File Title
1 Formation of a huge underwater volcano offshore the Comoros
2 Gene therapy shown to offer long-term benefits for people with Haemophilia A
3 Exploring the 'dark side' of a single-crystal complex oxide thin film
4 Study shows animal life thriving around Fukushima
5 Biodiverse forests better at storing carbon for long periods, says study
6 Step toward 'ink' development for 3-D printing a bioprosthetic ovary
7 Simulated image demonstrates the power of NASA's wide field infrared survey telescope
8 Plasticizers may contribute to motor control problems in girls
9 Dogs and wolves are both good at cooperating
10 Protecting two key regions in Belize could save threatened jaguar, say scientists
11 Processed foods highly correlated with obesity epidemic in the US
12 Scientists find new way to sustainably make chemicals by copying nature's tricks
13 Researchers united on international road map to insect recovery
14 Moving domain walls induce losses in superconductor/ferromagnet hybrid systems
15 Mindfulness makes it easier to forget your fears
16 A better estimate of water-level rise in the Ganges delta
17 Removing body clock gene protects mice against pneumonia
18 Commercial weight management groups could support women to manage their weight after giving birth
19 Boys who are bullied online may have more risky sex
20 Half of women with heart failure get the wrong treatment
21 Cancer drugs could potentially treat COPD, Sheffield research finds
22 Hubble surveys gigantic galaxy
23 LD Motif Finder locates ancient hidden protein patterns
24 Researchers use remote sensing to estimate nitrogen deposition in North China
25 Antibodies gather and form a circle for defensive attack
26 The turbulent life of two supermassive black holes caught in a galaxy crash
27 Sleep difficulties in children with Autism caused by shallower brain waves--Ben-Gurion U.
28 Power dressing
29 Laser pulse creates frequency doubling in amorphous dielectric material
30 Researchers suggest a pathway to reverse the genetic defect of Friedreich's ataxia
31 Epilepsy study shows link between brain activity and memory
32 Poplar genetically modified not to harm air quality grow as well as non-modified trees
33 Researchers create nanoscale sensors to better see how high pressure affects materials
34 Polluted wastewater in the forecast? Try a solar umbrella
35 A new link between fear, imitation, and antisocial behavior in children
36 Health care paperwork cost US $812 billion in 2017, 4 times more per capita than Canada
37 False negatives: Delayed Zika effects in babies who appeared normal at birth
38 Patients with VA coverage less likely than other insured Americans to skip medication
39 New imaging system and artificial intelligence algorithm accurately identify brain tumors
40 Antarctic waters: Warmer with more acidity and less oxygen
41 Don't wait to get concussion care; early treatment may mean faster recovery
42 Young women still may be getting unnecessary pelvic exams
43 2017 San Diego wildfire increased pediatric ER visits for breathing problems
44 Over-hunting walruses contributed to the collapse of Norse Greenland, study suggests
45 Finding a new way to fight late-stage sepsis
46 Insufficient home care the biggest challenge to overcome after release from hospital
47 Older adults use online physician ratings, but view them cautiously, poll shows
48 Cell 'hands' to unlock doors in health research, drug design, and bioengineering
49 Severe childhood deprivation has longstanding impacts on brain size in adulthood
50 Collaborative conservation approach for endangered reef fish yields dramatic results
51 Adolescents' view of family social standing correlates with mental health, life outcomes
52 Fast action and the right resources are key to treating fulminant myocarditis
53 Want to turn back time? Try running a marathon
54 Scientists develop new method to detect oxygen on exoplanets
55 Some genetic sequencing fail to analyze large segments of DNA
56 Poplars genetically modified not to harm air quality grow as well as non-modified trees
57 ACP issues guideline for testosterone treatment in adult men with age-related low testosterone [plus additional topics]
