File Title
1 Astronomers Discover MAMBO-9, Most Distant Dusty Star-Forming Galaxy--"We Were in Doubt if It Was Real"
2 Detecting Mouth and Throat Cancer Earlier and Easier with Novel Saliva Test
3 Incredible New Polymer Fibers Are Ultra Light and Super Strong
4 These Rat-Eating Monkeys Are Helping Protect Palm Oil Harvests
5 A Galactic Dance 160 Million Light-Years Away
6 Alcohol Consumption Is Regulated by Particular Set of Neurons in Specific Brain Region
7 Extreme Atmospheric Chemistry: Barrels of Ancient Antarctic Air Aim to Track History of Rare Gas
8 Killer Electron Hot Spot Found in Earth's Van Allen Radiation Belts
9 Zika Virus Vaccine Breakthrough--Could Lead to Global Elimination of the Disease
10 New Material Can Better Capture Carbon Dioxide from Factory/Powerplant Exhaust
11 NASA Selects Nightingale Crater on Bennu for Asteroid Sample Collection
12 Nanoscale Quantum Sensors Image Stress and Magnetism at High Pressures
13 High-Precision Map Shows What the Land Looks like Under Antarctica's Ice Sheet
14 Fingerprint Test Can Identify Traces of Heroin--Even After Hand-Washing
15 Air Conditioning Is Failing for Glacier National Park's Iconic Mountain Goats
16 Why Are Giant Pandas Born So Tiny? New Clues from Bones Counter Old Theory
17 Surprising Clues to Martian Climate Uncovered as NASA's MAVEN Maps Winds in Mars' Upper Atmosphere [Video]
18 MIT Scientists Reveal Brain Rhythm Role in Alzheimer's Research
19 There's Buried Treasure on Mars--Here's NASA's Treasure Map
20 New Spray Gel Could Help Heal Frostbite
21 Astrophysicists Discover a Neutron Star with a Bizarre Magnetic Field
22 Mystery of Easter Island's Moai: Unearthing the Meaning of the Ancient Monoliths
23 Brain Circuit Linked to Food Impulsivity Discovered--May Lead to Therapeutics that Curb Overeating
24 New 3D-Printed Lattice Designs Are Ultra-Lightweight and Ultra-Stiff, Despite Breaking the Rules
25 New Photonic pH Sensor Tracks Lab-Grown Tissue--Helps Advance Toward Growing Limbs and Organs
26 Tortoises Have Amazing Long-Term Memory and Greatly Underestimated Intelligence
27 New Photonics Breakthrough Could Lead to Unprecedented Internet Data Speeds
28 Extreme Solar Events and the Search for Habitable Exoplanets
29 New Flexible Transparent Solar Cells Could Be Used in Buildings, Vehicles and Portable Electronics
30 Enzyme Discovered in Algae Can Convert Waste Cooking Oil into Ready-to-Use Biofuel
31 New Ghost Imaging Nanoscopy Approach Captures the Details of Processes Occurring in Living Cells
32 8,500-Year-Old Human Teeth Used as Jewelry Discovered at Prehistoric Archaeological Site
33 Air Pollution Is Breaking Our Hearts: Particulate Matter Leads to Thousands of Deaths per Year
34 Smaller Class Sizes Not Always Better for Academic Performance and Achievement
35 Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of Our Galaxy May Not Be Alone
36 New Insights into Uranium Chemistry Can Aid Geological Disposal of Radioactive Waste
37 Anti-Predator Evolution: Lazy Moths Taste Disgusting
38 Global Mercury Contamination and Warming When Dinosaurs Perished
39 DNA Sequencing Reveals Carolina Parakeet Extinction Was Driven by Humans
40 Researchers Create Ultimate Non-Stick Coating that Repels Everything--Even Viruses and Bacteria
41 Chemists Glimpse the Fleeting "Transition State" of a Reaction for the First Time
42 Events 20,000 Years Ago Still Impacting Diversity and Distribution of Mammal Species Worldwide
43 Millions Have Problems Swallowing--This New Wearable Device Could Help
44 Mysterious Circular DNA Causes Cancer in Children--Surprising New Insights into Cancer Genetics
45 Dramatic Increase in Teen Overdoses of Anxiety Medications
46 Uncertain Role for Natural Gas in the Transition to Clean Energy Due to Leaks in Wells, Tanks and Pipelines
47 Whirling Discs and Bulges in the Table Mountain
48 Cheaper Renewable Energy by Fine-Tuning Thermoelectric Materials
49 Visual Neurons Don't Work the Way Scientists Thought--"Much More Complicated"
50 The Danger Behind Certain Biologics and the Surprising Role of an Immune Cell
51 Ancient Star Burst Discovered in Stunning New Milky Way Images from ESO Telescope [Video]
52 Artificial Sweeteners Doing More Harm than Good--More Likely to Gain Weight
53 Taking an X-Ray of an Atomic Bond--Unlocking Potential of Engineering Materials at Atomic Level
54 Magnetic Explosions Observed on Sun--Unlike Anything Seen Before [Video]
55 Coffee Can Help Prevent Type 2 Diabetes, but It Depends How You Make It
56 Chinese Plant Biodiversity at Risk Due to Human Activity
57 Comparing the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes: From Ultraviolet to Infrared
