface Structure in Response to Heat
92 The US Government Issued Sailors and Soldiers Shark Repellent that Didn't Work--Here's Why [Video]
93 Astronomers Have Found the Secret Ingredient to the Universe's Brightest Explosions
94 Hundreds of New Viruses Discovered in Insects as Scientists Work to Prevent New Epidemics like Zika
95 Mars Express Has Captured Beautiful Images of Rippling Ice and Storms at Mars' North Pole
96 Origins of the Solar System's 'Great Divide' Sheds New Light on How Life Originated on Earth
97 World's Wildlife Being Squashed Under Heavy Weight of Humanity's Footprint
98 Weird Things Seen in X-Ray Images Reveal Insects' Physiological Responses to Gravity [Video]
99 Oldest Material on Earth Discovered: 7-Billion-Year-Old Stardust Found in Meteorite
100 Ozone Depletion in the Lower Stratosphere Due to Iodine from Oceans
101 Research Reveals Public Attitudes About Transgender Athletes
102 Biggest Contributor to IQ Loss No Longer Heavy Metals like Lead--Here's What to Watch Out for Now
103 New Real-Time Soil Nitrate Sensor Can Optimize Agricultural Productivity
104 New Method to Verify that Quantum Chips Accurately Performed Complex Computations
105 Innovative Process Rapidly Turns Plant Waste into Biofuels
106 Unexplained Low Back Pain May Be Caused by 'Swiss Cheese' Bones
107 Clever Decoy that Neutralizes Viruses Points Way to Treat Viruses that Cross from Animals to Humans
108 NASA's Webb Telescope to Search for Rogue Planets and Young Brown Dwarfs
109 The Arctic Is Heating Up Faster than Anywhere Else--Could We Cool the Earth with an Ice-Free Arctic?
110 Shape Memory Alloys Offer Efficient, Eco-Friendly Cooling Technology
111 Latest NASA Satellite Observations of Australia's Bushfires Show Smoke Going Round the World
112 LEDs Engineered with Colloidal Quantum Dots Can Function as Lasers
113 Scientists Explore Hazards of Pushing Lithium-Ion Cells Too Far [Video]
114 NASA Narrows Down Mars 2020 Rover Names--Here Are the Semifinalists
115 50-Year-Old Mechanics Puzzle Solved: Physicists Prove 2D and 3D Liquids Are Fundamentally Different
116 Recreational Marijuana Users Suffer Impaired Driving--Even When the High Wears Off
117 Interstellar Thread of Key Piece in the Origin-of-Life Puzzle Revealed by Astronomers