File Title
1 Male scientists more likely to use language framing their research findings as 'promising,' 'novel,' 'unique'
2 Gender workplace equality 257 years away: WEF
3 CRISPR, gravity waves, water on Mars: A decade of discoveries
4 Playing mobile games at work is a productivity killer
5 Spotting alien life: How 'microfossils' can fool scientists
6 A study refutes the similarities between the teeth of Denisovans and modern Asians
7 Why NZ's cannabis bill needs to stop industry from influencing policy
8 Survey: Electorate wants candidates, parties to act on climate change
9 The science of gift wrapping explains why sloppy is better
10 What do we really know about poverty?
11 Law on image-based sexual abuse and online takedown not fit for purpose
12 Mathematicians propose new design for wireless nanosensory networks
13 Using math and mechanics to explain how bivalve shells fit together so well
14 Researcher: Why holidays with family can be full of conflict
15 Hundreds of Chinese citizens told me what they thought about the controversial social credit system
16 Confronting child trafficking
17 Study identifies way for employers to retain casual workers
18 Instagram's virtual features have real relationship benefits
19 It's time to bring in women: Climate conferences are male, pale and stale
20 Did it keep its flavour? Stone-age 'chewing-gum' yields human DNA
21 Trump's protectionism raises unemployment: study
22 'Unusual' stone artifact found in North Carolina likely dates from 3,000 to 1,000 BC
23 Archaeologists find Bronze Age tombs lined with gold
24 Study: US takes 'low road' to growth with adverse impact on wellbeing, future prosperity
25 Sexual harassment may be reduced at fun work events, study finds
26 There is no 'I' in team--or is there?
27 'Locally grown' broccoli looks, tastes better to consumers
28 Search finds possible graves of Tulsa Race Massacre victims
29 Bite marks in fossils reveal demise of our early relatives
30 Nearly half of Finnish pastors have a positive attitude towards euthanasia
31 What the 19th-century fad for antislavery sugar can teach us about ethical Christmas gifts
32 Analysis: Post-9/11 wars may have killed twice as many Americans at home as in battle
33 How breastfeeding sparked population growth in ancient cities
34 Rising rape cases, a broken criminal justice system and the 'digital strip search'
35 Farmers most trusted part of UK food chain, says new consumer research
36 What conspiracy theories have in common with fiction--and why it makes them compelling stories
37 That public playground is good for your kids and your wallet
38 Social sciences researchers develop new tool to assess exposure to childhood violence, trauma
39 Here's how you can be nudged to eat healthier, recycle and make better decisions every day
40 The role of status-relevant knowledge in relationships
41 Fossils of the future to mostly consist of humans, domestic animals
42 Little reason for moral panicking after #MeToo
43 Mentoring project deepened student learning, commitment
44 Air travel reduces local investment bias, benefits investors and firms, study shows
45 Researchers determine age for last known settlement by a direct ancestor to modern humans
46 Health impact of support between African American couples when dealing with racial discrimination
47 Caribbean settlement began in Greater Antilles, researchers say
48 Ancient Mediterranean seawall first known defense against sea level rise and it failed
49 Genes and family are biggest predictor of academic success, study suggests
50 Fossil expands ancient fish family tree
51 Research participation goes virtual with new online platform
52 Getting a read on low literacy scores
53 This is why binge-watching is no longer in fashion
54 According to study, money doesn't buy happiness--or spur generosity
55 Origin story: Rewriting human history through DNA
56 A fresh look at the demise of an ancient human species over 100,000 years ago
57 Study shows what factors lead to 'resilient collaboration' in community improvement efforts
58 Individuals find polls that favor their candidates more credible
59 Novel mobile app could help to reduce sexual violence in Kenya
60 Why people vote for politicians they know are liars
61 New archaeological discoveries reveal birch bark tar was used in medieval England
62 Nonprofits that empower leaders of color are more apt to do something about racial inequality
63 A 'Jackalope' of an ancient spider fossil deemed a hoax, unmasked as a crayfish
64 The meaning of emotion: Cultural and biological evolution impact how humans feel feelings
65 Baby dinosaurs found in Australia
66 In Brazil's pampas, a Triassic Park once flourished
67 Ancient dwarfism skeleton tells story of acceptance
68 Reproduction of historical trombones
69 Why bad customer service won't improve anytime soon
70 Can religion be explained by brain wiring? The faithful say no
71 Study busts 9 to 5 model for academic work
72 Perfectionistic students get higher grades, but at what cost?
73 How tackling 'rape myths' among jurors could help increase convictions at trial
74 A photo taken with a mobile phone to detect frauds in rice labelling
75 Luxury consumption can fuel 'impostor syndrome' among some buyers
76 Israeli museum explains the emojis of ancient Egypt
77 Time-to-death of Roman emperors followed distinct pattern
78 Game theory expert expands method to incorporate new categories
79 Growth of craft beer linked to record number of US states harvesting hops
80 Fossil research unveils new turtle species, hints at intercontinental migrations
81 After eBay improved its translation software, international commerce increased sharply
82 The history of candy canes and why they taste so cool
83 Researchers claim to have evidence of 500-million-year old fossilized arthropod brain
84 Ancient secret of stone circles revealed
85 Ancient wasp-mimicking fly from South Korea named after PSY's 'Gangnam Style'
86 A new method for boosting the learning of mathematics
87 Benefits of electrification don't accrue equally for women, finds survey of homes in India
88 Stay-at-home dads still face barriers
89 It takes a tech village to track Santa on Christmas Eve
90 Large scale feasts at ancient capital of Ulster drew crowds from across Iron Age Ireland
91 Researcher discovers earliest fossil evidence of parental behavior
92 Archaeological discoveries are happening faster than ever before, helping refine the human story
93 Fault lines appear in 'livable city' urban plans
94 New study suggests 'enigmatic hominoid' did not walk upright and was not a tree climber
95 How 'houses as ATMs' feed a recession
96 Rescuers free entangled humpback whale off California coast
97 Dogs process numerical quantities in similar brain region as humans, study finds
98 Meerkat mobs do 'war dance' to protect territory
99 New tool reveals DNA structures that influence disease
100 Suction cups that don't fall off
101 Shifting the balance of growth vs. defense boosts crop yield
102 Star fruit could be the new 'star' of Florida agriculture
103 Genomic insights: How female butterflies alter investment in attractiveness vs. fecundity
104 Researchers create functional mini-liver by 3-D bioprinting
105 Stand out from the herd: How cows communicate through their lives
106 Clues of tuberculosis spread between cows and badgers
107 New turtle genus and species that sheds light on the evolution of its modern relatives
108 Chemicals produced by soil microbes hold promise as drugs and research tools
109 Google launches Wildlife Insights to help manage the world's wildlife
110 Stone throwing chimps appear to like the sound when it hits a tree
111 Kenyan wildlife policies must extend beyond protected areas
112 Climate change is hurting farmers--even seeds are under threat
113 How gardeners are reclaiming agriculture from industry, one seed at a time
114 Solving a combinatorial quandary
115 Synchro swimmers under the microscope
116 Researchers move one step further towards understanding how life evolved