File Title
1 UNC expert helps treat astronaut's blood clot during NASA mission
2 International Space Station computer gets a heart transplant
3 Astrophysics and AI may offer key to early dementia diagnosis
4 Inner to outer space: studying biological changes with plants on rockets
5 Researchers set to decode biological circuitry that drives peak performance and resilience
6 The ways astronauts prep for spaceflight could benefit cancer patients, say researchers
7 Russian Scientists Propose Creation of Separate ISS Module for sports, medicine
8 Human heart cells are altered by spaceflight, but return mostly to normal on Earth
9 Google buying Fitbit in move into wearables, digital health
10 Microscale rockets can travel through cellular landscapes with precision
11 New generation of intelligent bio-interfaces could overcome aspects of spinal cord injury
12 Safe Genes Tool Kit Takes Shape
13 The next generation: mice can reproduce after space stints
14 Understanding asthma from space
15 New color-changing smart skin inspired by chameleons
16 How Space Tourism Will Push Space Medicine to New Heights
17 Melatonin is a potential drug for the prevention of bone loss during space flight
18 Laser printing technology: Creating the perfect bioprinter
19 Spaceflight consistently affects the gut
20 CRISPR-Cas can now modify hundreds of genes at once
21 How deep space travel could affect the brain
22 Artificial throat could someday help mute people 'speak'
23 First time human-on-a-chip predicts in vivo results based on in vitro model
24 A novel study of joint cartilage and what it could mean for future astronauts
25 Studying DNA Breaks to Protect Future Space Travelers
26 Vital signs can now be monitored using radar
27 ESA explores aging process in space
28 Scientists model DNA gene with first billion-atom biomolecular simulation
29 Next-generation gene drive arrives
30 Will cyborgs be made from melanin? Pigment breakthrough enables biocompatible electronics
31 14th Air Force now designated as U.S. Space Operations Command
32 Allies join Space Force for multinational collaboration
33 Challenged by China and Russia, US builds force for future space wars
34 Senate passes $738 billion defense bill, including Space Force
35 Roscosmos to begin creating United State Space Program in 2020
36 House passes defense bill creating Space Force, paid parental leave
37 China may have over 40 space launches in 2020
38 China launches powerful rocket in boost for 2020 Mars mission
39 China's Xichang set for 20 space launches in 2020
40 China sends six satellites into orbit with single rocket
41 China launches satellite service platform
42 China plans to complete space station construction around 2022: expert
43 China conducts hovering and obstacle avoidance test in public for first Mars lander mission
44 Beijing eyes creating first Earth-Moon economic zone
45 China conducts simulated weightlessness experiment for long-term stay in space
46 China plans more space science satellites
47 China's absence from global space conference due to "visa problem" causes concern
48 China prepares for space station construction
49 Cubesat for studying distant planets goes quiet
50 GomSpace, Lockheed and Orbital Micro team up for microwave sensing nanosatellite project
51 Scientists develop gentle, microscopic hands to study tiny, soft materials
52 Church of England questions ethics of investment in AI
53 Researchers call for harnessing, regulation of AI
54 Insects' drag-based flight mechanism could improve tiny flying robots
55 Helping machines perceive some laws of physics
56 Scientists help soldiers figure out what robots know
57 NASA takes a cue from Silicon Valley to hatch artificial intelligence technologies
58 U.S. Army chooses FLIR's Kobra heavy robot vehicle
59 Subterranean Challenge Identifies Urban Circuit Location, Updates Prize Amounts
60 Chinese researchers design novel flying robot
61 On the way to intelligent microrobots
62 Robot acquires new, essential spacewalking functions says cosmonaut
63 New lightweight, portable robotic suit to increase running and walking performance
64 Assembler robots make large structures from little pieces
65 Facebook researchers use maths for better translations
66 Controlling robots across oceans and space
67 NASA designing shapeshifting robots for Saturn's moons
68 When it comes to robots, reliability may matter more than reasoning
69 Microsoft President calls for urgent action to tackle rise of killer robots
70 Russia terminates robot Fedor after space odyssey
71 Russian Humanoid Robot Fedor Announces Full Implementation of Flight Test Programme
72 'Sense of urgency,' as top tech players seek AI ethical rules
73 CIMON back on Earth after 14 months on the ISS
74 NASA Robots Compete Underground in DARPA Challenge
75 NASA wants your help developing autonomous rovers
76 Employees less upset at being replaced by robots than by other people
77 Roach-inspired robot nearly as fast as real thing, unsquashable
78 A computer that understands how you feel
79 Kitchen disruption: better food through artificial intelligence
80 With Squad X, dismounted units partner with AI to dominate battlespace
81 Engineers design robot to pick iceberg lettuce
82 Safe, low-cost, modular, self-programming robots
83 NASA's first Astrobee robot "Bumble" starts flying in space
84 I, Chatbot: Getting your news from a talkative automaton
85 Investing in Tech Concepts Aimed at Exploring Lunar Craters, Mining Asteroids [plus additional topics]
86 Army project develops agile scouting robots
87 Rise of the Machines: AI beats humans in multiplayer shooter
88 Toy transformers and real-life whales inspire biohybrid robot
89 Council of Europe explores AI to reshape prisons
90 Use of embodied AI in psychiatry poses ethical questions
91 DIH-HERO--a medical robotics network
92 Beyond the Metal: Investigating Soft Robots at NASA Langley
93 SIS advances smart multi-robot autonomy
94 An army of micro-robots can wipe out dental plaque
95 FEDOR Space Rescuer: Roscosmos 'Trains' Anthropomorphic Robot for Manned Mission
96 Space Robotics Market to Surpass $3.5 billion by 2025
97 'Edtech' boom transforms how Indian kids learn
98 GITAI signs joint robotic research agreement with JAXA
99 Using AI to build better human-machine teams
100 New cell-sized micro robots might make incredible journeys
101 Ultra-low power chips help make small robots more capable
102 Robo-journalism gains traction in shifting media landscape
103 Assembly in the air: Using sound to defy gravity
104 Spider silk could be used as robotic muscle
105 Aquatic microorganism could inspire soft robots able to move fast in narrow spaces
106 Can we trust scientific discoveries made using machine learning?
107 Teaching AI systems to adapt to dynamic environments
108 Psychology: Robot saved, people take the hit
109 A reconfigurable soft actuator
110 Engineers program marine robots to take calculated risks