File Title
1 Mangroves on the run find a more northern home
2 Researchers discover how ant species uses abdomen for extra power during jumps
3 Study: Human management helps rare plants, butterflies survive hurricane
4 Study finds widespread misinterpretation of gene expression data
5 First images of an 'upgraded' CRISPR tool
6 Grain traits traced to 'dark matter' of rice genome
7 Pair living as stepping stone from solitary life to complex societies: study
8 Perpetual predator-prey population cycles
9 'Like a video game with health points,' energy budgets explain evolutionary body size
10 The delicate water lily: A rose by another name?
11 Nanopores can identify the amino acids in proteins, the first step to sequencing
12 Researchers say may have found cause of mad cow disease
13 Mowing urban lawns less intensely increases biodiversity, saves money and reduces pests
14 Study reveals domestic horse breed has third-lowest genetic diversity
15 MAGIC system allows researchers to modulate the activity of genes acting in concert
16 African swine fever kills nearly 30,000 pigs in Indonesia
17 Mitonuclear interactions in the control of life history
18 New algorithm reveals many previously unknown potential antibiotics in the human gut
19 Can a special diet save the endangered southern corroboree frog?
20 1 ranch, 26 wolves killed: Fight over endangered predators divides ranchers and conservationists
21 Math model helps rangers protect national parks despite tight budgets
22 Hand anatomy has no influence on emotional reactions during stone tool handling
23 Delaware firefly, Gulf Coast bee move toward endangered species protection
24 Spreading the seeds of Indigenous knowledge
25 Global study unearths myriad meanings for 'nature' in different cultures
26 Reimagining ocean conservation
27 Biodiversity has substantially changed in one of the largest Mediterranean wetlands
28 Mining metagenomics: A faster and more efficient method to compare metagenomes
29 Willow-dominated wetlands of Lapland fells are resilient to reindeer grazing
30 Finding your way in the dark depends on your internal clock
31 Acidified oceans may corrode shark scales
32 Scientists uncover world's oldest forest
33 Study: Yes, even wild tigers struggle with work/life balance
34 81 horses culled on Turkish island amid disease outbreak
35 Research validates new control tactic for herbicide-resistant weeds in US soybean crops
36 Predatory lacewings do not care whether their prey detoxifies plant defenses or not
37 Amazon forest regrowth much slower than previously thought
38 Research finds positive community action can help coral reef health
39 Understanding the mechanisms of seemingly chaotic synchronization in trees
40 How genetics and social games drive evolution of mating systems in mammals
41 Mathematical models provide a snapshot of the human gut microbial community
42 Novel 3-D microscopy technique reveals new phenomena in living cells
43 Gene drives work faster than non-drive approaches to control problem insects
44 Easy prey: The largest bears in the world use small streams to fatten up on salmon
45 Understanding why songbirds choose their homes
46 Integrating social and ecological science for effective coral reef conservation
47 When good plants go bad
48 Forecast to help shellfish growers weather toxicity
49 Genetic variation gives mussels a chance to adapt to climate change
50 Hepatitis D: The mystery of the virus' life cycle revealed
51 Quorum sensing molecules: How the body cells spy out bacteria
52 Evolution tunes birds to fit the bill
53 Scientists study manta rays' impressive ability to heal
54 Biomedical law experts suggest it's time to expand the legal term for 'human'
55 The 'airbag' that protects cells against stress
56 Revealing the structure of axons
57 Bark beetles control pathogenic fungi
58 Berlin's bright sky isn't great for bats
59 Kenya backs farming of Monsanto-created GM crop
60 Falcons see prey at speed of Formula 1 car
61 Artificial intelligence as behavioral analyst
62 Plant scientists identify new strategy to enhance rice grain yield
63 A step closer to understanding evolution: Mitochondrial division conserved across species
64 The connection between ribosomes and telomeres in plants
65 SHAPEIT4: An algorithm for large-scale genomic analysis
66 Organic crop practices affect long-term soil health
67 Camera traps show coyotes on the doorstep of South America
68 Evolutionary changes in brain potentially make us more prone to anxiety
69 Researchers uncover how fish get their shape
70 Weatherproof sheep? How to enhance animal resilience to climate change
71 Researchers discover how Zika virus remodels its host cell to boost viral production
72 Fishing for novel cellulose degraders
73 Endangered rays may have secret nursery in Mexican waters
74 Identifying a plant cell barrier to breeding more nutritious crops
75 The birds and the bees and the bearded dragons: Evolution of a sex determination system
76 Super Bowl python hunt 'glorifies' slaughter of snakes, should be canceled, PETA says
77 Florida boaters killed a record number of manatees in 2019, report says
78 A new tomato ideal for urban gardens and even outer space
79 Looking at the good vibes of molecules
80 Innovative method delivers new insights into the stem cell microenvironment
81 Resurrected protein reveals structure of important enzyme
82 Researchers develop new method that could facilitate cancer diagnosis
83 Gone fishin'--for proteins
84 Overuse of herbicides costing UK economy GBP400 million per year
85 Where do baby sea turtles go? New research technique may provide answers
86 Asian black bears' smart strategy for seasonal energy balance
87 Chesapeake Bay oysters get more attention at pivotal time
88 Study finds whales use stealth to feed on fish
89 Study reveals a role for jumping genes during times of stress
90 Chimpanzees more likely to share tools, teach skills when task is complex
91 Rhino poaching rises in Botswana despite government crackdown
92 'Lost crops' could have fed as many as maize
93 Vietnam seizes two tons of ivory and pangolin scales
94 Chimpanzees spontaneously dance to music
95 Educational video could improve the welfare of millions of broiler chickens
96 How cells relieve DNA replication stress
97 Bee gut microbes have a division of labor when it comes to metabolizing complex polysaccharides
98 Expanding virophage diversity
99 Mouse pups born from eggs derived from the granulosa cells that surround oocytes
100 Researchers identify that mosquitoes can sense toxins through their legs
101 What if you knew a cookie would take 20 minutes to run off?
102 New research uncovers improvements in vaccines against meningitis
103 Untangling APOE [epsilon]4's association to tau tangles
104 Longevity protein SIRT6 also protects against fatty liver and fatty liver disease
105 HbA1c minimally adds to CVD risk prediction in prediabetes
106 Strong change of course for muscle research
107 Some U.S. adults unaware of any myocardial infarction symptoms
108 Radiotherapy for ductal in situ carcinoma ups mortality risk in invasive second breast cancer
109 Own a nutcracker? Turn pecans into a festive treat
110 Prospective memory key to performance of everyday life activities in multiple sclerosis
111 Popular gyms undermining health with tanning beds, researcher says
112 Researchers identify neurons responsible for rapid eye movements/REM during sleep
113 Obesity in pregnant moms linked to lag in their sons' development and IQ
114 Hepatitis C-positive donors a viable option to expand heart donor pool
115 Targeted screening could prevent one in six prostate cancer deaths
116 Immune mystery solved in mice points to better protection from rotavirus in humans
117 Understanding the adolescent brain
118 'Vast majority' of vaping illnesses blamed on vitamin E
119 Novartis eyes give-away of costly therapy for babies