58 Suction Cups that Don't Fall Off--Insects in Torrential Rivers Inspire Engineering Solutions
59 Pulsars Observed for the First Time from South America
60 Discovery Reveals Tractionless Self-Propulsion Is Possible
61 Your Car May Be Vulnerable to Cyberattacks--Even the Smartest of Smart Cars Have Issues
62 Move Over Oranges, Star Fruit May Be the New 'Star' of Florida Agriculture
63 Marijuana Vaping on the Rise Among Teens--Declines in Opioid Misuse, Cigarettes and Alcohol
64 Gardens Can Be Havens for Soil Animals in Towns and Cities
65 Biology of Forgetting: Memory Recall Might Depend on Time of Day
66 Cool New Hardware Welcomed Aboard Space Station--Here's What They Got
67 Scientists Extract Complete Human Genome from 5,700-Year-Old "Chewing Gum"--Here's What They Found
68 Swirling Green Algae Blooms in Baltic Sea Viewed from Space [Video]
69 Beyond Moore's Law: 3D Silicon Circuits Take Transistor Arrays into the Third Dimension
70 Fascinating Microscopic Images Comparing Hair of Different Mamals Shows How Thicker Isn't Always Stronger
71 Incredible Jupiter Images from Juno, Shadow Jumping, and a New Cyclone Discovery
72 GOCE Gravity Mapper Reveals What's Going on Deep Below Antarctica
73 NASA GISMO Reveals 1,000 Trillion Mile Long Cosmic 'Candy Cane' in Milky Way
74 Mowing Lawns Less Increases Biodiversity, Reduces Pests and Saves Money
75 World's Most Popular Websites' Inconsistent and Misleading Password Advice Could Increase Risk of Cyber Attacks
76 Some Monster Planets Eat Their Own Skies--Solving the Puzzle of Sub-Neptune Exoplanets
77 If We Can Capture Carbon, There's Plenty Capacity to Store It in Offshore Geologic Rock Formations
78 Black Holes' Breakfast at the Cosmic Dawn Revealed by VLT [Video]
79 Ultra-Light Robotic Insect Uses Soft Artificial Muscles to Move--Survives Being Flattened by a Fly Swatter
80 NASA Takes Mars 2020 Rover for Spin in First Drive Test [Video]
81 Discovery of 385-Million-Year-Old Forest Reveals Modern Trees Emerged Earlier than Believed
82 Amazon Forest Regrowth Much Slower than Thought--May Take Well Over a Century to Fully Recover
83 Smelly and Poisonous Molecule May Be a Sure-Fire Sign of Extraterrestrial Life
84 Long-Standing Antimatter Mystery May Be Solved by Discovery of Nearby Pulsar's Gamma-Ray 'Halo'
85 New Biodegradable Adhesive Provides Environmentally Friendly Alternative
86 Creating Better Drugs with this 'Lemon' for Machine Learning
87 U.S. Army's Top 10 Science and Technology Advances of 2019 [Video]
88 First Image of a Black Hole Named Science's 2019 Breakthrough of the Year
89 How an Accident Led to Discovering a New Fundamental Underwater Force
91 Cyclone on a Silicon Chip Advances "Oldest Unsolved Problem in Physics"
92 Space-Time Phase Modulated Metasurface Makes Light Reflect Only in One Direction
93 First Laser Ultrasound Images of Humans Produced Without Skin Contact
94 Evolving Mystery of Stellar Evolution Explored in Perseus Molecular Cloud
95 Massive Methane Leak Visible from Space
96 Falcons See Prey at Over 200 MPH--Speed of a Formula 1 Race Car
97 Substantially Human--Bioscientific Advancements Requires Determining Boundaries of What's Human
98 Obesity Contributes Extra 700 Megatons of Carbon Dioxide Emissions per Year
99 Star Formation History of the Universe Revealed by Distant Milky Way-Like Galaxies
100 This Ancient "Giant Spider" Fossil Surprised Paleontologists--Detective Work Revealed a Hoax
101 Perfect Head of Beer: Scientists Solve Long-Standing Mystery Related to Lifetime of Foams
102 Fevers Sometimes Reduce Autism Symptoms--Now Scientists Finally Have an Explanation
103 Asteroid Collisions: Physics of Fission Clusters and Collisional Families
104 Giant Seismic Network Created with Submarine Cables to Offshore Wind Farms
105 In a Split Second, Clothes Make the Man in the Eyes of Others
106 Invisible Quantum Weirdness Enables Heat Energy to Travel Through Complete Vacuum
107 Iron 'Snow' Found in Earth's Core--New Research Uncovers Forces that Affect Entire Planet
108 Science of Lying: Men Think They're Better Liars, Expert Liars Prefer to Lie Face-to-Face
109 X17: New Subatomic Particle Might Solve the Dark Matter Mystery
110 Some Hyper-Realistic Masks More Believable than Real Human Faces
111 Rare Species of Animals and Plants Organize in Ghettos to Survive
112 Using Extremely Fast Lasers to Develop Perovskite Solar Cells that Can Harvest More Electricity
113 Mini GPS Systems Show How Bats Cope with Berlin's Bright Night Sky
114 Possible New Route for Cancer Therapy After Engineers Track Evolution of Individual Cell