File Title
1 Specific insulin-like peptide regulates how beetle 'weapons' grow
2 New research uses optical solitons in lasers to explore naturally-occurring supramolecules
3 Gasification goes green
4 Shocked meteorites provide clues to Earth's lower mantle
5 Hikikomori: New definition helps identify, treat extreme social isolation
6 Study finds 95 percent satisfaction rate with Mohs surgery
7 Trace Metals in Leatherback Turtle Eggs May Harm Consumers
8 Scientists examine how a gut infection may produce chronic symptoms
9 Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardants Linked to Reading Problems
10 SuperTIGER on its second prowl--130,000 feet above Antarctica
11 Technique allows dolphin pregnancy exams to mirror those in humans
12 Deep learning differentiates small renal masses on multiphase CT
13 New cellular player involved in obesity discovered
14 Massachusetts General Hospital performs first-of-its-kind heart transplant in New England
15 Researchers develop new protocol to generate intestinal organoids in vitro
16 Laserphysics: At the pulse of a light wave
17 Mayo Clinic discovers a molecular switch for repairing central nervous system disorders
18 Moffitt researchers identify molecular characteristics of leptomeningeal melanoma metastases
19 Low-fat diet linked to lower testosterone levels in men
21 'Superdiamond' carbon-boron cages can trap and tap into different properties
22 Transformative 3D printing approach established from insight into developmental biology
23 Reducing aluminium intake can minimize potential health risks
24 New open-source software judges accuracy of computer predictions of cancer genetics
25 It's not about East and West, it's about top and bottom
26 What happens to deferred intentions in the brain?
27 Plant physiology: One size may not suit all
28 An 18-carat gold nugget made of plastic
29 Water governance: Could less sometimes be more?
30 New function for potential tumor suppressor in brain development
31 Long-term medication for schizophrenia is safe
32 Explosion or collapse?
33 Unused stockpiles of nuclear waste could be more useful than we might think
34 When David poses as Goliath
35 No need to draw blood--smart photonic contact lens for diabetic diagnosis and retinopathy treatment
36 Scientists develop 'Twitter' for cells
37 Cracks in Arctic sea ice turn low clouds on and off
38 Deep learning, 3D technology to improve structure modeling, create better drugs
39 Antibiotics could be promising treatment for form of dementia
40 Plants found to speak roundworm's language
41 Study puts the 'Carib' in 'Caribbean,' boosting credibility of Columbus' cannibal claims
42 Satellite constellations harvest energy for near-total global coverage
43 Always counterclockwise
44 Malnutrition linked with increased risk of Zika birth defects
45 New study finds 8% of Chinese men are problem drinkers
46 Speech-disrupting brain disease reflects patients' native tongue
47 Taking one for the team: How bacteria self-destruct to fight viral infections
48 Molecular 'doormen' open the way to potential obesity treatment
49 Lonely in a crowd: Overcoming loneliness with acceptance and wisdom
50 Pearls of wisdom
51 Medicaid expansion associated with fewer opioid overdose deaths across the US
52 Research shows nasal spray antidote is easiest to give for opioid overdose
53 Visualizing chemical reactions, e.g., from H2 and CO2 to synthetic natural gas
54 Chromatin organizes itself into 3D 'forests' in single cells
55 Hummingbirds' rainbow colors come from pancake-shaped structures in their feathers
56 Losing tongue fat improves sleep apnea
57 Global warming is the kindling that caused extensive wildfire
58 'Gift of life' marketing fails to motivate many donors
59 Team led by NUS avian researcher discovered 10 new bird taxa in Wallacea
60 Response to fire impacts water levels 40 years into future
61 Safety events: 40% of gun owners reported not locking all guns--even around kids
62 Baby and adult brains 'sync up' during play, finds Princeton Baby Lab
63 Machine learning shapes microwaves for a computer's eyes
64 Large 'herbivores of the sea' help keep coral reefs healthy
65 Overdose rates higher & opioid addiction care scarcer, in Medicaid work requirement states
66 New study suggests 21-gene recurrence score may help in radiation decision-making
67 Integral molecular announces preclinical P2X7 antibody assets for autoimmune disorders
68 Growing strained crystals could improve performance of perovskite electronics
69 Researchers discover new building blocks of catalyst zeolite nanopores
70 Persistent genital arousal disorder--PAIN Reports presents update on rare neurological disorder
71 Harnessing biology and technology to develop new depression treatments--update from Harvard Review
72 One-fourth of children with autism are undiagnosed
73 New closed-loop system offers promise as novel treatment for post-bariatric hypoglycemia
74 Decoding hidden brain chatter to advance neuroprostheses
75 Missing protein in brain causes behaviors mirroring autism
76 First genomic study of puberty yields insights into development and cancer
77 Lack of insurance cause of survivorship gap in minorities with cancer, study shows
78 Less severe cases of diarrheal illness can still lead to child mortality, research shows
79 BPA replacement hinders heart function, study reveals
80 Parents aren't powerless when it comes to sleep-deprived teenagers
81 Toward a smarter way of recharging the aquifer
82 A new method to study lithium dendrites could lead to better, safer batteries
83 BU researchers: Pornography is not a 'public health crisis'
84 Common genetic defect in prostate cancer inspires path to new anti-cancer drugs
85 Mathematicians put famous Battle of Britain 'what if' scenarios to the test
86 UCF study: Judo may help health, social interactions of children with autism
87 'Bilingual' molecule connects two basic codes for life
88 New study shows 'organic' wounds improve produce
89 A conversation could be the answer to successful rehabilitation of prisoners
90 Study reveals insights on hidden sexual-arousal disorder
91 Harvard researchers help explain link between emotion and addictive substance use
92 New study shows dominance of local air pollution sources in Delhi
93 Molecular factories: The combination between nature and chemistry is functional
94 Food textures affect perceptions of healthiness
95 Kangaroo mother care reduces infant mortality
96 From as young as 4, children see males as more powerful than females
97 Addressing the emotional toll of pediatric chronic conditions
98 Copper-based nanomaterials can kill cancer cells in mice
99 Earlier falls predict subsequent fractures in postmenopausal women
100 Stellar heavy metals can trace history of galaxies
101 Discovery of gene that modifies the severity of inherited kidney disease
102 Rejuvenating the brain
103 How successful are retailer-themed super saver events?
104 Vector-borne causes of fever in cats demand year-round preventive therapy
105 Sensing protein wellbeing
106 Improved functioning of diverse landscape mosaics
107 Wake up dormant dopaminergic neurons to reverse Parkinson's disease
108 Bandage material helps stop bleeding without adhering to the wound
109 Scientists use ancient marine fossils to unravel long-standing climate puzzle
110 Prostate cancer can now be diagnosed better using artificial intelligence