58 American College of Physicians issues guideline for testosterone treatment in adult men
59 Aspirin appears to curb colorectal cancer recurrence and tumor growth, study finds
60 Cannabis edibles present novel health risks
61 New frailty index may help determine adverse outcomes in older patients after hospital discharge
62 Sublimation, not melting: Graphene surprises researchers again
63 Illegal hunting and bushmeat trade threatens biodiversity and wildlife of Angola
64 Having a baby may cost some families $4,500 out-of-pocket
65 Families of children with autism face physical, mental and social burdens
66 Common Genetic Link Between Autism and Tourette's Discovered--Brain Communication Impaired
67 Ocean 'Dead Zones' with Almost No Oxygen to Sustain Life May Be Expanding Far Quicker than Thought
68 More Biodiversity Loss Outside of Cities Due to Urban Growth
69 New Viral Strategy to Escape Detection Discovered by Researchers
70 Spying with Drones to Help Hippo Conservation Efforts
71 Ice in Motion: Incredible Time-Lapse Satellite Footage Captures Decades of Change
72 New Laser Quantum Imager Lives Its Life a Trillionth of a Second at a Time
73 Solar Cell Efficiency Improved with Silver
74 Making Stickier, Safer Glues from Food
75 X-Ray Space Observatory XMM-Newton Celebrates 20 Years in Space [Video]
76 Warning: Potentially Toxic Chemicals in Nearly Half of Household Dust Samples Tested
77 Autonomous Navigation of Microrobots Based on Shape-Shifting Materials
78 Physicists May Have Just Solved a Fundamental Mystery of How Planets Form
79 Shockingly Simple Way to Protect Your Heart: Brush Your Teeth
80 DNA of Things--Storing Extensive Data in Everyday Objects
81 Smoking May Cause Mysterious White Scars on the Brain--More Harmful than Previously Thought
82 Greenland Losing Ice 7 Times Faster than in 1990s--Lost 3.8 Trillion Metric Tons of Ice Since 1992
83 Innovative New Scale Armor Design Inspired by Chiton Mollusk
84 Many Exoplanets Have Water, but Usually Not Very Much
85 High Above Storm Clouds, Lightning Powers Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flashes and Ultraviolet 'Elves'
86 A Real-Time Window into the Hidden World of the Colon of a Living Animal
87 MIT Physicists Believe There's Dark Matter at the Center of the Milky Way
88 Polar Bears at Sea Have Higher Pollution Levels than Those Staying on Land--Here's Why
89 Scientists Turn Plastic Waste into Valuable Chemicals with Sunlight
90 Galactic Diversity Spotted in the Air Pump
91 Illumination Drives Bats Out of Caves, No Matter the Color of the Light
92 Scar in a Dish Model Using Human Stem Cells Could Lead to Fibrosis Treatment
93 A Surprising Substance May Be Key in Capturing CO2 in the Atmosphere
94 State of Shock: Centuries-Old Laws from About Gas Mixtures Fail in Experiment
95 NASA’s Return to Venus and What It Means for Earth [Video]
96 New Species of Bobtail Squid Discovered in Okinawa [Video]
97 Cleaner Industrial Emissions by Scrubbing CO2 from Smokestacks
98 Fukushima Soil Decontamination: Lessons learned
99 Water Erupts Through Fissures on Enceladus' Icy Surface--New Research Reveals the Physics
100 This Ultra-Hard Material Is Resistant to Radioactivity--Now It's Cheap to Make
101 Brain Imaging of Veterans Suggests Gulf War Illness More Complex than Previously Thought
102 Some People with Schizophrenia May Simply Have a Vitamin Deficiency
103 Underground Fiber-Optic Cables Capture "Thunderquakes" Thunder-Induced Seismic Events
104 Short-Lived Light Sources Discovered in the Sky--Vanishing Stars and Failed Supernovas
105 Newfound Martian Proton Aurora Can Help Track Mars' Water Loss
106 Dark Matter May Be Source of Mysterious Gamma Radiation in Center of Milky Way
107 Many New Diseases Developed in Bagged Salads Sector--Here's Why
108 Dinosaur Footprints Suggest that Jurassic Beasts Trotted Between Africa and Europe
109 Skipping the Sweet Treats Helps You Avoid the Holiday Blues
110 Ultrasensitive Detector Based on Black Silicon Can Detect Trace Amounts of Explosives
111 Mysterious Visitor from the Depths of Space Swings Past Sun