File Title
1 CubeSat Poised to Take Earth's Temperature from Space
2 Outbursts of Highly Energetic Particles Detected on Closest-Ever Flyby of the Sun
3 Popular Gyms Are Undermining Public Health--Here's How
4 Gazing into Crystal Balls to Advance Understanding of Nucleation
5 Antarctica's Thinning Ice Shelves Causing More Ice to Flow into Sea
6 Eating Watermelon May Help Counter Detrimental Effects of an Unhealthy Diet
7 Surprise Breakthrough: Scientists Create Quantum States in Everyday Electronics
8 Scientists Observe Type 2 Diabetes Develop for the First Time--Caused by Overspill of Fat
9 Conventional Methods for Obtaining HDR Images Are Wrong
10 The Coolest LEGO in the Universe--Surprising Result of Fun Experiment Reveals a New Use for Toy
11 Unprecedented Look at Ice Stream Formation on Remote Russian Glacier [Video]
12 Ancient Wasp-Mimicking Fly Discovered--Named After PSY's 'Gangnam Style'
13 Questions About What It Means to Be Conscious After Discovery that EEG Doesn't Always Track Being Awake
14 Stretchable High Efficiency Solar Cells for Wearable Electronics or Flexible Robot Skin
15 NASA Team Studying the Building Blocks of Life Will Analyze 50-Year-Old Apollo Moon Soil--Here's Why
16 Computing with Individual Molecules: A Big Step in Molecular Spintronics
17 Fusion Researchers Find Safer, More Effective Way to Create a Star on Earth
18 New Optical Atomic 'Tweezer Clock' May Be Most Accurate and Precise Timekeeper Yet
19 Experimental Cultivation of Seed Crops Lost to History Reveals Much Higher Yields than Expected
20 NASA's X-59 QueSST Quiet Supersonic Aircraft Cleared for Final Assembly
21 Printed Electronics Enables Electrified Tattoos and Personalized Biosensors
22 Boeing CST-100 Starliner Returns to Earth with New Name: Calypso
23 High-Performance Si Nanoparticle Anode for All-Solid-State Li Batteries
24 New Discovery of 96-Million-Year Old Turtle Species and Hints at Intercontinental Migrations
25 The World's Smallest Universal Joints in Unprecedented Resolution
26 Planet Formation Theory Questioned After Discovery of Massive Gas Disk Surrounding Young Star
27 Whales Use Stealth and Deception to Feed on Fish [Video]
28 Astrophysicists Developed a New Theory to Explain 'Dark Energy'
29 Lasers Using Neural Networks Accurately Spot Space Junk in Earth's Orbit
30 Researchers in China Transformed Mouse Granulosa Cells into Egg Cells and Produced Healthy Offspring
31 Human Brain-Like Functions Emerge in Neuromorphic Metallic Nanowire Network
32 300-Million-Year-Old Atmospheric Dust Analyzed by Geoscientists--Here's What They Found
33 Astronomers Reveal Massive Magnetic 'Candy Cane' in the Center of Our Galaxy
34 Johns Hopkins Study Suggests Intermittent Fasting for a Longer, Healthier Life
35 Mosquitoes Becoming Resistant to Insecticide by Sensing Toxins Through Their Legs
36 Quantum Computing Breakthrough: Silicon Qubits Interact at Long-Distance
37 When Task Is Complex, Chimpanzees More Likely to Teach Skills and Share Tools
38 Space History Is Made in this NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Robot Factory
39 Seeing the New Star Wars Movie? This Psychological Analysis Says Be Careful What You Wish For
40 Electronics at the Speed of Light--Using Light Waves to Move Electrons at Sub-Femtosecond Speeds
41 Ceramic Materials Developed that Are Transparent to Infrared
42 Proton Therapy Significantly Lowers Risk of Side Effects for Cancer Patients
43 MIT Devises New Efficient Way to Remove Contaminants from Nuclear Wastewater
44 Plants Harness 'Bad' Molecules for Good Ends--Here's How
45 When Impacted by Positrons Spherical Nanoparticles Release Electron-Positron Pairs in Forward Directions
46 What You Eat Has Rapid Effects on Sperm Quality
47 'Cotton Candy' Planet Mysteries Unravel--Nothing like Them Exists in Our Solar System
48 Storing Medical Records Below the Skin's Surface with Quantum Dot Dye
49 Hubble Spots Galaxy with Active Galactic Nucleus
50 Snowmageddon Weather in North America More Influenced by Tropics than Arctic
51 Icebergs as a Source of Nutrients--Climate Change Could Lead to More Iron Fertilization
52 New Zoo of Previously Unobserved States in Twisted Bi-Layer Graphene
53 Despite the Same DNA, Severity of Autism Symptoms Varies Greatly Among Identical Twins
54 Automated System Beats Wall Street Analysts in Forecasting Business Financials
55 Dynamical Footprints in the Andromeda Galaxy Uncovered by Galactic Archaeologists
56 Earth from Space: Tromso, Norway [Video]
57 Bacteria Can 'Outsmart' Programmed Cell Death Overriding an Immune System Defense Mechanism
58 Machine Learning Packs an Economic Punch: eBay's Sharp Increase in International Commerce
59 NASA SnowEx Airborne Campaign Catches the Drift of Snow Water
