File Title
1 Deep-sea sediments reveal solar system chaos: An advance in dating geologic archives
2 Hints of a volcanically active exomoon
3 Exoplanets Can't Hide Their Secrets from Innovative New Instrument
4 The dark side of extrasolar planets share surprisingly similar temperatures
5 A second planet in the Beta Pictoris System
6 How Many Earth-like Planets Are Around Sun-like Stars?
7 How astronomers chase new worlds in TESS data
8 Timeline suggests 'giant planet migration' was earlier than predicted
9 Dead planets can 'broadcast' for up to a billion years
10 Would a deep-Earth water cycle change our understanding of planetary evolution?
11 Unique form of quartz may power deep-Earth water cycle
12 No, Victoria Falls has not run dry
13 Asian water towers are world's most important and most threatened
14 Harvesting fog can provide fresh water in desert regions
15 Future rainfall could far outweigh current climate predictions
16 Sediment is a greater threat to small freshwater species than fertilizer runoff
17 Scientists find eternal Nile to be more ancient than previously thought
18 Scientists probe the limits of ice
19 The world is getting wetter, yet water may become less available for North America and Eurasia
20 Why are big storms bringing so much more rain
21 South Africa imposes water restrictions as 'Day zero' looms
22 The pirarucu: the giant prized fish of the Amazon
23 Scientists study scales that protect small Amazonian fish from piranhas
24 Sustainability of fossil aquifers in Arabian Peninsula
25 Lakes worldwide are experiencing more severe algal blooms
26 In Nairobi, recycling poo is cleaning up the slums
27 Zimbabwean capital grapples with water shortage
28 Yemen upcycles shot-up buses to ease water shortage
29 'Planting water' is possible--against aridity and droughts
30 Climate signature detected in Earth's rivers
31 Trump repeals Obama-era waterway protections
32 Magnet fishing: The explosive hobby cleaning up French rivers
33 US city to replace lead pipes that sparked water crisis
34 Paper filter from local algae could save millions of lives in Bangladesh
35 Water pollution can reduce economic growth by a third: World Bank
36 From airport approaches to eCall in cars in 10 years with EGNOS
37 US Congress green lights India's NavIC as regional satellite navigation system
38 China launches two more BeiDou satellites for GPS system
39 Russia to launch glass sphere into space before new year to obtain accurate Earth data
40 GPS III Ground System Operations Contingency Program Nearing Operational Acceptance
41 Dark skies to host Quadrantid meteor shower
42 Sugar delivered to Earth from space
43 UK satellites to help lead the fight against climate change
44 NASA declares Opportunity Mars rover mission over
45 New Yorkers are initiating treatment earlier after HIV infection, study shows
46 SDSU astronomers pinpoint two new 'Tatooine' planetary systems
47 Kangaroo Island shows burn scars on one third of the land mass
48 'Are we waiting long enough?' Study raises questions on timing of intracranial pressure measurements
49 Geographers find tipping point in deforestation
50 Scientists capture for first time, light flashes from human eye during radiotherapy
51 Zinc, folic acid supplements fail to enhance male fertility
52 Researchers develop predictive tools to tackle childhood diarrheal disease outbreaks in Botswana
53 Study of cardiac muscles in flies might help you keep your heart young
54 Nosebleed (epistaxis): New clinical practice guideline
55 New recommendations released on bedsharing to promote breastfeeding
56 Some surprisingly good news about anxiety
57 Ratings system may penalize hospitals serving vulnerable communities
58 Predictors of chronic migraine
59 Mayo Clinic researchers pursue single-dose gene therapy to treat cocaine addiction
60 FDA documents analysis reveals inadequate monitoring of safe opioid use program
61 Rural water wells in High Plains Aquifer show large increase in nitrate levels
62 New compounds block master regulator of cancer growth, metastasis
63 Magnitude of Great Lisbon Earthquake may have been lower than previous estimates
64 Take heart: Pitt study reveals how relaxin targets cardiovascular disease
65 New production method for carbon nanotubes gets green light
66 Researchers develop universal flu vaccine that protects against 6 influenza viruses in mice
67 Affordable Care Act led to fewer disruptions in care
68 'Census' in the zebrafish's brain
69 BU finds Medicaid expansion improves access to postpartum care
70 Correcting vaccine misinformation is a difficult process, study shows
71 Air pollution in childhood linked to schizophrenia
72 Smart algorithm finds possible future treatment for childhood cancer
73 Computerized training improves selective attention of soccer players
74 Brain tumour research could help future precision medicine
75 New method gives robust transistors
76 Genetic study provides most comprehensive map of risk to date of breast cancer risk
77 Abandoning pastures reduces the biodiversity of mountain streams
78 The growing pains of orphan chimpanzees
79 Indeterminist physics for an open world
80 Utilizing relativistic effects for laser fusion: A new approach for clean power
81 Scientists make breakthrough in ion-conducting composite membranes
82 Attosecond control of an atomic electron cloud
83 An artificial neural connection allows a new cortical site to control hand movements
84 NASA's TESS mission uncovers its 1st world with two stars
85 Need to control blood sugar? There's a drink for that, says UBC prof
86 NASA planet hunter finds its 1st Earth-size habitable-zone world
87 New 'umbrella' species would massively improve conservation
88 Can the flu shot help fight cancer?
89 Significant underreporting in safety data found on Nursing Home Compare website
90 Binary star V Sagittae will explode as a very bright 'nova' by century's end
91 Single dose of antibodies can knock out HIV in newborns
92 Fast radio burst observations deepen astronomical mystery
93 Evidence linking 'vaping' to increased odds of asthma and COPD
94 NCI-MATCH: T-DM1 shows promising activity in salivary gland cancer
95 When college students post about depression on Facebook
96 Hobbyist DNA services may be open to genetic hacking
97 The Milky Way's impending galactic collision is already birthing new stars
98 Immune cell discovery opens door to new powerful cancer therapies
99 Study of veterans details genetic basis for anxiety, links anxiety and depression
100 The birds and the bats: Evolving to fly may have had big effect on gut microbiome
101 New map of Milky Way reveals giant wave of stellar nurseries
102 Study reveals a new approach to enhancing response to immunotherapy in melanoma
103 Birds and bats have strange gut microbiomes--probably because they can fly
104 Million Veteran Program study sheds light on genetic basis of anxiety
105 Ultrasound selectively damages cancer cells when tuned to correct frequencies
106 Stanford researchers recommend 5 practices to improve doctor-patient relationships
107 Young adults using both e-cigarettes and combustible cigarettes at significantly higher risk of stroke
108 From the mouths of babes: Lessons in humility
109 Does timing matter for initiating HIV therapy in infants?
110 Federal data undercounts fatal overdose deaths caused by specific drugs
111 Children frequently receive unnecessary medical care regardless of insurance type
112 New study finds blood clots more likely in children who receive PICCs