File Title
1 Sri Lanka elephants: 'Record number' of deaths in 2019
2 Thai elephant deaths: Do elephants risk their lives to save each other?
3 Norfolk elephant burial legend may be true, survey finds
4 Tortoise with species-saving sex drive returns to Galapagos
5 Aeolus: Weather forecasts start using space laser data
6 Plant life 'expanding over the Himalayas'
7 Wolf moon: Full moon and lunar eclipse delight skywatchers
8 SpaceX Starlink mega-constellation: 'Limited time' to fix brightness issue
9 Turks and Caicos corals: Disease threatens barrier reef
10 Australia fires: How do we know how many animals have died?
11 H2Go Power seeks to power drones with a 'happy gas'
13 Belching in a good way: How livestock could learn from Orkney sheep
14 Extinction: A million species at risk, so what is saved?
15 Isle of Man missing red panda recaptured for second time
16 Weather warning: Winds reach almost 70mph in north Wales
17 Tortoise with species-saving sex drive returns to Galapagos
18 Children's book inspired by Somerset's 1607 killer wave
19 Electric buses: Why were trolleybuses ever scrapped?
20 Extinction Rebellion: Counter-terrorism police list group as 'extremist' in guide
21 Aeolus: Weather forecasts start using space laser data
22 Is it wrong to be hopeful about climate change?
23 Why 'unlimited' time off isn't actually unlimited
24 Welcome to Jachymov: the Czech town that invented the dollar
25 Is this the most powerful word in the English language?
26 What it's like to survive a shipwreck
27 CES 2020: Nreal's mixed reality glasses win over sceptics
28 CES 2020: Sex tech makes a splash at tech show
29 CES 2020: Segway's prototype wheelchair crashes at tech show
30 Mark Zuckerberg decides to ditch new year personal challenge
31 Amazon Ring workers fired for accessing user video
32 CES 2020: 'Pork made from plants' launched by Impossible Foods
33 CES 2020: Restaurant cat robot meows at dining customers
34 Google's auction picks 'winners' for Android search
35 US-government issued phones run 'Chinese malware'
36 What went wrong with virtual reality?
37 The man who got rich on data--years before Google
38 Bitcoin: Should cryptocurrency owners make a will?
39 A chatbot pulled me out of a 'really dark place'
40 Ceredigion pharmacist's medicine app 'goes worldwide'
41 Five ways music changed in the 2010s (from archive)
42 E-scooter firm Lime pulls out of 12 cities
43 Mauritania tests drones for desert locust combat
44 Beau Greaves: 'People think women can't play darts. But we can'
45 Rio Ferdinand: Gaming was integral to Man United's success
46 'Treatment gap' in youth mental health services
47 Too many children 'not being treated for mental health problems'
48 Child mental health referrals up 26% in five years, says report
49 Outstanding schools to face inspections again
50 Housing-benefit errors 'making families homeless'
51 Putting pupils in isolation 'drives poor behaviour'
52 Ofsted seeks judgement-free approach to 'stuck schools'
53 School hunger: Free breakfast pilot for secondary pupils
54 Neglected children end up with 'smaller brains'
55 Erasmus: What could happen to scheme after Brexit?
56 'I regret not doing my apprenticeship sooner'
57 Egyptian mummy at Cambridge college needs more visitors
58 Language apps: Can phones replace classrooms?
59 Primary league tables: How did your school do?
60 Second Sevenoaks grammar school annexe approved
61 'Absurd' leasehold pricing should stop, say campaigners
62 Children 'not safe' at Oswestry forest preschool
63 Cheshire East children's services rated 'requires improvement'
64 Like Harry and Meghan I quit my family and I'm happier for it
65 Outstanding schools to face inspections again
66 'Treatment gap' in youth mental health services
67 Mystery Chinese virus: How worried should we be?
68 Fatty tongues could be main driver of sleep apnoea
69 Healthy habits 'deliver extra disease-free decade'
70 Does music make exercise more effective?
71 Running marathon cuts years off 'artery age'
72 China pneumonia: SARS ruled out as dozens fall ill in Wuhan
73 'Man on the Moon' moment--the year's big breakthroughs
74 'Inspirational' cancer boy's legacy lives on
75 Could relatives of measles virus jump from animals to us?
76 Autism diagnosis: 'I want 40 years of my life back'
77 GP criticises Muller's gin-flavoured yoghurts
78 Bishop Auckland stroke unit closure plan prompts patient fear
79 Languages affected differently by brain disease
80 Long ambulance wait for dementia patient near hospital
81 Ex-football coach tackles mental health using drink mats
82 Health strike: NI nurses and other staff take fresh action
83 Matthew Leahy death: Mother calls for public inquiry
84 Revealing the Structure of Bacterial Hitchhikers on Plastic Trash in the Ocean
85 Analyzing Volatile Chemicals in the Moon's Dark Craters
86 New Test Can Quickly Detect Potentially Cancer-Causing DNA Damage
87 Record-Number of US States Growing Hops as Craft-Beer Booms
88 Physicists Optimize Nanosized Waveguides to Overcome Signal Loss in Magnonic Circuits
89 A Surprising New Source of Attention in the Brain Raises New Questions
90 New Open-Source System Developed to Manage and Share Complex Datasets
91 The Tera from Outer Space
92 Clusters of Gold Atoms Form Peculiar Pyramidal Shape--First Time Remarkable Structure Imaged
93 Pair of Civil Servants Rewrite Quantum Mechanics in Their Spare Time
94 Your First Battle with Flu Matters Most--Here's Why
95 Researchers Crack Newton's Elusive '3-Body' Problem that Has Baffled Scientists for Centuries
96 Blazar Multiwavelength Variability Explained Using a Geometrical Model for the Rapidly Moving Jets
97 Massive Black Holes Found Wandering in Dwarf Galaxies
98 Astronomers Build Incredible 3D Visualization of Exploded Star Using NASA's Great Observatories [Video]
99 Graphene Surprises Researchers Again: Strange 'Melting' Behavior
100 MIT Develops Machine-Learning Tool to Make Code Run Faster
101 Researchers Discover Walruses Were Involved in the Mysterious Disappearance of Greenland's Norse Colonies
102 Biodiversity and Wildlife of Angola Threatened by Illegal Hunting and Bushmeat Trade
103 More Efficient Thermal Cooling Method Bioinspired by Plants
104 Combining Quantum Physics and Biology to Improve Enzyme Activity Measurements
105 Genetic Sequencing Tests Routinely Fail to Analyze Large Segments of DNA--"Potentially Critical Deficiency"
106 Big Increase in Pediatric ER Visits for Breathing Problems from Small San Diego Wildfire
107 Nanoscale Sensors Help See How Pressure Alters the Physical, Chemical and Electronic Properties of Matter
108 Two Supermassive Black Holes Caught in a Galaxy Crash Seen in Unprecedented Detail
109 Study Shows Dogs and Wolves Are Both Good at Cooperating [Video]
110 Processed Foods Highly Correlated with Obesity Epidemic--Need to "Use Food as Medicine"
111 In Search for Alien Life, Scientists Develop New Method to Detect Oxygen on Exoplanets
112 Scientists Copy Nature's Tricks to Sustainably Make Chemicals and Fuel