60 New Solid Polymer-Based Electrolyte Helps Batteries Become Self-Healing, Recyclable
61 Mission-Critical Upgrade: International Space Station Computer Gets a Heart Transplant
62 Strange New Organelle that Helps Prevent Cancer Discovered in Our Cells
63 Worldwide Epidemic: A Closer Look at the Diabetes Disaster
64 Herbicide Overuse Costs UK Economy 400 Million pounds per Year
65 Reducing, Reusing Europe's 2.5 Million Tons of E-Waste Plastic Each Year
66 Parker Solar Probe's First Discoveries: Strange Phenomena in Space Weather, Solar Wind
67 Breakthrough in Understanding Evolution--Mitochondrial Division Conserved Across Species
68 Corrugated Structure of 2D Material Silicene Precisely Measured
69 How Cells Learn to 'Count'--Solving the Mysteries of Multicilliated Cells
70 Animal Bones Reveal Huge Feasts at Ancient Capital of Ulster Drew Crowds from Across Iron Age Ireland
71 Model Simulation Experiments Improve Monsoon Forecasting
72 New Microscopic "Fishing" Technique Catches More than 9,000 Proteins from Human Cells
73 A Wrecking Ball in the HR 5183 System--Massive Gas Giant Exoplanet with Eccentric Orbit
74 The Science Behind Why Hangovers Happen and How to Speed Recovery
75 Promising Dementia Vaccine Draws Closer
76 Understanding Black Holes: 5 Things to Know [Video]
77 Hidden Costs of Conservation Take Bite Out of Benefits
78 Capturing CO2 Directly from Truck Exhaust and Reducing Emissions 90%
79 New Tomato Ideal for Urban Gardens and Even Outer Space Created Through Genetic Editing
80 Surprising Explanation to the Mysterious Case of the Ornamented Coot Chicks
81 In the Next 50 Years Our Place in the Universe Will Change Dramatically--Here's How
82 New Answers in the Search for the Origin of Life
83 Radio Jupiter: Seeing the Giant Planet in a Brilliant New Light
84 Experts Reveal 'Beating Heart' of Photosynthesis--Can Help Us Meet Urgent Food Security Needs
85 New Way to Make Hydrogen Energy Out of Water Much More Cheaply
86 Distinctive Primal Acoustics of the Human Scream
87 Gigantic Cosmic 'Candy Cane' Viewed by Goddard-IRAM Superconducting 2-Millimeter Observer
88 Quadrantid Meteor Shower, Mars Rises & More January 2020 Skywatching Tips from NASA
89 Unprecedented and Worrying Rise in Sea Levels Poses Serious Threat to Coastal Cities
90 Real-Time Movement of Millions of Molecules Captured in 3D
91 More than a Trillion Stars Reveal Cores of Massive Galaxies Had Already Formed 1.5 Billion Years After Big Bang
92 The Brain Balances Pleasure and Pain--Here's How
93 Medieval England Birch Bark Tar Usage Revealed in New Archaeological Discoveries
94 Growing Up Tyrannosaurus Rex: Researchers Learn More About Teen-Age T. Rex
95 Powerful Lunar Dynamo's Demise: The End of the Moon's Magnetic Field
96 Economic and Environmental Consequences from Global River Ice Loss as Earth Warms
97 Carbon Nanotubes Show a Love/Hate Relationship with Water
98 Successful Test for Superconducting 3.6 Megawatt Wind Turbine
99 Caffeine May Be the Way to Offset Health Risks of High in Fat, Sugar Diets
100 Dramatically Improves Potency When TB Vaccine Delivered Intravenously
101 Darkest Galaxies in the Universe Provide New Clues on Dark Matter
102 Mysterious Gigantic Ring of Hydrogen Gas Discovered Around Distant Galaxy
103 Stanford Researchers Miniaturize a Particle Accelerator to Fit on a Silicon Chip
104 Satellite Imagery Shows Ferocious Fires in Australia Intensify
105 Massive Photons Trapped in an Artificial Magnetic Field
106 Performance Benchmark Advanced for Quantum Computers
107 New Use Discovered for Already Known Anti-Cancer Drugs
108 Scientists Just Showed that Color-Changing Brittle Stars Can See, Even Though They Don't Have Eyes
109 Fat & Cholesterol Levels at Birth Linked to Psychological Problems at Age 5
110 Ultrathin Durable Membrane Developed for High-Performance Oil and Water Separation
111 What Exactly Makes One Knot Better than Another Has Not Been Well-Understood--Until Now
112 Experimental Study Finds Lingonberry Juice Lowers High Blood Pressure
113 Kids 2.7x More Likely to Eat Healthy After Watching Cooking Shows with Healthy Food
114 Spaceflight Medical Risk 200+ Miles Above Earth: Astronaut Has Blood Clot in Jugular Vein
115 Quantum Materials Revolutionized by Multi-Modal Nanoscience
116 Hubble Sights Galaxy's Celestial Sequins in Berenice's Hair
117 New Evidence Reveals that Venus has Active Volcanoes
118 False Alarm: The So-Called 'Angel Particle' Is Still a Mystery
119 World's Most Efficient Lithium-Sulfur Battery Developed--Powers Smartphone for 5 Days
120 NASA Lost Contact with Spacecraft Designed to Study Planets Outside Our Solar System
121 Sex-Specific Genetic Processes Shown in Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder
122 Superconductor or Not? Exploring the Identity Crisis of this Weird Quantum Material